Recording studios are facilities designed to provide the quiet environment, specialized technology and equipment, and professional personnel needed to make a music recording. The category also includes mobile studios and facilities dedicated to music edition, mixing, and mastering.
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The Playground
A full-service recording facility. Home of the producer Keith Cleversley.
Aardvark Record Mastering
Mastering of vinyl phonograph records and dub-plates of all sizes and speeds. Oddities a specialty: locked grooves, inside out cuts, double spirals. [Denver, CO, USA]
Abbey Road Studios
A legendary studio opened in 1931. It made its name with big orchestral recordings and of course, The Beatles. Today, offers recording and mixing, stereo and surround mastering and remastering, as well as interactive design and digital video. [London, UK]
Acoustic Chambers
A full-service studio focused on developing a productive relationship with client bands and artists. [Kent, WA, USA]
Agile Entertainment
Company providing talent and voice castings, recording, music, sound effects, editing and creative writing, for video games, films, television, commercials, special events, industrials, and documentaries. [Montreal, Canada]
Air Studios
Recording studio providing services for music and film professionals. [London, UK]
Allusion Studios
Recording and sound processing facility also offering, production, mixing, mastering, and mobile recording. [Tucson, AZ, USA]
Angel Studios
Recording studio offering audio and video recording/production services, rehearsal space, sound stage and lessons tuition in music and audio engineering. [Brisbane, Australia]
Apocalyspe Cow Productions
Recording, production and licensing A 32-track digital facility in the western suburbs of Chicago. [Montgomery, IL, USA]
Apple Beam Recording Studios
A recording studio offering on site and on line recording services. [London, UK]
April Media Productions
Multifunction company providing among other services, sound recording and audio editing [Plymouth, UK]
Audible Images
Multitrack recording studio, specializing audio recording, music production and jingles. [Pittsburgh, PA, USA]
Audio Design Recording
Recording and mixing facility featuring API-2488 recording console. [San Diego, CA, USA]
Audio Logic Inc.
Digital recording and production facility. [Seattle, WA, USA]
Audio Process
Live recording with a mobile system as well as editing, mixing, mastering a CD-ROM. Details and references. [London, UK]
The Audio Suite
Digital recording studio offering offering music recording and mixing, sound sweetening, and voice overs for radio and TV. Pro Tools HD3 system. [Phoenix, AZ, USA]
A sound studio providing low rate online mastering services. [London, UK]
Avatar Studios
A multi-room recording facility providing services such as tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing and mastering. [New York, NY, USA]
Back at the Ranch Studio
[Texas, US] Owner-producer Brian Konzelman specializes in Christian praise music projects.
Big Sky Recording
Servicing Ann Arbor, Michingan, USA for over 8 years. Features 24-track analog or 64-track ProTools.
Big Time Music
Offers sound production using digital technology and choice vintage equipment. Operated by Stephen Phillips, producer, engineer, and musician with 18 years in the business.
Blue House Productions
Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Website details multi track recording, digital editing/mastering, CDR or recordable CD duplication, audio CD duplication and packaging, and real-time cassette duplication.
Blue Ribbon Studios
Professional 48-track recording studio, in Los Angeles, California, USA.
The Boiler Room
Music mastering studio in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
BPX Digital Studios
Specializes in audio production, recording, editing, voice overs and dynamic web design. Located in San Diego, California, USA.
Breakfast Studios
Provides rehearsal and recording for bands and musicians. Details on equipment and prices. Located in London, United Kingdom.
Brian J. Anthony
Recording and production studio in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. Overview of services, equipment, and prices.
Capricorn Studios
Provides professional recording, artist and song development, and audio engineering services. Located in downtown San Diego, California, USA.
Cedar Creek Recording
A facility based in Texas, USA. List of equipment and clients, and staff profiles.
The Cellars
A studio devoted to promoting music and media in the community by empowering diversity gender, age, race, education and financial resources. Based in the United Kingdom.
Cherry Beach Sound
Toronto, Canada facility offering full-service professional recording, mixing, and mastering. Also, post production, commercial production, and sound restoration.
