Scenery is the "background" for a scene in a play, movie, or themed environment. It is made up of backdrops, painted flats suspended from above, and large free-standing set pieces that the actors might climb upon or inside. (Props, a related subject, consist of smaller items that are hand-held, or furniture such as tables and chairs.)

A typical scenic studio might offer design services as well as construction and installation. They might serve only the theatre industry, or only television, or some combination of several industries. Some companies offer scenic elements, such as doors or realistic-looking rocks surfaces, instead of building entire sets.

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3dx Scenic Studio
Full service scenic fabricator of environments and scenic elements for large-scale events, amusement parks, attractions, retail centers and cruise ships. Located in Cincinnati Ohio.
Adirondack Scenic
Full service provider of themed environments and custom fabrication.
Amadeus Equipment
UK based company providing music related performing arts equipment.
Andy Beauchamp Scenery Construction
Portfolio of scenic construction for theatre, music, fashion, and corporate events.
Arf and Yes Group
An international consulting and design company with over ten years of experience.
Cenlyt Productions
An independent, professional scene shop specializing in the design and construction of scenery for the entertainment industry, industrial shows, and special presentations.
Concept Design Productions, Inc. (CDPI)
Design company and custom fabrication facility providing stage sets, exhibit rentals and custom props for corporate theatre, special events and entertainment industries.
Creative Engineering, Inc.
Set design, set construction, prop design, trade show exhibits, and complete metal fabrication.
Curtis Elliott Designs
Designer, manufacturer and installer of broadcast news sets, production sets, interiors, props, custom furniture and special events.
Eyecatching Design
Complete TV, film, and movie set design and construction in addition to exhibition stand design and build services.
Farmer Studios
Design and manufacture of rides, shows, attractions, animatronics, scenery, costume and effects for theme parks, museums, retail environments and visitor centres. England.
FX Group
Design, fabrication and installation of scenery for news, sports, talk shows and commercials. Also, lighting design, set remodels and facilities planning.
Gale Force Creations
Scenery design and construction in South Florida. Carpentry Custom Displays, Signs, Props, Cabinets and Furniture.
George Aviet Staging
Hire and manufacture of stages, theatrical drapes and rigging. Made-to-order sets and props.
GhostWorks Productions
Specializing in complete scenic, lighting, and audio design.
Grahame Menage
Artwork, murals, frescoes, scenery, trompe l'oeil painting as well as faux marble for any design project, whether interior or film, exhibition or event. International clientele.
Hamilton Scenic Specialty Inc.
Scenery, exhibit, and display fabrication for theater, trade show exhibits, corporate events, TV and video, gaming, and live entertainment.
Helix 3D
London based company specializing in set construction and design.
Isolated Ground
Set design and construction, props, scenery, sculpting, drafting, model building, mechanical and pyrotechnic special effects, signage, scenic textures and finishes for the entertainment industry.
John Henry's
Rental of music equipment and props for the entertainment industry.
Kern Studios
Parade floats, magical sculptures, themed environments and visual signage.
Kovach Designs
Industrial and theatre design company
Mendenhall Productions
A scenic and set design company with experience in design and construction. Information on sets, graphics, and contact details.
Museum Rock Products
Manufacture and sales of artificial rock for museums, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, golf courses, and corporate headquarters.
The Nassal Company
Theming design, construction and fabrication for the themed retail and entertainment industries.
Natureworks Pty. Ltd.
Design and construction of realistic fake animals, dinosaurs, trees, rocks and rock panels, nature based fountains and water features, as well as prehistoric wildlife and archeological art. Brisbane, Australia.
Nice Arts
Theatre, film television, corporate events, parties and interiors.
Onset Design, Inc.
Scenic and production design for corporate theater, television news, industrials and exhibit industries.
Theme park services, design, construction, animatronics, music and graphics. Website includes design and contact information as well as used ride classifieds.
Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, Inc.
Hand sculpted 3-dimensional art products, themed environments, big sculpture, murals, fountains, rock walls, and signs, offers picture gallery, company history and contact information.
Production Construction
Custom prop fabrication, set design and construction. Specialized in, but not limited to, independent period features. Based in Western North Carolina.
Provost Displays, Inc.
Vacuum formed plastic panels used for theatrical purposes, displays, and scenic back drops. Brick, stone, building materials, windows and doors.
R. A. Reed Productions, Inc.
60,000 square foot scenic studio. Custom scenery for theatre, television, opera, corporate events, and themed entertainment projects worldwide.
The Revolving Stage Company
Electronically controlled revolving stages for long and short term hire or for purchase.
Rocky Mountain Sculpture and Design
Artificial environments and themed sculpture for private and commercial customers, from artificial rock hearths, fountains and waterfalls to 3D signs, dragons, castles and zoo habitats.
San Diego Opera Scenic Studio
Theatrical, industrial and special event scenery built to spec. Anything from traditional theatrical and grand opera scenery to state of the art multi-media presentations.
Scene 2
Design and fabrication of sets, models and props for advertising, photography, commercials, television productions, trade shows and industrial design. San Francisco, CA.
Scenic Arts Studios
Online catalogue of over 1200 theatrical backdrops, stage curtains, props. Catering to the corporate, movie, theatrical,video, and wedding industry. Based in MA.
Scenic Projects
UK based company offering stage scenery hire. Also designs character costumes and builds theatre scenery and sculptures
The Scenic Route
Production resource company, providing services for the entertainment, live event, touring, and trade show industries.
Scenic Service Specialists, Inc.
Makers of Vacuform light weight molded styrene material used in movies, commercials, conventions, and the theater.
Theatre Design and Productions, Inc.
Sales and rentals of props and equipment, back drops, sets and decor for stage. Based in Hawaii.
Tribe, Inc.
Entertainment design, show creation, concept design, and production design for concerts and corporate events.
Uni-Set Corporation Television Set Design
TV, stage and news set design and construction assembled from modular pieces.
Virginia Scenic
Full service theatrical construction company. Also, offers online ordering of scenic paint and construction supplies .
Whatever Unique
Props, scenery and effects. Portfolio and contact information.

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