This category is for professional model making firms providing physical (not 3D digital) scale models of the following types: architectural (exterior and interior) and topographical (urban) models; scale models and replicas of vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, ships and such; museum models and dioramas; prototypes; props, custom objects, sets and micro scenes for photographing, TV and movie production.

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Amalgam Modelmaking Ltd
Architectural and landscape models. Bristol, UK
Applied Model Solutions (AMS)
Architectural models, computer renderings, animation. Georgia, United States.
Architectural Models
Architectural scale models. Oklahoma, United States.
Architectural Precision Models (APM)
Architectural models of residential buildings, single family homes. Pescadero, California, United States.
Atom Modelmakers
Product prototyping, architectural model making, computer visualisation, presentations. Berkshire, UK.
Coleman Design
Maritime and industrial scale models and replicas, architectural scale models. Birba Lake, Australia.
Product development, product and packaging prototypes, sculpting, custom objects fabrication for exhibit and advertising. London, UK.
Gamla Model Makers
Architectural models, scale replicas, museum models and dioramas, sculpting, collectibles design, prototypes, resin multiples. Feasterville, PA, United States.
GRJ Models
Architectural and engineering scale models, prototypes, scale replicas, animation, legal models. Use of rapid prototyping techniques. Orange, California, United States.
Howard Architectural Presentations
Architectural and topographical scale models, architectural renderings, digital presentations, pewter architectural multiples for sale. Toledo, Ohio, United States.
Larger than Life
Custom scale models for display and exhibition. Worcestershire, UK based.
Midwest Studios
Creatively integrate marketing, design, animation, models, exhibits and digital media for global companies.
The Model Workshop
Architectural scale model. Serving New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.
Architectural models, exhibition models, display models. Cardiff, UK
A Models
Architectural scale models of contemporary architecture. London, UK.
Pro Modelbuilders
Aerospace models, exhibits, architectural and topographical models, custom fabrication. Vancouver, Canada.
Scale Models Unlimited
Architectural and engineering models, prototypes, litigation models. Memphis, Tennessee, United States.
Scale Reproductions, LLC.
Scale models, replicas, architectural models. Fairhope, Alabama, United States.
Umit Koroglu
Scale models for architects, designers, engineers, developers and law firms. Brooklyn, NY, United States.
Yardwood Modelmakers
Architectural scale models. Birmingham, UK.
Zoyes East, Inc.
Architectural, designer's, litigation and engineering models. Michigan, United States.

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