ChurchHouse Productions
Recording studio located in a former church building in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Overview of production services and equipment.
Clear Gravy Productions
A professional, multi-track, digital studio, providing recording services for musicians of all levels.
Clear Perceptions Studios
Services include recording and producing music for CD release in the genres of Jazz, Classical and Pop/World as well as creating original composition and voice overs for TV networks, corporate clients, advertising agencies, animation houses and film.
Click Track Audio Inc.
Provides professional remote recording services to support live concerts, recording studios, video production, radio and television broadcasts. Based in Ottawa, Canada.
Colour Field
Owned and operated by Tim Julian. Also features an online label called Fragile Colours.
Command Productions
A full-service audio recording and duplication facility in San Francisco Bay Area,USA.
An analog and digital installation in Los Angeles, USA. Specializes in recording and production of independent music.
The Congress House Studio
a fully equipped analog/digital facility based in Texas, USA. List of equipment, clients, and contact.
Cowart Recording Studio
A 24-track and 2000 square feet space. Offers national releases, remastering lab for quality recording. Located in Mississippi, USA.
Cue Recording
Offers state of the art 24 and 48-track analog and digital recording, digital mastering, duplication, within five studio complex located in Virginia, USA.
Dallas Recording Studio
Multi-track recording of music and voice projects. Based in Texas, USA.
David Pritchard Productions
Professional quality digital recording studio, music composed, produced, and recorded for film, TV, radio, recording artists and expert piano tuning and repair. Features studio specifications and sample files.
DDG Recording
A Los Angeles, USA-based 24-track studio, provides a combination of vintage and current gear. Equipment list, floor plan and maps detailed.
Delta Music
ProTools, mix Suite and CD mastering. Outdoors classical recording. Based in Mortsel, Belgium.
Digital Sound Magic
An audio production facility based in Vancouver, Canada. Offers audio recording, music production, sound effects design, editing, composition, and mixing services.
Disc Wizards
Provides CD and DVD duplication, manufacturing, replication, and duplicators.
Offers CD and DVD duplication and replication through an online process. Short and large runs available.
Dixiana Music
Digital recording studio and production facility on Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, specializing in the development of those just beginning their career as an artist, songwriter, musician or engineer.
The Dream Factory Christian Productions
Records all types of Gospel music, from Jazz to Hip Hop, Thrash to Grunge. Located in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.
Drums For You
An online facility devoted to recording custom drum, bass, guitar, keyboard tracks for songwriters and producers who need real and live instruments played by professional session players. Ordering information and demos.
Durbin Audio Durbin Audio Designs
A facility located in Orlando, Florida, USA producing analog sound along with CD mastering and duplication, live sound systems, and acoustic treatment. Also, location recording and home theater design, sales and installation.
Dwelling Place Music
Dedicated to Christian musicians, located in Kansas City, USA.
Dynamix Productions
Professional facility owned by Neil Kesterson in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Offers sound design for national television and radio programs and commercials, live sports broadcasts, multi-media, and location sound.
Recording facilities, music producer, writer, arranger based in Singapore.
Offers mobile digital recording of all music types, but specializes in Jazz, Concert, Performing, Symphonic, and Marching Bands. CDs available.
A Houston, USA-based facility offering live recording and audio consulting. Also provides music production and digital recording for college recitals,and high school recitals.
FAB Recording Studios
A professional facility for all styles of music in the United Kingdom. Gift vouchers available.
Fandango Recording
A Toronto, Ontario, Canada, multitrack recording, digital editing, audio restoration and online music services professional recording studio.
Farmyard Studios
A 24-track music production facility located in the Cotswolds, United Kingdom. Offers a selected mix of digital and analogue technologies including ProTools and Alesis Digital recording systems.
Fool's Hill Music
Based in New York, USA. Focused on acoustic and singer/songwriter projects, with an online music store. Does also mobile recording by request.
Forge Recording
Audio recording and video production studio in Oreland, Pennsylvania. Information about production and duplication services, formats, and pricing.
Galilee Productions
A full-scale music and audio production facility in Rhode Island, New England, USA.
