12 Gauge Microphones
Electret condenser microphones, built in the form of a 12-gauge shotgun shell. Videos, audio samples, and customer testimonials.
Acoustic Magic
Makes "far-field" desktop microphone array products for speech recognition and recording in clean and noisy environments.
ADK Microphones
Manufacturer of FET and tube condenser microphones. Use modern production technology to recreate the characteristics of vintage microphones. Microphone specifications, and lists of users and dealers.
Advanced Audio Microphones
Manufacturer of studio and broadcast microphones with a vintage design and modern technology. Product range includes tube, FET and dynamic microphones.
Applied Microphone Technology
Microphone systems for woodwind, brass, percussion, strings and fretted musical instruments. The mics produce the natural sound of each instrument. Adaptable to wireless.
Aston Microphones
British manufacturer of large diaphragm condenser microphones with fixed and switchable patterns. Detailed specifications, photographs and reviews. Also accessories.
Audio Engineering Associates (AEA)
Manufacturer of ribbon microphones. Products, services, used gear, literature, links, and contact information.
Manufacturer of wide range of headphones, microphones and audio accessories.
Maker of dynamic and condenser microphones for recording vocals and instruments; also wireless systems and accessories. Includes video tutorials on proper use of microphones.
Azden Corporation
Wireless microphones for working people. VHF, UHF, videography, and infrared systems and headsets.
Bartlett Audio
Stage-floor microphones, clip-on instrument microphones and boundary microphones. PDF mic specifications, practical guides on microphone usage, FAQs; also customer reviews and testimonials.
Manufacture, sales and service of microphones, headphones, wireless and conference systems for the world-wide professional audio community.
Blue Microphones
Studio microphones, desktop USB, handheld and mobile-phone microphones. Tube microphone system with interchangeable capsules. Detailed technical specifications. Also headphones and accessories.
Bowers & Wilkins
Headphones, earphones, home theatre and HiFi speakers. Product catalogue with wired and wireless in-ear and over-ear headphones.
Brauner Microphones
Hand-made professional tube and FET large diaphragm microphones.
CAD Audio
Wide range of wired and wireless microphones for recording, live performance and commercial installations. Detailed PDF product specifications, dealer locator, news and company history.
Cloud Microphones
Manufacturer of ribbon microphones and microphone pre-amplifiers.
Coles Electroacoustics
Manufacturer of ribbon microphones, headphones and speaker drive units. Also, complete metal and plastic production facilities for sound equipment and precision components.
Countryman Associates Inc.
Audio equipment for stage performers and sound reinforcement. Lavalier microphones, active DI boxes, Isomax headset mic.
DPA Microphones
Condenser microphones. Studio and wireless microphones for professional audio engineering. Microphone dictionary and techniques.
Prominent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.
Fat Bottom Harp Mics
Custom made harmonica microphones, service and parts. Customisation of microphone paintwork and internal parts. Specialising in repair of 'controlled reluctance' and 'controlled magnetic' harmonica microphone element.
Future Sonics Incorporated
Ear monitors for live and studio music performance.
Hebden Sound
Design and manufacture of hand-made professional studio microphones. Based in Yorkshire, England.
Heil Sound
Maker of microphones and accessories for recording, live sound, broadcast and amateur radio.
Microphones for surround sound recording for broadcast, HDTV, movies, music and gaming.
Earphones and headphones designed in Sweden. Also a range of replacement cables, ear tips and ear cushions. Mobile apps for control and adjustment of audio experience. Reference earphones allow cable exchange with threaded connectors.
Josephson Engineering Inc.
Professional condenser microphones for studio and measurement. PDF product brochures; also technical notes on microphone use and selection. Manufactured in Santa Cruz, California since 1988.
JTS Professional Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of professional microphones for vocal, musical instruments, communications and computer applications.
JZ Microphones
Manufacturer of vacuum-tube, condenser and dynamic microphones. Shop with pre-built and custom-built microphones. Product specifications and distributor list.
K&K Sound
Pickups and microphones for acoustic guitar, double bass, drum, and many other string, wind, and percussion instruments.
