This Multiple_Language Translation category contains English language sites offering translation services (or primarily translation services) in more than one language combination, based in France.

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Agrooh Agricultural Translations
Translation in French, Dutch, German and Spanish in the agriculture industry.
French and English translations in IT, internet, tourism, musical and general fields. Copyediting and proofreading of English documents also offered.
Anthony Teixeira
Translation in IT, software and video games from English to French. Freelancer.
Ari Traduction
Translations in all languages. Company based in Paris, France.
Arthur Goldhammer
Translation of French history, philosophy, literature, and social science.
Translation and interpreting.
Beba-Sethian, Angelika
Translation in English, German and French. Based in France.
Birdwell Institute
Language training for individual and groups, advisory service, exam preparation. Translation of written documents, interpreting, studio sound recordings.
Corporate Editions
Translation, adaptation and copywriting in all European languages and Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.
Direct traduction
Translation and interpreting in English and French. Company based in N?mes, France.
Dorota Chmielewska
Certified translation in French/Polish/Romanian. Freelancer based in Warszawa, France.
Easy Does Internet Translation
Translation service based in France
Offers multi lingual translations, software and website localization.
Freeman Financial Translation
Translation in the financial field.
French Language Solutions Pty Ltd
Sydney (Australia) based company offering English-French translations ready for printing or web publishing.
Translation of technical and marketing documents in English and French and from German to French. Brief explanations of MAT/CAT, localisation and the difference between translation and interpretation.
Jan Liebelt
Translation and subtitling with dedicated subtitling equipment, in French, German and English.
Les Traductions St-François
Translation, copyediting, proofreading, localization services.
Level Up Translation
Game localization in over 20 languages. Agency based in Saint-Germain-de-Varreville, France.
Web site translation based in France.
Lipsie Languages
Provides technical translations and localization of documents. Details of the services provided and a free online translator. Antibes, Alpes-Maritimes (06).
Monika Viste
Translation and localisation in English, French and Polish. Freelancer in France.
Training centre for the development of communication skills in English. Also offers translation services in all major languages.
Consultation, copywriting and translation in all languages.
R. A. Translations
Translations from and into French, English and Spanish.
Translation in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Situated in France.
Stephane Fonlladosa
Technical translations - German/French, English/French.
Stéphane Gariazzo
Translation in French, English and Spanish. Details and rates.
Full-service, quality-oriented French agency offering customized solutions for all languages.
Translation Department
Translation in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Romanian and others.
Translation in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.
Verbos Inc.
Team of Canadian translators with expertise in public works, commercial, financial, and technical translations.
Wolfgang Domzig
Translation of web sites from French and English to German and English, and accompanied interpretation.

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