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Alcons Audio B.V.
Manufacturer of professional sound systems featuring proprietary ribbon transducers.
Manufacturer of audio mixing consoles and signal processing devices for the pro audio industry. Product catalog, news, company profile, contacts of local distributors.
Anchor Audio
Portable public address sound systems. Made in the USA.
Antex Electronics
Developer and OEM of digital audio sound cards, satellite receivers and Internet appliances for professional audio, broadcast, and home entertainment sectors. USA.
Arrakis Systems
Developer of Digital Audio Technology for Radio Broadcast and Home Audio.
Audio MP3 Converter
Convert audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, VQF, and OGG Vorbis from one to another. It also supports ID3V1/ID3V2 tag editing and WAV normalizing.
Manufacturer of music, pro audio, karaoke and sound equipment.
Manufacturer of a wide range of professional audio equipment such as mixing console, compressor, and guitar amplifiers. Germany.
Buzz Audio Ltd
Manufacturer of innovative professional audio recording products. Home of the famous MA2.2 True Class A Mic Preamp.
Cloud 9 Covers
Manufacturer of speaker covers for pro audio gear, amplifiers and mixing consoles. USA.
Coles Electroacoustics Ltd.
Manufacturer of ribbon microphones, headphones and speaker drive units. Also, complete metal and plastic production facilities for sound equipment and precision components.
Crest Audio, Inc.
Manufacturer of amplifiers, consoles, speakers and control products for sound reinforcement applications.
Crown Audio, Inc.
Manufacturer of power amplifiers, microphones, and processing for the professional audio industry.
DAV Electronics
Manufacturer of high performance microphone amps, equalisers, limiters and mastering units. Also, service of professional audio/video equipment.
Denon Electronics
Manufacturer of professional audio equipment for the broadcast, DJ, contractor, recording, sound reinforcement, and video post production industries. Online product catalogue, photographs and PDF data sheets available for download.
Makes pickups, straps, cables and hardware for guitars and bass guitars and also audio cables. USA.
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Developer of audio signal processing systems and manufacturer of professional equipment to implement these technologies in the motion picture, broadcasting, and music recording industries.
DTS Online
Dts is a pioneer in audio multi-channel and cinema surround sound signal processing systems.
Eagle offers professional and industrial audio products including loudspeakers, wide band amplifiers, and DSP for use with Eagle products.
Earthworks Audio Products
Manufacturer of high definition microphones, preamplifiers, and loudspeakers.
Ecler-Laboratorio de Electro-Acústica, SA
Manufacturer of professional audio mixers, amplifiers, loudspeaker cabinets and lights.
EDCOR Electronics
Mixers, amplifiers, headphone amps, audio gadgets.
Georg Neumann GmbH
Manufacturers of high-end, large-diaphragm condenser microphones for the professional audio studio market.
Groove Tubes
Manufacturer of amplifiers, cabinets and related equipment. Catalog, dealers and distributors, company profile and contact information.
Guangzhou Vinal Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
Audio products manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes speakers, power amplifiers, karaoke systems, and home theatres.
HoltMods Offers the ACKDAC Analog to Dig
ACKDAC analog to digital converter converts analog audio to digital, for surround, Sony EP9ES, home theater, vinyl phono records, ISF Calibration
Jong Gar Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of raw speakers, including Hi-Fi speaker, speaker box for LCD, PDA, Notebook, PC, paper cone.
KSdigital Gesellschaft für digitale Studiotechnik mbH
Germany based manufacturer producing digital audio equipment including amplifiers and loudspeakers for recording studios and acoustic systems. Product descriptions, data sheets and references are provided.
Lavry Engineering
Manufacturer of 96kHz 24-bit digital audio converters. Purchase online.
LightSPEED Technologies, Inc.
A manufacturer of sound field systems, UHF and Infrared Wireless Microphones, Assistive Listening Systems, and Portable Amplification Systems for the educational and professional audio marketplaces.
Lime Technologies
Supplier and manufacturer of sound limiters and noise limiting devices.
Little Labs
Manufacturer of pro audio devices including the PCP, the Multi Z DI, the Sample Switcher and the Digital Audio Router.
Lucid Audio
Manufacturer of professional digital and analog audio equipment including sample rate converters, audio converters and digital to analog conversion.
Manufacturers and exporters of public address systems like portable and wireless amplifiers, microphones, megaphones, DJ amplifiers, and mixers. India.
UK manufacturer of digital and analogue audio, CD and DVD, surround sound units and speakers.
Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.
Stage and studio loudspeaker and amplification systems.
Montarbo s.r.l.
