This category lists photographers who have general stock imagery of regions and locations around the world available for use in publications, television, or on the Internet. Limited rights to use the photographs may be purchased.

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Adams, Peter
Specializing in people, places, nature, and landscape.
Bachand, Thomas
Architecture, landscape, and impressions from worldwide destinations in color and monochrome.
Bishop, Randa
Extensive coverage of five continents. Also, displaying articles, books, and feature stories.
Borges Llosa, Frank
People, sports, nature and landscape images from around the world. Prints and stock is available on request.
Bromberg, Klaus Oskar
Nature, people, cities, places, and industries from around the world.
Cox, Dennis
Travel images from around the world. Specializing in photographs of China.
Creber, Roger
Offers images from Europe, America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Features sample photographs, profile and prints available in 35mm, medium and panoramic formats.
Ergenbright , Ric
An online collection of landscape and cultural photography available for licensing or as prints. Specializing in panoramic photography.
Films, video presentations, stories and pictures about various destinations around the world from independent travelers.
Fox, Ryan
Images of Italy, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Tibet, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Photographs are available for commercial reproduction, and as prints.
Greenberg, Jeff
Showing people and places around the world.
Hawkes, Jason
Aerial photographic library of landmarks and famous locations. Focus is on the United Kingdom. Also, images of the Provence in France, and the United States are available.
Jones, Alison M.
Many images of travel, natural history, and world cultures. Shows impressions of North, Middle and South America, Europe and East Africa.
Kaczmarek, George
Images of nature, wildlife, people, and places from North America and Africa.
Karpan, Robin and Arlene
Images from around the world, with an emphasis on travel, ecotourism, nature and wildlife.
Klassen, Terrance
Images of cities, people, landscapes, and architecture from around the world.
Leon, Robert
Photojournalist offers stock images from locations in North and Latin America, and Europe.
Lodge, Mathew
Stock photography focusing on life, architecture and landscapes of Italy, France and California.
Luxner, Larry
Many color transparencies of South, Central, and North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Europe.
Löfgren, Claes
Specializes in wine and winery photographs from around the world.
Mackie, Tom
Landscape, travel, and architecture images from around the world taken in large, medium, and panoramic formats.
Mays, Buddy
Travel, wildlife and scenic images from the United States and all over the world.
Maïon, Jean-François
Travel and wilderness photographs from all around the world available as stock or prints. Includes images of the Arctic and an eruption of the Etna volcano. [English and French]
Norton, Jake
Images of the people, cultures, and mountains of the world, especially the Himalayan region, North and South America. Features mountaineering photographs.
Nowitz, Richard
Images of people, places, and cultures around the world.
Robertson, Scott
Travel, landscape, nature, fine-art and editorial photography. Featuring local culture, architecture, landscapes, lifestyles and nature. Asia, North America, Central America, Europe, Africa.
Sievers, Alex
Images from Africa, Asia, Australia, America and Europe. Featuring people, nature and architecture.
Soule, Jean-Philippe
Indigenous people and minorities: Kuna, Embera, Wounan, Kalbeliya, Bhil, Bishnoi, Bopa, Pech, Ngobe, Maya, Mentawai, Ainu.
Staud, Frantisek
Images from Japan and Scotland available on CD.
Svarc, Petr
Features a large collection of travel photography from destinations around the world. Includes information about image licensing, ordering prints and a mailing list.
Visontay, Peter
Travel, landscape, and urban stock photography, arranged by type.
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