Cross-cultural communication business services can include cross-cultural training of ex-patriates, cross-cultural team building, cultural sensitivity training, and briefings. It also includes intercultural management consultancy as applied for instance in cross-border post-merger integration process in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other international strategic alliances, where people issues arising from both organizational and national cultures have to be addressed.

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2C International
Communicating across cultures - new concepts in training, consulting and coaching for managers, teams and professionals involved in international business. Based in UK.
4C - Corporate Culture Clash and Chemistry
Strategic advice for international corporations, aligning strategies with corporate culture. Expertise in international branding and multinational teams. Based in Holland.
Cultural and Management Consulting (CMC)
Worldwide network of consultants and trainers. Coaching international organizations to bridge cultural differences to strategic advantage. Based in Holland.
Cultural Savvy
Synergistic group of global specialists providing information, country reports, articles, tips, helpful links and resources about the Pacific Rim. Based in USA.
Culture Connect Global
Customized strategies for cross-cultural communications: Training and consulting for companies with multi-ethnic workforce, or experiencing change due to reorganization. Based in USA
Culture Source
Bibliography of intercultural communication - in English and German. Extensive search resource on intercultural communications publications.
Online game and learning tool in intercultural expertise. It tests intercultural knowledge and increases cultural competence for living and working in global environment. Based in USA and France.
Dot-Connect Cross Cultural Training
Training organization specializing in cross-cultural training, presentation training and negotiations skills coaching. Expatriate relocation training to many countries, skills for doing business in India and skills for multicultural teamworking. Based in Finland.
East Asia Business
Specialist cross-cultural advisors on Japan, Korea and China: Training and consultancy services for international companies working across the East-West cultural frontier. Based in UK.
Esprit Global Learning
Global leadership, multicultural training, coaching, learning. Training and coaching to master multinational and multicultural work environments. Based in USA.
European Business Award
"Best of European business" competition run by Roland Berger strategy consultants in Germany and Financial Times to highlight best practice of European companies.
Farnham Castle Intercultural Training
International business training programmes to prepare for international assignments. Includes intensive language training, intercultural skills and specific country briefings. Based in UK.
Global Excellence
Consultancy assisting organisations and individuals 'grow' their 'cultural capital' - the ability to grow successfully across cultures. Based in UK.
Global Savvy
Cross-cultural consulting practice dedicated to making the information technology world culturally competent. Based in USA.
Global Vision Strategies
Cross-cultural training, relocation, translation services and global management training for employees and executives on assignments outside US. Based in USA.
Intercultural Alliances
Interactive, customized cross-cultural training and consulting to businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Network of trainers in multiple languages. Based in USA.
Intercultural Communication
International training and consulting firm assisting organizations crossing cultural borders, helping people to enhance professional effectiveness and interpersonal competence. Based in Holland.
Intercultural Insights
Active resource exchange and discussion group on intercultural and cross-cultural business, training, education, research and consulting topics. Contributions by members only, but open to public to view.
Intercultural Synergies
Cross Cultural Consulting, Coaching and Training: Maximizing individuals and organizations potential in global economy through cross cultural communication. Based in Switzerland.
itim International
Consultancy in Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture. Based on the work of Professor Dr. Geert Hofstede providing assistance through a large global network of associate partners. Central headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.
Japan Intercultural Consulting
International training, coaching and consulting firm focused on Japanese business. Based in the USA with offices in Japan, Mexico and the UK.
JPB Consulting
Consultancy for Transcultural Added Value. Based in France.
Leadership Crossroads
International and cross-cultural management consultancy, assisting in intercultural communication, negotiation, project management, relationship and team building. Based in USA
Learn About Cultures
Up-to-date and useful cross-cultural information for international business people and leisure international travelers. Based in USA.
LTS Intercultural Training
Business and professional language and intercultural training, including trainer training certification. Publisher of 'Language and Intercultural Training Journal'. Based in UK.
Managing Across Cultures
Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz assists organizations enhance managerial effectiveness and culture-specific knowledge in international business, including relocation training. Based in USA.
Weaving strength from differences: A cross-cultural communications consultancy and training firm promoting opportunities from diversity of global and multi-cultural society, Japan focus. Based in USA.
Project IDEELS
Diverse group of educators and researchers from 5 tertiary institutions sharing common interest: simulations and games to foster creativity of cultural diversity and address challenges facing Europe. Based in Europe.
Richard Lewis Communications
Provider of training and support in cross culture and language skills development. Based in UK.
Rudlin Consulting
Cross-cultural communications training, market entry advice and implementation, with particular focus on information and communications technology in Japan. Based in UK.
Russian Cross-cultural Program
Russian program for training managers with representatives of various cultures working for them and for personnel managers. Based in Russia.
Shanti Consulting
Offers cross-cultural training for effective communication between India and its business partners. Based in Indiana USA and New Delhi India. Has information on team, programs and cultural situations.
Swiss Consulting Group
Offers workshops and coaching by international team of management consultants. Includes profiles, case studies and list of publications. Based in USA.
Training Management Corporation (TMC)
Consulting, training and coaching solutions to build cultural competence and global performance of teams and entire organizations through a blended learning approach. Based in USA.
World Work
International management development, assessing and developing international skills, competencies and talents of individuals. Based in UK.
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