This category is for web sites or web pages about or of companies or individuals that offer mainly interpreting services. Sites offering both translation and interpreting should be submitted according to the most prominent service.

If the most prominent service is interpreting, then the site should be submitted here. If the most prominent service is translation, then it should be submitted in either Multiple_Language or Single_Language (whichever the case may be).

Subcategories 3

A network of Greek AIIC interpreters based in Athens, Greece. Language combinations include EU languages, Turkish and Russian. Site in English and Greek.
911 Interpreters
Interpreting in 151 languages anywhere in the world. Agency based in Ontario, Canada. Web site in English and French.
Ackermann Services
Interpreting and guided cultural tours in Paris and surrounds in German, English, French and Spanish.
Akzente Sprachen
Conference translation and interpreting in English, Spanish and German. Four practitioners base in Munich, Germany.
Alejandra Mantecón
Interpreting and translation from English and French to Spanish. Freelancer based in Madrid, Spain. Web site in Spanish, French and English.
Allied Conference
Language services and technology for international meetings in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.
America's Helping Hands
Interpreting and translation in English to Mandarin/Spanish. Company based in Indiana, United States.
Angela Cunha
Interpreting in English and Brazilian Portuguese. Freelancer based in the United Kingdom.
Conference interpreting, translation and copywriting in German. Freelancer Kerstin Mareile Funke based in Neubrandenburg, Germany.
Anna Fantin-Reuther
Interpreter offering translation and proof reading services between German, Italian and English.
Anna O'Neill
Qualified and NRPSI certified interpreter between Polish and English, in the legal, police, medical and business fields. Hinckley, United Kingdom.
Australian Interpreting Service
Interpreting and translation for organisations and individuals in 61 languages. Company based in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia.
Azerty Trad
Interpreting and translation in English/Italian to French. Sole proprietor Alain Fattal based in France.
Barinas Translation Consultants, Inc.
Translation and conference interpretation company based in San Antonio, Texas. Rent and sell soundproof booths, radio frequency and infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment and shipping worldwide.
Bay Area Translations
Translation and interpreting in 113 languages. Agency based in Santa Rosa, CA, United States.
Translation and consecutive, simultaneous, conference and telephone interpreting, as well as language training and cross-cultural consulting. Company based in California, United States.
Interpreting company headed by Beatrice Marquis Goldstein, based in Belgium. Site in Spanish, French, Italian, English, and Catalan.
Translation, interpreting, conference coordination and equipment hire in sub-Saharan Africa. Company based in South Africa.
A Bridge Between Nations
Seller of interpreting equipment, located in Arizona, United States.
California Interpreter
Certified court interpreter for California, United States. Freelancers Alejandro and Jessica Franco.
Calliope Interpreters
Interpreting in many languages by a worldwide network of conference and consultant interpreters.
Celine Detraz
Conference interpreting and voice talent work in English and French. Freelancer based in San Francisco Bay Area, United States.
Certified Languages International
Telephone interpretation and translation for hospitals, banks and insurers.
Chinese Interpreter
Interpreting in Chinese and English, and translation in Taiwanese and Hokkien. Freelancer Su-jen (Rita) Huang based in Brisbane, Australia.
CI - Congressos e Incentivos, Lda
Interpretation, conference and simultaneous interpretation, and conference work, in Portuguese, German, Danish, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Polish and Swedish.
Translation services specializing in English, Spanish, Russian and Norwegian. Norway. [Norwegian, English].
Conference and Simultaneous Interpretation Technical Services
Equipment and language related conference services.
Conference Interpreters Group
Conference interpreting by 21 interpreters. How to hire an interpreter. Based in London, UK.
Conference Interpreting
Sales and rental of equpitment as well as providing interpreters.
Conference Language Services
Translation and interpreting in all languages. Provision of simultaneous conference interpreting equipment. Company based in the United States.
Conference Tech
Equipment for simultaneous interpretating and translation. Based in Court Miami, Florida, USA.
Crown Lingua Services
Interpreting and translation in Tamil and English. Company based in the United Kingdom.
