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Manufacturers of electric-powered vehicles (two, three and four wheeled)

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AC Propulsion, Inc.
Manufacturer of battery and propulsion systems for electric vehicles.
AeroVironment Inc.
Supply products and technology for clean energy and efficient vehicles. Products include unmanned aerial vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicle systems, distributed energy and atmospheric systems.
Manufacturer of compact high performance utility vehicles for professional uses. Includes company profile and product overview. [Italian, English]
Manufacturer of battery powered vehicles in light-weight aluminum and composite bodies.
Manufacturer of electric powered scooters, bicycles and other transport alternatives. Includes company profile, tips and FAQs.
Commuter Cars Corporation
Electric commuter cars that combine the size, speed and agility of a motorcycle. Includes product overview and data.
Electric Vehicle S.R.L.
Offerse street electric vehicles to be used for a wide variety of applications. Includes company profile and product overview. [Italian, English]
Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Electric scooters, bicycles, golf and utility cars, three-wheelers and shuttles.
Electric Vehicles International
Manufacturer of electric and hybrid vehicles, including trucks, trams and shuttle buses for use primarily in off-highway applications. Includes product information. Based in Anderson, Indiana, USA.
Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.
Component supplier for electric cars, trucks, boats, fork lifts, golf carts, mining vehicles, material handling and prototypes.
Esoro AG
Swiss company developing concept vehicles, including electrically powered, hybrid, and fuel cell designs, as well as plastic component development.
Frazer-Nash Research Ltd.
Go-karts, utility vehicles, golf buggies, tour trams, and city cars.
Converts gasoline-powered Ford Focus cars to plug-in electric vehicles for fleet owners and the public. They are working to produce electric cars utilizing more environmentally-friendly materials. Describes vehicle maintenance, lists news items, and the technologies utilized.
Karrior Electric Vehicles
Manufacturer of electric vehicles for a variety of industrial uses. Includes product overview and company profile.
Myers Motors
Manufacturer and dealer for the NMG (No More Gas) highway speed electric vehicle (formerly known as the Corbin Sparrow). FAQ, pictures, parts sales, service details, and benefits.
NEV Accessories
Manufacturer and retailer of fine accessories for electric vehicles. Includes product catalogue and data.
Nu-Kar Electric Vehicles
Manufacturer and Supplier of parts for the Sebring Electric CitiCar, ComutaCar and Postal Van
Phoenix Motorcars
Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles. Describes the vehicles, lists news items, FAQ, and an overview of the company.
Polaris: GEM Electric Cars
Four-wheeled transportation for two or four people, with a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour.
Tanfield Group
Manufacturer of battery powered vehicles. Includes company profile and service overview.
Tesla Motors
Tesla designs and manufactures premium electric vehicles.
Twike Organisation
Links to Twike related sites.
Wrightspeed Inc.
Start up enterprise from Silicon Valley, California, which is creating high performance, electric powered, sports cars. Page includes company profile and details about the automobiles.
manufacturer of electric vehicles for agricultural and industrial applications. Includes company profile and product catalogue.

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