Manufacturer of professional sound reinforcement equipment including speakers, mixers and combos.
MTR Ltd.
Manufacturers and distributors of professional audio equipment for use in recording, broadcast, home and project studios, live on stage, and PA sound installations in concert venues.
Odyssey Audio
Amplifiers, preamplifiers and speakers. Order online.
Ohm Industries
Manufacturers of speakers and professional music equipment. Acoustic sound systems, PA systems, theatre systems. UK.
Oram Consulting Ltd.
Manufacturers of sound consoles, mixers, and equalisers. UK.
Otari Corporation of America
Manufacturer of professional audio equipment, including fiber optic snakes and routers, mixing consoles, digital and analog recorders.
PA Tech Electronic
Manufacturer of professional audio systems and public address systems. Taiwan.
Manufacturer of public address and sound systems. Based in Italy, site viewable in English or Italian.
Peterson Tuners
Peterson makes top-line music strobe tuning equipment for professional musicians, technicians, and schools.
Pittsburgh Digital
Hardware and software engineering and design for manufacturers of digital audio products and electronic musical instruments.
Pro Co Sound, Inc.
Manufacturer of Guardian, LifeLine, Excelline and StageMaster audio cables, the Rat distortion box, snakes, splitters, direct boxes and other audio components as well as custom wall and floor plates.
Product line includes speakers, audio mixers, amplifiers, microphones and accessories.
Professional Sound Corporation
Manufacturer of portable audio products used in the film and television industries. Audio mixers, microphones, distribution amps, sound carts, cables, RF devices, and rechargeable battery supplies. On-line catalog.
Professional Sound System (PSS)
French manufacturer of professional quality power amplifiers, monitors, networks, and crossovers.
Quality Musical Systems (QMS)
Exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of custom loudspeaker enclosures and systems.
Rane Corporation
Manufacturer of lines of professional audio gear, including mixers, processors, amplifiers and reinforcement accessories.
Tape recorder to amplifier interface box.
Redco Audio
Manufacturer and distributor of custom pro audio/video cables, connectors, patchbays, microphone boxes and custom panels.
Rolls Corporation
Professional audio equipment which specialized in guitar accessories, signal processors, mixers, amplifiers and interface accessories. USA.
French manufacturer digital audio players (audio guides) and audiovisual equipment specially designed for museums and theme parks.
Samson Technologies Corporation
Amplifiers, mixers, microphones, wireless systems, and accessories for live sound and professional audio.
Microphones, headphones, accessories.
SFB Electronics
Manufacturer of digital audio interfaces, custom-built audio equipment and distributor of professional radio and studio equipment. Online purchasing available. Netherlands.
ShengLang Acoustics Equipment
OEM manufacturer of professional microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers and mixers.
Silent Arena
Silent discos and events is a concept that does away with the traditional speaker systems used in nightclubs or festivals. Instead, they give everyone a set of wireless headphones to listen to the music. UK.
Soundking Electronic Cable Co.
Manufacturer of audio mixers, amps, instruments, accessories, cables, connectors, mics, stands, and speakers. China.
Portable public address systems.
Stage Accompany GmbH
Manufacturer of professional sound systems.
STG Media Systems
Specialized in mobile and portable public address systems. Advice, specification, design and supply. UK.
Studer Professional Audio AG
Swiss based manufacturer of equipment and systems for TV and radio broadcast, recording and production studios, or 19" components for system applications. Includes detailed product catalog, news, dealers and support. Also offers issues of Swiss Sound magazine for download.
Tianqin Technology Electronic Company
Manufacturer of mixing consoles, amplifiers and microphones.
Full range of professional loudspeakers from the popular Impact plastic install cabinet to the famous Flashlight concert touring rig as used by many major acts around the world. Loudspeakers for every situation.
Universal Audio
Reproductions of vintage analog equipment.
Vinal Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of professional audio equipment including mixers, loudspeakers, amplifiers, karaoke systems and public address systems.
Manufacturer of Karaoke systems from in-home units to full-scale models.
Watkins Electric Music
Manufacturer of amplifiers, speakers, the Copicat echo unit, and Watkins accordions. London.
Wohler Technologies
Manufacturer of in-rack analog, AES/EBU digital, SDI and Dolby audio and video monitors.
World Wide Pro Audio Directory
Offers information on all major manufacturers and related web sites.
YCD Multimedia Sound Solutions
Solutions for business audio playback and management including the Multi-Channel MuMa Music Machine
Yorkville Sound
Privately owned Canadian manufacturer of loudspeakers, power amplifiers, and other professional sound equipment.
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