This category is for manufacturers of cameras, darkroom supplies, and other photographic products, as well as directories of manufacturers. Retail and shopping sites can be found in Shopping/Photography. Descriptions and reviews of photographic equipment can be found in Arts/Photography.

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Online gallery users, professional portfolio, magazine and information on Agfa products; film, chemicals, papers, lab equipment, and complete imaging solutions.
Beijing Secced Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of video camera tripods, camera crane, fluid head, battery and charger.
Bowens USA
Studio & Location photographic flash equipment, lighting and light shaping accessories for professional photographers.
Bromwell Marketing
Distributor of Walker, Ebony, Gandolfi and Osaka large format cameras and accessories. USA.
Provides large format cameras, studio stands and accessories. Netherlands.
Canon USA, Inc.
Manufacturer of 35mm, APS, point-and-shoot, and digital cameras, lenses, and accessories.
Carl Zeiss AG
Manufacturers of lenses for still and cine cameras.
Cradoc fotoSoftware, photo pricing guide, image keywording and business management software for the independent photographer.
Eastman Kodak
Provides consumer information about services, products and also provides corporate information.
Fuji Photo Film U.S.A
Provides tips, information, and support for users of their films and products.
Hakuba USA
Manufacturer and distributor of professional photographic, digital, audio, camera, and video accessories and equipment.
Manufacturers of medium format digital and film cameras, lenses, backs, scanners and other photo equipment.
Hollywood FotoFix
Photo restoration process. Includes dealer locator and sample gallery.
Hoya Corporation
Manufacturers of filters and lenses used in photography.
Ilford Company
Data on their darkroom and film products. Forum for Ilfopro members.
Tripods, heads and accessories.
Intro 2020 Ltd.
UK importers and distributors of photographic, digital and imaging products.
KHB Photografix
Repair specialist for professional photographic equipment such as enlargers, electronic flash, and large format and specialty cameras. Canada.
Lee Filters
Supplier of camera and lighting filters, gobos, and other studio-related products.
Leica Camera AG
Manufacturers of cameras, lenses and photo equipment.
Mamiya Leaf
Makers of digital camera backs used in professional imaging and photography.
Optic company producing lenses, enlargers, and projectors.
Manufacturer and distributor of hardware and software for digital imaging such as digital repro camera and digital macro camera.
Suppliers of photographic equipment and accessories to the retail trade and consumers. Ireland.
Manufacturer of business, industrial and consumer products such as digital, 35 mm cameras and lenses. Provides product information, FAQ, support, investor relations and press releases.
Nikon Inc. (USA)
Manufacturer of digital cameras and 35mm cameras for consumer and professional. Also makes binocular, microscope and instruments such as vision systems.
Olympus America
Manufacturer of digital cameras, voice recorders, diagnostic systems, medical systems and film cameras, photo printers, microscopes and imaging systems.
Olympus Europe
Digital imaging, 35mm and APS film cameras, and high precision optical equipment.
Phase One
Makers of digital camera backs used in professional imaging.
Phosys Online Proofing
Fully featured websites, online albums and proofing systems for professional photographers.
Instant film and cameras, digital cameras, scanners, digital imaging products.
Manufacturers of digital and 35mm film cameras.
Manufacturer of digital cameras, MP3 player, medium format cameras, compact and classic cameras and slide projectors.
Shanghai Seagull Trading Inc.
Manufacturers of cameras, lenses and other optical equipment.
Shooting Gallery Backgrounds
Provides individually hand-painted backgrounds for photographers.
Sigma Corporation of America
Maker of cameras, lenses, and flash units; FAQ, news, and where-to-buy information.
Starlight Cameras
Maker of pinhole cameras and darkroom kits for photo education.
Manufacturer of cameras, lenses, flashes, and slide projectors.

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