Georgetown Masters
A historic facility located on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Offers two mastering rooms and a dedicated editing/production room.
Ghostgum Audio
Specializing in orchestras and soundtracks. Can seat a 76 piece ensemble, also solo instruments and vocals. Located in Brisbane, Australia.
Provides 24-track digital recording, mastering, duplication, and graphic arts.
GNX Music
Provides recording, instrumentals, engineering, and remixing services for major and independent labels.
Goldfish-Music Inc.
A recording studio in Toronto, Canada. Produces film music, TV music and sound design.
Great Divide Studios
Located in Aspen, Colorado, USA. Offers recording, mixing, and mastering. Richard Zwiebel design. Also features Digidesign ProTools HD.
GreenWire Music and Audio
Focused on music composition and audio post-production. Managed by Jeff Tymoschuk and Dave Stephens.
Grind Music and Sound
A full-service digital audio facility specializing in complete audio post services for film and television.
Guitar Sound Studio
Michigan, USA-based recording studio. Offers music recording, mixing, mastering, CD production and duplication, and photography for CD projects.
Highfield Studio
Offers recording and music lessons in Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom.
Hilltop Recording Studios
Full service 24/32-track studios in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Specializing in album projects. Features Neve, Uptown automation, Sony analog, and ADAT digital.
Hilltop Studios
Operated from a home in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Overview of equipment, services, and rates, with session photos.
An analog, digital, and polyrhythmic recording studio. Features ProTools. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Hoboken Recorders
Offers a no-pressure recording experience. List of equipment, and contact information. Situated in New Jersey, USA.
Hollcraft Studios
Specialices in Classical. Services include digital 8-track recording, editing, and mastering. Also offers graphic design, CD replication, and packaging.
Services include audio recording, music composing, sound design, TV commercial, radio advertisement, voiceovers, and mixing. Located in Singapore.
Ignition Recording Studios
Specializes in Rock and other guitar-based music. Rates and further details available from the website. Based in London, UK.
A recording studio based in Sacramento, USA.
Provides horn sections, arrangements, saxophone, and flute solos over the web. Features full upload and download capabilities of audio files, in all professional formats.
Il Coyote Edizioni Musicali
Specializes in composing soundtracks and advertisement jingles as well as the promotion of new musicians in Italy. Artists, history and music competition guidelines. Bilingual website.
Internet Audio Services
Music, drum loops, voice over, SFX. All formats: AIFF, WAV, sound designer, peak, Pro-Tools, digital performer for all types of media.
Ironworks Sound Productions
A recording studio in Winchester, Kentucky, USA. The staff musicians are Southern Gospel field specialists.
J L Studios
Professional digital recording and mixing studio specializing in voice overs and music production, located in Toronto, Canada. Includes equipment list and quotation request form.
J Sound Studio
Features the recording equipment, mastering, and services available to Gospel artists and musicians. Based in Kermit, West Virginia, USA.
Jack Productions
A recording facility for independent and underground artists located in Montreal, Canada.
The Jam Room
Specializes in Heavy and Punk type music, but also records everything from Hip Hop and Contemporary Christian to Country. Located in South Carolina, USA.
Jamplified Recording Studios
Music production team, record label and state of the art recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica.
Jan Smith Studios
A digital recording and production facility, home to the team of Smith and Huston. Also offers vocal, guitar, and dance instructors. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Javboy Records
Philadelphia, USA recording and production facility specializing in custom music.
Jay Hudson Audio Services
Services include analog recording and mixing, digital editing and mastering, and mobile location recording. Situated in Texas, USA.
Joe Public Studios
Focused on turning music ideas into finished records. Helps artists of different styles achieve a professional quality single. Located in London, United Kingdom.
Kevin Bader Music Services
Recording facility, solo entertainment, and live band in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.
Komodo Recordings
Offers recording of all styles of music, both on-site and across the British Isles. Located in Northern Ireland.
L and N Inc.
A sound and lighting production company based in North Carolina, USA.
