Music Labels are companies with a primary business: the creation of CDs, LPs, MP3 files, or other audio media. They work with a number of different artists, in one or more styles or genres.

This category, Specialty, holds subcategories for various styles and genres of music.

Styles may include genres such as Classical, Rock and Jazz; subgenres such as Classical/Opera, Rock/Metal, and Jazz/Ragtime; and types of music such as Choral, Native American, and Holiday. Genres may be defined by technical aspects such as instrumentation, harmony, melody, rhythm, and form, or according to schemes devised by writers and critics. Music types may be defined by these criteria as well as others such as subject matter, chronology, or performance context, and may cut across genre lines.

Because of the number of very small labels which appear, and disappear, overnight, businesses listed here are selected because they have a portfolio of several artists, conduct business in a particular city, and distribute their audio material in stores, as well as from their web site.

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Norwegian Folk, Jazz and Classical label. Artists include Wolfgang Plagge, Piotr Janowski,Kristin Fossheim, and Bjørn Solum. Artist profiles, catalog, audio and online ordering.
441 Records
Jazz, blues, rhythm and blues and electronica music. Artist profiles, news, tour dates, online store.
Acossi Records
Features pop, dance, hip hop and rhythm and blues. Based in Miami, Florida, USA. Artists include Global Transmission, Roxanne, and Donna Rose. MP3s, artist information, and discography.
Affinity Records
Specialties include Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, and Smooth Jazz. Features artist information.
American Melody
Award-winning recordings of Folk, Bluegrass, and Children's music and stories. Website includes audio samples.
Antebellum Records
Produces cross-genre creations blending Hip Hop, Jazz, Groove and Ambient. Based in San Francisco, USA.
APN Records
Cleveland, Ohio Electronic and Progressive Rock label. Artists include Insect, Monolith, and Michael Bross. MP3s, news, artist pages.
April Avenue Music
Offers Easy listening piano music, Inspirational music, and Relaxation CDs. Artists include Alden David, Di Scherling, Peter Triggvi, Paul Christopher.
Armadillo Music
UK Blues, Jazz, and Roots music label. Artists include Larry Johnson, Daryl Davis, and Out of the Blue. Catalog, mailing list, tour dates, online ordering, artist pages.
Artful Dodger Records
Punk, Hardcore, Eclectic, and indie Rock label. Artists include Endless Mike, Red Rover, and Pat Dwyer. Discography, band pages, online ordering.
Atomic K Records
Minneapolis, USA-based label releasing a broad range of genres such as Christian, Rock , Pop and Gothic. Also, features a recording studio. Artists include Debbie Davis, Ric Sinclair, and Sons of Almighty. Artist pages, online ordering, links.
Aware Records
A Pop/Rock label based in Chicago, USA. Artists include Glen Phillips, Train, Five For Fighting and Dovetail Joint. Site features artist pages, news, store, and radio station.
Backporch Revolution
Releases several genres such as Ambient, Noise, Drone, Electronic, and Experimental. Located in New Orleans USA.
Bad Daddy Records
Newport Beach, California, USA Blues, Jazz and Roots music label. Artists include Craig Horton, Top Jimmy, and Chris Whynaught. Artist biographies, tour dates, online ordering.
Bad Robot Inc.
Home to Lo-fi, Punk, Pop, Experimental and demo recording. Located in England.
Bar/None Records
A Pop, Folk, and Rock indie that's been around since 1986. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. Artists include 10,000 Maniacs, Alex Chilton, Juliana Hatfield, Freedy Johnston, and Yo La Tengo. Website includes label history, news, artist profiles, and mailing list.
Basin Street Records
New Orleans, USA Jazz, Brass and Funk label. Artists include Kermit Ruffins, Los Hombres Calientes, Jason Marsalis, Irvin Mayfield, and Dr. Michael White. Artist pages, message board, tour dates, online store.