Curtis Draves
Interpreting and translation in English and Spanish. Certified freelancer based in San Francisco, CA, United States.
DC Spanish Interpreters
Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for conferences, seminars or meetings, in Spanish and English. Company based in Washington, DC, United States.
Dialog international
Interpreting conferences in English, French and German. Based in Munich, Germany.
Dialogue Conference Interpreters
Conference interpreting by 6 interpreters in Toronto, Canada.
Conference interpreters and translators. Offers interpreting, translation services, plus background information about languages.
Conference interpreting and technical equipment globally.
A network of European conference interpreters. Agency based in the United Kingdom, operating in several European cities.
Supplies simultaneous interpretation facilities in the UK.
Fluent Language Solutions
[Autoplay video] Interpreting and translation in more than 180 languages. Agency based in the United States.
French and English Communication Services
Translation in French and English, including over-the-phone and face-to-face interpreting, and proofing.
Gabriele Noetzold
Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, translation and consulting. Freelancer based in Frankfurt (Main), Germany.
Gauteng Chapter of SATI
Translators and interpreters' chapter of the South African Translators' Institute.
Gerard Mare
Conference interpreting and translation in French and English. Freelancer based in Los Angeles, United States.
Haris Ghinos & Associates
Conference interpreters for Greece and neighbouring countries. Company based in Athens, Greece. Web site in English and Greek.
Heather Hayes
Certified federal court interpreter in English, Spanish and Catalan. Freelancer located in Tennessee, United States.
Heidrun Wolf
Conference interpreting, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and translation, in English, German and Italian.
I-An (Annie) Tseng
Interpreting and translation in Chinese and English. Freelancer based in Monterey, CA, United States.
ICI International Conference Interpreters
Interpreting in any language. Agency in Ontario, Canada.
iInterpret Interpretation Services
Legal, medical and business interpreting in mostly Spanish, Italian and Korean. Company based in San Francisco Bay, United States.
Infinity Translation Services
Simultaneous interpretation equipment, simultaneous interpreters, and technicians for multilingual conferences and meetings requiring simultaneous interpretation services. Company based in the United States.
Voice-over, subtitling, translations, and interpretation in all languages. Services and portfolio.
International Conference Systems
Equipment for conference and simultaneous interpreting, including infrared equipment. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, with offices elsewhere.
International Linguistic Solutions
Interpreting in Arabic, English, French and Greek. Freelancer Lina Elhage Mavroudi based in Berlin, Germany.
Interpreters Group
Interpreting in medicine, law and tourism. Agency based in the United States.
Interpreters Portal
Agency for freelance interpreters around the world, in any language.
Interpreters Unlimited
On-site, telephone and video interpreting in American Sign Language and 200+ languages. Agency in California, United States.
Interpreting Translation Line
Translation, interpreting, braille, British Sign Language and language training and teaching for black minority ethnic communities and small to medium enterprises, in 83 languages. Company based in the United Kingdom.
Iran Motarjem
Simultaneous, consecutive and facilitating interpreting in Persian, English, German and French, as well as tour guiding. Company based in Iran.
James Crompton
Conference interpreter into English from German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Based in Berlin.
Janet Heard Carnot
Offers sworn freelance interpreting in French and English. Features biography, details of services, fields and references. Based near Brest, France.
José Luis Villanueva Senchuk
Conference and liaison interpreting and translation in English and Spanish.
Kathi Stock
Certified translation and interpreting in English and German. Freelancer based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
The Language Exchange
Conference and escourt interpreting, language teaching and translation, in banking, law, and medicine fields. Based in Burlington, Washington, USA.
Language Line
Interpreting and translation specifically geared towards language-impeded situations in the public and commercial sectors of the United Kingdom. Company based in London, United Kingdom.
Language Reflections
Conference interpreting and technical translation in German and English. Company based in the United States.
LLE Incorporated
Telephonic interpretation, face-to-face interpretation, translation, instruction and assessments.
Maria-Luise Lehmann
Conference interpreting in German, English and Russian.
Marten Sprachdienst
Intepreting, translation and conference equipment. Company by Melanie Marten, based in Duisburg, Germany.