Lightning Struck
A project studio that specializes in live band demos, and multi-track digital and analog recordings . Other services include: demo mastering, audio restoration, digital editing, and audio lessons. Based in Indiana, USA. [PDF]
Living Room Records
Specializes in mobile, professional digital recordings for both artists and families. Located in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Long Island Recording Company
Training for aspiring performers, recording artists, and recording engineers. Producing demo recordings, or consumer-ready CDs or cassettes. Lexington, Kentucky, USA.
Louisville Recording Arts
A professional audio recording and production studio located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Luna Sound
Offers recording, arrangement, production, live broadcast services, as well as personalized songs. Based in New Jersey, USA.
LX3 Live Recording
A compact mobile digital multi-track facility, designed specifically for location recording of concerts and gigs. Based in London, United Kingdom.
Madden Music Studio
Offers tracking, mixing and mastering to artists and bands. Also offers composing and arranging.
Magnanimous Recording Studios
Profile, services, equipment and contact details of this recording and post production studio located in Thessaloniki.
Malibu Sound
A global recording company located in Los Angeles, California, USA. General information, studio equipment, and team.
Marc Graue Recording Services
Voiceover recording facility specializing in ADR, radio and TV production, digital audio sweetening, multi-cast animation sessions and syndicated radio shows. 4 digital studios, ISDN capabilities, full-service casting department and music/sound effects library.
MilkBoy Recording
Professional recording studio in the Philadelphia, USA with a full range of services.
Miroslav Pilon
Recording studio and post production services. Located in Lyon, France.
Mirror Sound Studio
A full-featured recording facility based in Shoreline, Washington, USA.
Mobile Recording Studio
Offers full recording services to small communities or school groups. Located in Ontario, Canada.
Morph Productions
A company working with music from Rock to Hip Hop. Sample clips, description of services, and rates. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Mountain Dog Musicworks
Located in Ojai Valley, California, USA. Offers full production services and digital recording.
Mr. Gig Studios
An installation for rehearsal and demo recording. Also offers sound equipment and projector hire in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.
MSA Productions
A facility located in Brevard County, Florida, USA. Information on music projects, live audio recordings, and digital recordings using Pro Tools, Tascam and Alesis. Engineering by Mike Stewart
Music House Productions
Specializing in CD mastering, recording and promotion. Contact information provided. Located in New Yor, USA.
Music Masters
Provides CD mastering, replication and duplication for artists and independent labels.
Nerdbox Studios
Located in San Diego, USA. Offers recording and website production. Details on services, rates, and audio samples of past work.
Night Owl Recording
An Austin, Texas, USA service. Specializes in live, location mobile recording. Other services include studio work, mixing, live sound reinforcement, and radio production.
Note Worthy Productions
Specializes in recording, mixing, mastering. Also, in graphic design and business logos. Located in Marlborough Massachusetts, USA.
Number 9 Audio Group
Recording, mixing, mastering, recording Instruction, CD duplication, DVD duplication and graphic design in downtown Toronto, Canada.
Ocean Way Studios
Includes studio photos and client list. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Opus 1 Mobile
Offers Classical and Acoustic recording on location, in concert or session. Regular clients include NPR, Canticle a Cappella Choir, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, and Camerata Pacifica.
Ostermann Productions
A Chicago area, USA full-service company. Features a D8B mixing environment, as well as a vintage Hammond tone wheel organ and a Yamaha C7 grand piano. Also provides location recording. Story, sample clips, rates, and contact.
Outhouse Studios
Professional 24-track facility based in Berkshire, United Kingdom. History and albums produced.
Pacifica Studios
Offers sound recording, mixing and mastering.Rates, clients, and equipment list.
Panda Productions
A full-service facility that specializes in demos and custom CD projects. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Paradise Sound
Studio in mountain resort setting outside Seattle. Gear list includes both vintage and current equipment.
Paradoxx Sound
Provides complete recording services for the music professional as well as the up and coming artist. Features a facility designed for music recording, with both analog and digital capability. Also provides tracking, mixing and mastering services. Located in Los Angeles, California, USA.
The Parlor Recording Studio
A full-service Grammy Nominated studio in Nashville, USA. Specializes in making records for record labels and independent artists. Equipped with Pro Tools HD, a Yamaha 7ft grand piano and 5 iso booths.
