House Music is a style of electronic music, first produced in Chicago and Detroit in the early to mid 1980s, and characterized by a prominent bass drum on every beat. It gained popularity in the UK and Europe in the late 1980s and through the 1990s, and has more recently become a phenomenon in America.

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989 Records
Releases house, tech, minimal, electro, chillout, breakbeat, downtempo. Website features artist profile and details of releases.
Ace Beat Recordings
New Jersey based garage and deep house label. Birthplace of acts like Jomanda, Charvoni, Blaze and Intense.
Acryl Music
Founded by producer Daniel Kneubühler in 2004 and releases deep, techy, soulful, and funky house.
Azuli Records
UK label founded in 1991 by David Piccioni, owner of London's Black Market Records, featuring artists including David Morales and Shades of Rhythm.
Baci Recordings
Baci Recordings is an independent label based in Milan, focused on house music in all its genres: deep, deep-tech, tech-house, and jackin' house.
Bass9 Records
An international EDM record company that was founded in 2011. Based on the French Riviera, it releases tracks by artists from Berlin to New Delhi in styles between house and tech-house.
Big In Ibiza Records
Dance label founded in 2008 and releasing house, electro, minimal, tech, trance, progressive, funky and tribal styles by artists including Mauro Picotto and Fonzerelli.
Born To Dance Records
UK-based Label and events company specialising in dance music. Artists include ATFC, Graeme Park and Jonathan Ulysses. Biographies, shop, music, events and gear.
Bottom Line Records
A classic New York, USA company releasing House and Garage, founded in 1990 by DJ Ed The Red. Catalogue, sound clips, merchandising, photos, and contact information.
Broken Records
Founded by the originator of house music, Jesse Saunders. Broken Records is the follow up label to Jes Say Records (Chicago), which released the world's first house music recording.
BugEyed Records
UK label promoting funky house with electro influences. Artists include Holygunner and OutOfSync. Includes audio clips.
Site covering the Chicago house imprint and its Relief offshoot, with label history, news and sound files.
Citrus Sound Records
A UK based label which promotes funky and vocal house, founded by UK producer Doobie J. Includes audio clips.
Compost Records Online
German record label founded in 1994 and featuring house, Detroit techno, 2 step and drum and bass releases. Discography, audio and video clips.
Chicago based label for underground deep house, featuring releases by Chris Gray, Moonchildren and DaRand Land. Website includes discography and video clips.
Defected Records
UK based label featuring artists including Frankie Knuckles and Bob Sinclar. Discography, live radio broadcasts, audio clips, artist profiles.
Delicious House Records
Amsterdam based label founded in 2013. Artists include Gabriël Levato. Releases, mastering, about and contact details.
Dirty House Music
A label devoted to house, electro and progressive house based in Italy; home of Maurice Noah, DJ Phunk, R-Type. Releases are also available in digital format.
Drop Music
UK based house music label formed in 1998 and home to the Inland Knights. Includes audio clips.
Easy Street records
Dance music label established in March 1983. Artists include De' Lacy and Adeva. Website includes audio clips and online shop.
Electro House Music
Bloc Beatz Records, based in Birmingham, UK is a EDM digital record label.provide electro house, dirty house and techno music at a variety of online stores in the mp3 download format.
FM Musik
German deep house label featuring artists Frankman, Gamat 3000 and Natural Funk. Website includes a catalog, artist information, audio clips and links.
Freakyhouse Hungarian Netlabel
Hungarian netlabel, founded by In:Form in March 2007, focusing mainly on deep house. Website includes artist profiles, links to releases and a blog.
Gasoline Records
An independent music label based in Milan (Italy) releasing house, deep house, techno and tech-house.
Glamour Punk Recordings
A UK based electronic dance music label featuring artists and DJs such as Moussa Clarke, Claes Rosen and Muttonheads.
Guidance Recordings
Chicago label founded in 1996. Website includes a detailed discography, artist information and reviews, plus a label profile and links.
Heaps Music
Heaps Music is a deep underground club label. Website provides information about label releases.
Hed Kandi
UK disco house label launched in 1999. Record store, audio clips and weekly online radio show.
Hibias Records
A Canadian label specialising in house, trance, chill and retro dance music. Website includes artist biographies and audio previews.