Microtech Gefell GmbH
Manufacturer of professional condenser and dynamic microphones for studio and measurement applications.
Specialist microphones for acoustic instruments.
Mojave Audio
Manufacturer of vacuum tube condenser and FET condenser microphones. Detailed technical specifications. Media library with videos and audio samples. Also customer testimonials and reviews.
MXL Mics
Manufacturer of condenser, tube, ribbon and dynamic microphones for studio, live and field recording.
Renowned maker of microphones for studio and live sound applications.
Oktava OJSC
Makers of studio microphones, telephone and microphone capsules and headsets. Products include condenser, electret, dynamic, tube and ribbon microphones.
Pambry Electronics
Manufacturer of electret, dynamic, amplified, diving and flight mask microphones, and specialist microphones that meet military specifications. Also cables and test accessories. Detailed product specifications. Custom microphone design, research, test and development.
Point Source Audio
Manufacturer of ear-worn microphones for churches, classrooms, theatres and broadcast. Three styles are available to deliver from speech only up to performance audio applications.
Rebel Trading Company
Specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made microphone stands for the music industry, promotional venues, events and festivals.
Rode Microphones
Microphones and audio accessories for studio, live and location recording. Product catalogue with detailed specifications and reviews. Interactive audio tool to explore microphone recording behaviour. Includes video tutorials to learn proper product use and recording techniques.
Royer Labs
Maker of ribbon microphones for live and studio use. Includes a guide to using ribbon microphones and audio samples of microphones. Links to independent reviews.
Manufacturer of patented universal shock mount for any brand/type microphones.
Sanken Microphone Company
Japanese manufacturer of microphones. Lavalier, headset, shotgun, boundary, surround and music recording microphones. Detailed specifications and PDF brochures. Reviews and distributor list. Established 1925.
Schoeps Mikrofone
Professional condenser microphones for broadcast and recording. Product catalogue with detailed technical specifications, product and company history since 1948. Includes audio recordings and interactive audio tools, to compare microphone behaviour under different recording situations.
sE Electronics
Manufacturer of small and large diaphragm condenser and ribbon microphones; also microphone accessories. Hand-crafted microphone capsules.
Manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones for live music, recording, presentations, conferences and broadcast; also headsets, headphones and integrated audio solutions.
Shure Incorporated
Stage and studio microphones, wireless microphone systems, and mixers.
Sonic Studios
HRTF baffled and headworn ambient stereo microphones for live sound recording: music, EFX, samples, nature, location sound, and interview/news gathering. Portable DAT/MD decks and accessories.
Sound Devices, LLC
Maker of the MP-1 portable, battery-powered microphone preamplifier with phantom power. For location sound and live reinforcement applications.
Maker of binaural microphones for ambient and speech recording, including ASMR. Product specifications and usage guide. Audio samples of recordings. Accessories including range of dummy heads.
Soyuz Microphones
Handmade tube condenser and FET condenser microphones. Audio samples and comparisons with other microphones. Also microphone specifications, distributor and dealer list, and news.
Taylor Hohendahl Engineering (THE)
Maker of high performance studio microphones. Company background and product and dealer information.
Telefunken Elektroakustik
Vacuum tube-based condenser microphones, including reproductions of classic vintage microphones; also dynamic microphones. Headphones and accessories. Microphone repair and rental service, including tube replacements. Extensive range of technical specifications, audio and video resources.
Telinga Microphones
Maker of parabolic microphones and dishes for outdoor and nature recording; also omnidirectional microphones for ambient recording. Product catalogue, recording samples, reviews and buyers guide.
Ultimate Ears
Personal ear and stage monitors, musicians' earplugs. Custom fitted personal earmolds add ear protection as well as fidelity.
Urton Microphones
Manufacturers of hand-crafted large diaphragm tube microphones. Includes sample microphone recordings and comparisons with other industry-standard microphones.
Violet Design
Manufacturer of professional electrostatic microphones for stage and studio. Vintage microphone restoration.
Maker of microphone windscreens and mic-muffs. Also microphone accessories including batteries, clips, adapters and clamps. PDF guides with information to match microphones to the correct windscreens.
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