A type of Hard Rock rich in stylistic conventions including extreme loudness, powerful lead and rhythm guitars, extended solos including those on bass and drums, exaggerated sexuality in lyrics and performance poses, and a predilection toward tatoos, long hair, and leather attire. Name supposedly comes from the line "Heavy Metal thunder" in "Born to Be Wild," a 1970s hit for the band Steppenwolf. Leading exponents include Metallica, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Kiss.

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Aftermath Music
Norwegian record label, band and release news as well as an e-zine.
Avantgarde Music
Italian black metal record label featuring such bands as Ancient Wisdom and Dark Sanctuary.
Barbarian Wrath
Black metal record label based in Canada.
Beowolf Productions
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania-based distribution company.
Bindrune Recordings
A newly formed label featuring Shroud of Despondency and Misery's Omen.
Black Mark
Hard rock label with mailorder service.
Brutal Noise Music
An independent artists and repertoire company helping unsigned bands get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.
Brutalized Records
Label dealing in mostly brutal death and grind metal. Online store features CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes, and t-shirts.
Century Media
Contains catalog with online ordering, pictures, audio and video clips, tour dates and latest news.
Dark Lord Productions
US black metal distribution label that carries rare demos and videos.
Dark Symphonies
Underground retail mail-order/record label specializing in the dark wave, ambient and black metal music genres.
Dark Valley Records
Dark pagan label features bands such as Cradle of Filth, Type O Negative, Bloodstained Dusk, Fragile Frost, and Deadwait.
Discorporate Music
Death metal mavens Dichotic, speed metal freaks Civil Carnage and mysti-grinders Cephalectomy scorch the musical landscape on Discorporate Music.
Earache Records
Hardcore label with artists such as Napalm Death, Adrenalin Junkies, Pitch Shifter, Morbid Angel and Godflesh. Mailing list, artist biographies, merchandise, tour dates.
Eat Metal Records
Greece's Heavy Metal record label known for releases of Brocas Helm, Wotan, Sorcerer, Marauder.
Eclipse Records Corporation
Independent record company since 1995. Specializing in anything loud.
The End Records
Heavy, dark and artistic label based in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Full Moon Productions
Black/death metal distribution and records company. Includes its history, mail order catalog, photo gallery, MP3 samples, and interviews.
Galy Records
Canadian label carrying DBC, Howling Syn, and Ghoulnatics.
Heaven Ablaze Records
Underground Black Metal label and Distribution.
Karma Records Group
Site contains information about signed artists, biographies, and merchandise.
Martyr Music Group Inc
Worldwide record label for heavy music of all kinds. Totally independent and proud of it. Broken Hope, Em Sinfonia and Novembers Doom reside here.
Greece's pure Heavy Metal label having released Raging Storm and Crystal Clear debuts, all kinds of Metal distribution and online store.
Middle Finger Promotions
Label featuring Hellacaust, Angelkill, Wishmaster and other dark metal bands.
Midhir Records
Extreme metal label and mailorder service based in Northern Ireland. Deals in dark and challenging extreme music.
Northern Silence Productions
Black Metal label from Germany.
Nuclear Blast Records
Heavy metal label with dozens of signed talent. Features tours, artist bios, and downloads.
Osiris Records
Independent label from Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN. Deals with promotion, advertising, booking, general support, and advice of unsigned bands in the progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal, and pop rock genres.
Osmose Productions
Extreme metal label carrying such bands as Thornspawn, Seth, and Anorexia Nervosa
Pluto Records
Independent record company founded in 1999. Includes music, videos, news, and merchandise.
Power Play Records
New York label. Artists include 220 Volt, Damien and Further Lo.
Razorback Records
Grindcore and death metal record label.
Redrum Records
Brutal Underground Death Metal Label from NYDM Coalition President and Mortician Vocalist Will Rahmer.
Reflections Records
Underground metal label featuring Black Widows and Striking Distance. Site also includes a related magazine.
Retrowrek Records
Rock label carrying band like Electric Gypsies and Atomic Rooster.
A label with artists such as Winterhawk, Ultra, Truth and Janey, Cain, and Automag. Also includes a catalog of new and used records and compact discs in an online store.
Shiver Records
Belgian Metal label.
Sonic Age
Releases the classics and new age of the genre. Worldwide distribution and online store.
Spare Change Records
An independent record label and distribution company. Label roster includes Torn Asunder, End-Time Illusion, When The Deadbolt Breaks, and The Acacia Strain.
Steel Gallery Records
Heavy metal record label from Greece. Store, photos, band biographies, a members' club, and catalog.
Swampfoot Records
The home of extreme metal record label and promotions company Swampfoot Records.
Todestrieb Records
Official site for the distributors of black metal bands such as Nuit Noire.
Unique Leader Records
Home of Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Decrepit Birth, Pyaemia, Mortal Decay, Necronomicon, Disavowed, and Agiel. Offers free MP3s.
Vampire Records
Independent non-profit record label from Australia.
Versailles Records Inc.
Independent record label, stripped of all corporate trappings, seeking to respect and reflect the roots of every release, from music to musician, from bareknuckles rock and roll to the classic blues.
Releases forward-thinking music. Bands, news, downloads, and contact information.
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