Higher State
UK based record company founded in 1992 by DJs and producers Dillon & Dickins and home to 99 North, 99 Degrees and Higher State records.
Hooj Choons
UK progressive house and trance label. Artists include Three Drives, JX, Solar Stone and Artemesia. Website includes discography, and digital downloads shop.
Hope Recordings
Bristol, UK based progressive house label founded in 1998 by Nick Warren. Website includes artist biographies, catalogue and news.
I! Recordings
New Jersey based house and garage label, featuring artists including Kevin Yost.
Just House
A French independent label releasing House, launched in 2004. Artists include Terry Laird and Funk Warez. Includes audio previews.
King Street Sounds
BPM King Street Sounds was founded by Hisa Ishioka in 1993. Sublabels are NiteGrooves and Prescription. Releases are soulful-spiritual house music.
KlangForm Records
Dresden label founded by Henri Schreiber and René Gottwald in 2015 focusing on tech and minimal house. Releases, videos, mixes, demos, downloads and biographies.
Large Music
Independent house label based in Chicago.
Midi Mood Records
An Italian record label, based in Turin, that promotes house music. Website includes release information and audio clips, as well as artist profiles.
Mindvision Records
A Croatian label founded in 2001 releasing deep, funky, and jazzy house. Artists include ARCfusion, 2funk and Nasabo. News, audio clips and artist information.
Naked Music
Naked Music Recordings was founded in 1999 and focuses on dance, soul and electronic music. Artists include Aya, Gaelle and Aquarian Angel.
Now Playing Musik
Electronic music label and blog founded by Moroccan house producer Adil Laresh.
Ovum Recordings
Minimal and progressive house label established by Josh Wink in 1994. Artists include Pete Moss and DJ Dozia. Artist information and audio samples.
Paper Recordings
Manchester, United Kingdom based label. Home to Ben Davis, Elliot Eastwick, Julius Papp and Uschi Classen.
Peppermint Jam
News and information from the German home of Mousse T and Boris Dlugosch.
Pinkpenny Records
UK record label releasing dance and club music. Website includes music downloads, release catalogue and artist DJ mixes.
Respect Music Records
Independent digital label covering funk, soul, reggae, house, jazz, breakbeat, hip hop, drum and bass, garage, 2-step, dubstep or trap. Releases, artists, demos and contact details.
Sccucci Manucci
UK based Record Label and Music blog established in 2010. Concentrating on House Music, Disco Edits, SloMo House and Deep House.
Silver Network
House label based in Paris founded by DJ Jef K and Tony Silver feat. on-line catalogue (realaudio), DJ mixes and artists bios. Artists include Iz and Diz, KemeticJust, Pepe Bradock, Freaks, To-Ka Project, RaSoul, Nightsource, Ciudad Feliz, Vincenzo.
A record label and publisher for house, indie-dance and electro music.
Soma Records
A UK based house label with mp3 samples and news from the music scene. Shop, and back catalogue.
Subliminal Records
A house label based in New Jersey, USA. In-house artists include Erick Morillo.
Synthactica Records
Concentrates on releasing progressive house and other electronic music subgenres. Website includes information about artists and releases.
Tarantic Records
San Francisco based house music label launched in 1998. Artists include Amit Shoham and HiBias. Discography, audio and artist profiles.
Tasty Recordings
UK-based disco house label run by Audio Jacker, artists include Disco Dice, Tom Forester & Kava Groove, Serial Thriller and Martello. Releases, music, store and contact details.
Tree House Muzique
Sunshine Jones, Never Knows, Tre Damit, Jon Brown and FutureWife make up this production collective. About us, FAQs, news and releases.
Tribal Vision
Czech progressive trance, house and electro record label founded in 2004.
Um Records
New Zealand based deep house label by Richie Hartness. Artists include Dilby, Deep Steele, Marvin Zeyss and Tom Lown. Releases, podcasts and contact details.
Velo Records
London based house music label, launched in 2014 by Divalvi and Tom Alemanno. News, artists, releases, radio and contact details.
New York based label started in 1995 by owner Francois K. as a means to release cutting-edge but timeless music. Discography and artist biographies.
Z Records
UK based record label established in 1990 by house music legend Joey Negro.
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