Ambient music is music about the spaces between notes. Often incorporating ethnic music elements such as drones, trance rhythms, and non-Western modes, the music is quite dynamic. Ambient music is an enigma,you can't dance to it, but due to the spaciousness, you can't sit and analyze it like contemporary classical music. It's the music to represent the Internet era. There is no geographical foci to Ambient music -- composers come from every country in the world from Albania to Zaire -- fans exist anywhere there's an Internet connection. The music itself is based on the phenomenon of recorded music as a soundtrack to modern life, and as such is a culmination of 100 years of recorded music.

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Experimental Ambient, Techno and Minimal label.
Asphodel Records
Home for the trio of "Drones" albums, featuring works by previously unknown ambient artists, as well as single-releases by Ruyichi Sakamoto.
Atomic City
Home of the ambient "hypergroups," which are collaborative Internet ambient music "bands."
Beta-lactam Ring Records
Label dedicated to releasing uncommon music with packaging. Including releases by Edward Ka-spel, Legendary Pink Dots, Stimulus, Circus of the Scars, Droxy March, The Abrasion Ensemble, and Rick Reed.
The Big Chill
British Ambient music events and a new label.
Cyclic Law Records.
Record label specializing in Dark Ambient music.
An electronic label specializing in ambient/chill out artists and projects.
FAX Records
Pete Namlook's very prolific ambient record label.
Horizon Music Network
Ambient electronic label. Artists include Air Sculpture, Lightwave, and Steve Jolliffe. Catalog, MP3s, online ordering, and links.
Lotuspike records
Features artists such as Darshan Ambient, Terra and label founder Ben Cox.
Mindless Eye/Ecclesiastical Scaffolding
Information about the dark ambient and experimental music project Ecclesiastical Scaffolding.
Swedish ambient label with a large roster of artists including Jeff Greinke and Rodelius.
Noh Poetry Records
Don Falcone's website, containing his music as well as the works of Spaceship Eyes and Ice Jupiter Groove. Site mainly for the purchasing of these Australian releases.
Projekt Web
Home page of Projekt -- including CDs by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana
Providing music from blint, ken mistove, peter schaefer, dave stafford, tiktok and others.
Seventh Wave Music
Ambient UK label featuring Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer. Includes catalog of CD issues.
Spiralight Recordings
Label based in USA. Artists include Zero One and Richard Bone.
Sunshine Music
Releases original dark Downtempo from Munkie, DJ Tish, Mamma Bass,and Kate Peters. Based in the United Kingdom.
German record label for Ambient Experimental Electronic music.
German netlabel featuring a range of experimental ambient and electronica releases. Free downloads.
Touch Records UK
The home of Biosphere, Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda, and Hazard.
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