Pigboat Recording Studio
Small recording facility in Silverdale, Washington, USA. Specializes in recording independent artists.
PlainTruth Entertainment
A company based in New York City, USA. Services include ProTools recording, mixing, mastering, music production, and CD duplication.
Located in Red Bluff, California, USA. The studio is mobile and offers record live or track by track.
Prime Recording Studio
Mixing, recording, and mastering services in Nashville, TN.
A residential facility in the Danish countryside environment. Features advanced equipment for a variety of recording needs.
Purple Pro Audio
Features a 24-track digital facility, three rehearsal rooms, and equipment rentals. Based in Leeds, United Kingdom.
Quam Audio Productions
A company in Boulder, Colorado, USA specializing in remote multitrack digital recording, sweetening, compact disc duplication, digital editing, multimedia audio, mixing, mastering, and audio restoration.
Quit Dreaming
Offers 32-track digital recording, mixing and mastering in Middlesex, United Kingdom. Details on equipment and contact.
Ramble Creek Music
Multitrack facility offering engineering and production services in Texas, USA. Photos, list of equipment, and contact.
RaveOn Productions
Offers music, jingle, and multimedia production services.
Red House
Full-digital facility in Korea. Sample songs available online.
Red Led Studios
A full-service studio in Madrid, Spain. All in digital and analog in 500 m2.
Relief Studio SA
A professional music recording studio featuring Andy Munro acoustic design, SSL 4064 G+, and ProTools HD. Located in Belfaux, Switzerland.
RiverSounds Recording Resort
A digital 24-track recording studio for all styles of uplifting music. Services and equipment. Based in Castell, Texas, USA.
RKS Recording
A 75' x 45' studio in Pontiac, Michigan, USA, offering live recording, fully-equipped cutting room, live echo chamber, EMT echo plate with Martech upgrade, mixing, and mastering.
Rotund Rascal
Established in 1979 by session musician, Dave Pearlman. The studio features advanced digital recording technology. Based in California, USA.
Runyan Media
A mobile facility based in Northern Michigan, USA. General information, rates, links, and contact.
Saga Recording Studio & Production
Based in Vancouver, Canada. Specializes in working with singers and songwriters.
Savior Sound
Information about Christian owned and operated digital recording studio located in Arlington, Texas, USA. Specializes in Gospel, church worship CDs, youth bands and all types of Christian artists and bands.
Scorpio Sound LLC
A full-service audio facility offering music composition, sound effects design and editing, voiceover recording, and mixing services for all media. Based in California, USA.
Sensible Music Limited
Recording and rehearsal studios in North London, United Kingdom. Production suites and mobile recording available for hire.
Shay's Studio
Based in rural Ireland. Provides all audio services including recording, mastering, audio conversions, and original music.
Sherborne Sound
A commercial facility offered by the hour and all inclusive day, for bands and musicians. Also, voice-overs, audio transfers to CD, live recordings. and duplication.
Signature Studios
Professional audio recording, mixing, mastering, soundtracks and CD duplication located on Lake Murray in South Carolina, USA.
Silverbirch Productions
A recording and mastering facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also provides all aspects of CD production, including manufacturing, web sales, and web design.
Slope Studios
Owned and operated by producer Tommy Faragher. Offers master and demo recordings, as well as vocal training and technique, in New York City, USA.
A company offering recording services, composition for several purposes, sound design, and assistance with projects. Located in Berlin, Germany.
Sound Cafe
Offers cutting-edge technology mixed with Soul, Jazz, Folk, Pop, and Dance vibes. Details of a recording studio located in an inspirational setting in Scottish hills.
Sound Images
Specializes in music for commercials or films. Based in Ohio, USA.
Sound Marketing Studios
Recently upgraded to Protools TDM System. Offers a renovated studio, professional technical help, web design, and artist promotion. Specializing in singers-songwriters. Located in Vancouver, Canada.
Sound Park Studio
A Studio based in Schiedam, Holland. Setup by members of the band Threnody.
