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Advanced Musical Electronics
Authorized repair and warranty service for name brand amplifiers, keyboards/synthesizers, pro recording devices, hard disk recorders, mixers, speakers, drum machines and other music equipment. Located in Los Angeles.
Allpro Electronics
Pro audio repair center located in Nashville, TN. ADAT and DAT machine repair, as well as keyboards, amps, sound modules, samplers, signal processors, reel to reel, and cassette service.
Ambertron Electronics
Repair of disco and karaoke gear, PA systems and HiFi equipment. UK.
Amp Repair Studio
Repair service for amplifiers and audio equipment.
Amp Services
Head relapping, motor rebuilding, and general parts and repair of pro audio recording equipment including reel to reel, DAT, ADAT, DA88, and carts.
Apl Hi-Fi
Audio and video equipment service and repair. Including home theater components, broadcast and professional equipment, cameras, video recorders, and playback equipment. USA.
ATR Services, Inc.
Worldwide sales, service, restoration and support for Ampex ATR-100 and MM-1200 series tape recorders.
The Audio Specialist
Repairs vintage and current audio equipment, with a focus on turntables. USA.
Audio Technical Services
Expert repair, installation, and maintenance of all pro and consumer audio gear and equipment. Los Angeles, CA.
Austin Stereo
Audio and video equipment repairs in the Austin, Texas area specializing in high end and vacuum tube audio. Also, sales of vintage equipment.
Big Sky Audio, LLP
Servicing and modification of home hi-fi stereo equipment along with repair of most two-way radio equipment. USA.
Brainchild Audio
El Paso, Texas based audio service center. All types, makes and models of musical instruments repaired and modified. Custom designs. Specializing in vacuum tube technology. Sovtek amps and Electro Harmonix effects.
Cimple Solutions
Service and repair of most makes of modern pro audio equipment, musical instruments, and effects. East Acton, London, UK.
CIMPLE Solutions Pro Ltd.
Our online store provides spares for the entire JBL Professional and AKG range of spares. Plus TC Electronic, Akai, Ensoniq and some secondhand gear.
Davidson Electronics
Repair of Professional audio, including PA's, synthesizers, amplifiers and recording equipment. Long Island, New York
Electronics Service Labs
Factory authorized stereo audio service specializing in repair, restoration and modifications of Nakamichi classic cassette decks. Wethersfield, Connecticut.
Joe Stumpf
Reel to reel tape recorder repair service for Tascam, Akai, Teac, Technics, Sony, Sansui and Robert. Also buy and sell.
Liberman Sound
Audio equipment repair, calibration, testing, and design for the pro audio, film, theatre, and radio industries. DAT, cassette, open-reel, and mixers. Audio Precision System Two Cascade test set.
MDI PrecisionMotorWorks
Repair, re-manufacturing and parts for all professional audio tape recorders with emphasis on electromechanical devices, motors, rotating assemblies and motion control electronics. Ampex ATR-100 and Otari MTR-90 specialists.
Specialize in modifications to stock audio electronics. USA.
Professional Technical Services
Repair and modification of professional audio equipment.
Repairs for pro recording studio gear in the Los Angeles area. Tech help, items for sale, and links.
South Street Service
Specializing in turntables. Offers cartridges, stylus, belts and other parts. Southold, New York.
Techni-Serve Industries LLC
Pro audio repairs on amplifiers, keyboards and recorders of all types. Authorized service center for most name brand musical equipment. Paramus, New Jersey.
Thermal Relief Design, Inc.
Repair of professional audio equipment used in recording studios. Repair of vintage guitar amplifiers. Authorized service for Drawmer, Focusrite and SPL Electronics.
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