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S.O.A. Records
Home to the Italian hardcore and punk rock record label. Site has label news, MP3s and a history (complete with cover gallery) of the label's releases.
Scapegoat Records
UK independent, alternative label specializing in punk/post-hardcore.
Slab-o-Wax Records
Texas punk rock label specializing mainly in vinyl.
Slapp Records
Record Label from Atlanta Ga.
Sleep Recordings
Located in Lancaster, PA with releases for bands such as The Gunshy, show dates and news.
Sniffing Recording Industries
DIY label from Argentina. Releases from bands like J Church, BlueWaterBoy, Whisper, Againe, Catarsis and E.Inocencia.
Solid State Records
Hardcore label. Bands: Blindside, Embodyment, Extol, Living Sacrifice, Selfmindead, Spitfire, Stretch Arm Strong, Training For Utopia, Warlord and Zao.
Southern Records
Including discographies, biographies and tour information for many indie and punks bands, as well as a source distributing music from many other punk and indie records labels across the U.S and Europe.
Stardumb Records
Punk Rock label featuring bands such as Backwood Creatures, the Vindictives, the Apers, the Manges, Retarded and the Nerds. MP3s downloads, online magazine, news and show dates.
Sudden Death Records
DOA's elder statesman, Joey Kiethley slashes you with his own hardcore punk rock record label.
Sugar Shack Records
Independent record label based in Bristol UK.
Sympathy for the Record Industry
The only place in all of indieland where you'll find a knife in your back simply for uttering the term alternative.
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