Mgr Jiri Bares - English language Services
Certified translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in the fields of business, law, management, social sciences and art, in English and Czech. Freelancer based in Czech Republic.
Mike Iwamoto
Interpreting at technical conferences and business meetings in English and Japanese. Japanese freelancer based in Japan. Web site in English and Japanese.
The Minnesota Language Connection.
Translation, interpreting and consulting in Spanish. Based in Minnesota, United States.
Minoo Razban
Interpreting, translation, transcription, proofreading and editing in Farsi/Dari/English. Freelancer based in the United Kingdom.
MIR Associates
Interpreting and translation. Company based in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States.
Miroslava Bartková
Interpreting, translation and consulting in English and Slovak. Based in Slovakia.
Moscow Interpreter
Interpreting in Russian, English, German and other languages.
NLS Translating Services
Conference interpretation for business meetings in Russia and Benelux. Company based in Russia. Site in English and Russian.
Now Interpreters
Interpreting and translation for local clients in 56 languages. Agency based in San Jose, CA, United States.
NWI Global
Interpreting and translation in 151 languages, including American sign languages and multi-lingual DTP and voice-over. Company based in Vancouver, WA, United States.
Interpreting and translation in Spanish and English. Company based in Sydney, Australia. Site in English and Spanish.
Ohlrogge Translations
Conference interpreting throughout Europe in German, English, French, Spanish and other languages, as well as depositions and certified translation. Freelancer Gunda Ohlrogge based in Hamburg.
Interpreting over the phone in 12 business languages. Company based in the United States.
Optimal Phone Interpreters
Interpreting and translation in 201 languages. Company based in Melbourne, Australia.
Pratsinis - Zisimou
[Flash needed] Conference interpreting in Greece, in all EU languages, Balkan languages, and Arabic, Czech, Russian and Hungarian.
Private Interpreter
[Flash needed] Interpreting in China.
Pro Lingo
Simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals and sales for translation booths, push to talk microphones and audience response systems worldwide. Orlando, New York and Las Vegas locations.
Professional Language Solutions
Interpreting, language training and translation in 10 languages. Site in English and German.
Professional Linguistics, Inc.
Interpreting, translation and video translation in over 50 languages. Agency based in Marietta, GA, United States.
Propio Language Services
Interpreting in multiple languages well as translation services. United States.
Ruben Inion
Interpreting and translation in German, Spanish and Dutch. Based in Vienna, Austria.
Russian Document Services
Interpreting and translation of immigration, legal and travel related documents in English and Russian. Company based in Las Vegas, United States. Site in English and Russian.
Sally Low & Associates
Court certified interpreting and translation. Company based in Santa Ana, United States.
Shaolin Translation
Translation and interpretation in English, Italian, French and Chinese. Site in all four languages. Company based in China.
Interpretation services for conference in German, English, Portuguese. Located in Heidelberg, Germany.
Simultaneous Translation
Simultaneous interpreting, translation and audio-visual equipment rental. Based in Moscow, Russia.
Svetlana Spaic
Conference, simultaneous, and consecutive interpreting in Serbo-Croat, French, and English.
Syntax Sprachen
Conference interpreting and consultation. Company based in Frankfurt, Germany. Site in German, English, French and Spanish.
Tagalog Interpreters and Translators
On site interpreting and translation for legal, medical, corporate, government and educational clients. Company based in CA, United States.
Taniwaki & Associates
Consecutive interpretation, translation and research services in Japanese and English.
Telephonic and on-site interpretation in over 150 languages. Company based in the United States. Formerly known as Andalex.
Teri Szucs
Federal court certified Spanish interpreter. Freelancer based in Los Angeles county, California, United States.
TransPerfect Translations
International multilingual translation and interpreting services.
Uta G Barth
Conference interpreting, translation and voice overs in English and German. Freelancer based in Germany.
V.I.T.A. - Vienna Interpreting and Translation Agency
Interpreting for international conferences in Europe, and written translations in all major languages.
Conference and telephone interpreting. Agency in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhejiang, China.

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