Sound Vortex Recording
Aimed at serving a community of independent music artists, with an emphasis on vibe and a wide assortment of available instruments. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Spiral Recording Studios
Located in Southern Utah, USA. Facilities include three isolation booths, large tracking room, ProTools digital recording and analog capabilities.
A recording and broadcast facility in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Static Productions
Multimedia and recording facility based in Rhode Island, USA. General information, rates, equipment, and contact.
Stinson Studios
Located in Texas, USA. List of equipment, clients, rates, and information about CD duplication services.
Studio E
A small but fully equipped studio situated in Belgium.
Studio Jork
Professional audio recording and mastering studio located in Dekani, Slovenia.
Studio Unicorn
A recording studio located in Redding, Connecticut, USA.
Located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Offers on-site and studio digital recording services for musical artists, private individuals or commercial entities.
SubCat Studio
Based in Syracuse, New York, USA. Offers digital and analog recording, mastering, editing, and tracking. Large selection of vintage and modern guitars, amps, and keyboards. Acoustic grand piano.
Synthi Music Production
Specializes in audio productions, music for multi media, internet, jingles for radio and TV, advertising and original music. Playbacks and recording singers. Located in Israel.
TallCat Productions
A facility in Phoenix, Arizona,USA with three control rooms, featuring analog and digital gear.
Tantrum Records & Studios
Based in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Offers tracking, mixing, mastering and audio post-production.
Think n talk
A recording studio based in Brussels, Belgium, offering infrastructure, music creation, recording, and voice/musician castings.
Tip Top Sound
A facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, dedicated to help bands and artists with recording, CD duplication and website creation.
Todd Fitzgerald Recording Studio
A facility managed by Todd Fitzgerald, producer/engineer from Minneapolis, USA, who features many national, gold and platinum album credits. Available for major labels to demos. Vintage analog to the latest digital technology.
The Tonic Room
A digital recording, editing, and mastering facility offering full production services. Located in Boise, Idaho, USA.
Top Hat Recording
A facility situated in Austin, Texas. Photos, list of equipment, staff profiles, and clients.
Traveling Monkey Sound Productions
Audio services and staffing support for special events of all shapes and sizes.
Underground Productions
A recording facility in Boston, USA owned by Dow Brain and Brad Young. They have 5 platinum and gold singles and albums to their credit.
Uptown Studios Recording
A facility offering services for aspiring artists and songwriters. Based in North West London, United Kingdom.
Urban Intalek Recordings
Provides a full range of services including recording, mixing and mastering, restoration and archiving. Equipment list, photos, policies and contact information. Located in Washington DC, USA.
The V.I.P. Lounge
Run by the producer/engineer Dare Mason. Offers digital equipment alongside classic analogue gear. Based in Cornwall, UK.
Vinyl to Digital
United Kingdom company providing digital audio and video restoration services. Vinyl LP/EP converted to CD, cassette tape converted to CD and VHS video to DVD. Information about conversions, prices, links, and contact.
Live digital recording studio located in Belgium.
Westpark Sound Studio
Award winning Nashville, USA-based recording and production facility featuring the Yamaha DM-2000 Digital Console.
White Horse
A Christian owned and operated digital recording studio, aimed at supporting Christian recording artists and related personnel. Located in Kentucky, USA.
Wild Sound
Provides full recording service. Features the equipment and know how to make music sound its best. Also offers surround sound mixing, video and DVD production as standard service. Based in Minnesota, USA.
Wind Me Down
Devoted to the karaoke enthusiasts. Offers digital recording, mix, and change of music key.
Winterland/ Echobay Studios
Offers two full-service analog/digital recording studios, a versatile music events Center, Grammy Award-winning in-house production staff, and experienced engineers. Located in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA and London, United Kingdom.
World Eater Recordings
Studio and production house located in New York, USA. Calendar, information about equipment, photo gallery, and contact.
Located in London, United Kingdom. Site has showreels and interactive studio views.
Audio, sound and music design, composition and production specialists for game productions serving game producers, record companies, and Internet content providers. [Helsinki, Finland]

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