Sites for associations and other organized groups focused on the biotechnology industry in North America.

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American Biological Safety Association
Dedicated to expanding biological safety awareness to prevent adverse occupational and environmental impact from biohazards.
Bio Alberta
Organizing hub for biotechnology to promote and facilitate the growth of the industry locally, by providing marketing, networking, education, and international information services.
Initiative for start up funding, and networking information, recruitment and emerging support firms, including medical devices companies. Based in Cleveland, Ohio.
Biotechnology Association of Alabama
Bio Alabama is statewide organization representing bio-related industries, research scientists, clinicians and business professionals, who are working together to foster, develop and support the life sciences from Birmingham.
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Offers legal support to get FDA approval for new products, sponsoring venture capital forums, sending public releases to the media and lobbying for legislation. Includes calendar of events and industry news from Washington, DC.
Colorado BioScience Association
Not-for-profit corporation providing services and support for Colorado’s biotechnology, life science, medical device, agbio and pharmaceutical industries and research solutions.
New Mexico Biotechnology and Biomedical Association
NMBBA connects regional bioscience organizations with investors, customers and collaborators by sponsoring key networking events, workshops, and conferences. Includes details of alliances, membership and meetings.
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Private, non-profit corporation developing the state's industry. Includes glossary, range of activities, and contacts for staff at Research Triangle Park.
Southern California Biomedical Council
An industry association whose mission is to promote biomedical research and manufacturing in the region.
London, Ontario.
UAMS BioVentures
Molecular biotechnology program, knowledge transfer, startup companies, job creation in University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock.
Virginia Biotechnology Association
Promotes the bioscience industry in Virginia, expand the knowledge and expertise of Virginia’s businesses concerning the life sciences through seminars, educational publications and to enhance public awareness of the biotechnology industry in Virginia.
Part of a specialized national network of state- and province-based biotechnology, medical device, and life science sites.
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