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UK-based electronic noise/improvisation label. With background, release listing and sound samples.
Big City Orchestra
Project site with release link, radio broadcasts, flyer art, biographies, and performance dates.
Broke Bunnie Recordings
A non-profit record label specializing in experimental, noise, ambient, and industrial released solely in MP3 format.
Charnel Music
Record label that releases noise, rhythmic and psychedelic music. Artists include Crash Worship, Mainliner, Trance, Gravitar and others.
Daft Records
Noise, experimental, and dark industrial label.
Hands Productions
German label that is home to Sina, Winterkalte and Mono No Aware. Introduction and links.
Infinite Chug Records
Home to experimental/noise/rock/free outfits such as I'm Being Good, Truman's Water, The Thirteen Ghosts with Derek Bailey and Thurston Moore, Supreme Dicks, and several other artists.
Institute for the Unstable Media
An interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam.
Learning Curve Records
Label promoting bands such as Climber, Vaz and Sicbay, with tour information, discographies and merchandise information.
Malignant Records
A record label, mail order distributor, and online record store featuring extreme, electronic, experimental, dark ambient, noise, hard-to-find imports, and limited editions.
Mandragora Records
DIY/non-profit label specializing in psychedelic noise and experimental music. Home to projects including Paradise Camp 23, Crackhouse, Interferents, Bull Anus, Voodoo Mechanics, and RezaNate.
Maritime Fist Glee Club
CDR releases including works by Gavagai, Spagirus, and Dreamt of by Armadillos. News, catalog, press, contact information, history, links, and MP3s.
Mechanoise Labs
Extreme electronics, noise and harshbeat. Home to Beton Barrage, Seda e Marg, Abattoir, Aidan Baker, Asphalt Leash, Magwheels, Noxious Nub, and Sedaye Marg.
A noise, industrial, and electro label from Germany with releases by Klangstabil and Goran Besov. RealAudio sound clips.
Release Entertainment
A division of Relapse Records releasing noise and atmospheric ambient music. Site features online ordering RealAudio sound clips.
Silber Records
Organic ambient, Acoustic low-fi and Post-angst music label. Home to Remora, Vlor, Aarktica, Small Life Form, Clang Quartet, Origami Arktika, and My Glass Beside Yours.
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