Beautiful Jo Records
A label based in Oxford,United Kingdom. Features Folk, Acoustic, Classical, and Period music. Artists include Fernhill, Gerald Garcia, and Magpie Lane. Website includes artist biographies, catalog, online ordering.
Beautiful Pigeon Records
UK label releasing 45 RPM records. Artists include Spraydog, Mos Eisley, and Smilex. Catalog, audio samples, and links.
Beezwax Records
Brass, Jazz, and Blues label from Elkhart, Indiana. Artists include Bob Guthrie Quartet, Bill Boris, and Uncle Art. Catalog, MP3s, news, order information.
BFR 2000
North Carolina Experimental and Underground label. Artists include Systo, No H, and Quartermelon. Label history, discography, artist bios.
BGO Records
UK reissue label. Rock, Blues, Jazz and Folk albums from the fifties through the eighties reissued on CD. Catalog, links, and online store.
Blue Corn Music
Based in Austin, Texas, USA. Releases Americana, Bluegrass, Folk and Roots music. Artists include Caroline Herring and Prairie Fire. Audio samples, guestbook, and label information.
Bogus Records
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA indie focused on Rock, Pop, Soul, and Blues. Artists include Bull Moose Jackson, Bonograph, The Flashcats, and Frampton Brothers. Label history, discography, ordering information.
Bomp Records
Oldest independent label in the US. Releases Rock, Pop, Punk and Garage. Artist include DMZ, the Warlocks, and The Modern Lovers. Label history, discography, catalog, news, tour dates.
Border Blue Records
Champaign, Illinois Dance Pop label. Artists include Blue Audio, Chris Hunter, and Krissy Chow. MP3s, artist biographies, catalog, online ordering.
Byteburger Records
Music and multimedia from Strasbourg, France. Releases Dance and Ambient music.
Cacophony, Inc.
Frank Macchia's independent label. Focused on New Age, Jazz, World Fusion and Contemporary Classical.
Canterbury Productions
Indiana Doo-wop and oldies music label. Artists include Stormy Weather, Pookie Hudson, and Bill Pinckney. Online store, catalog, videos.
Carrot Top Records
Independent Pop/Lounge music label with artists including Coctails, Handsome Family, Archer Prewitt, Retsin, Flowchart, February, Slipstream, Disco Inferno, and Samarai Celestial. Catalog, tour dates, and artist information.
CCn'C Records
Specializes in Classical, Contemporary, World music, and Jazz.
Chacra Alternative Music
Canadian Celtic, New Age, and World music label. Artists include Aldo Nova, Tino Izzo, and Rob Allen. Audio samples, biographies, discography, links, and online store.
Club de Musique Records
Italian independent label specialized in Rock, Soul, and Blues. Artists include Kevin Trainor, Billy Eli, and the Barbers. Discography, MP3s, tour dates.
Collectables Records
Pennsylvania oldies and rarities label. Boxed sets, special collections and classic album reissues. Catalog, discography, and online ordering.
CommonWealth Records Inc.
Indie Hip Hop, Pop and Rock label. Home to Clokworx, Bawston, Strangla, 1Lyfe, Pernilla, Black Pawn and Supernaut. MP3s to download.
A record label for Electronic Experimental music, IDM, Techno and Ambient.
Cooking Vinyl
UK indie Folk and Alternative label. Artists include Cowboy Junkies, Echo and the Bunnymen, XTC, and Ani DiFranco. News, tour dates, mailing list, message board, audio samples.
Coolmelon Records
Independent label based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Releases Punk, Ska and Reggae.
Dutch Roots, World music, singer/songwriter, Punk, Alternative and Blues label. News, catalog, discography, artist biographies.
Crazy Otto Music
A label based in Memphis, Tennessee,USA that re-issues Ragtime, Blues and Jazz recordings. Catalog, discography, and contact information.
Crown Records
Texas, USA independent firm releasing Rock and Tejano. Artists include Pression, Aunt Flossie, and Ruben Vela. Online store, tour dates, sound samples.
Crypt Records
Essential Garage Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Rockabilly, Punk, Surf, and wild and primitive Rock and Roll styles.
Dacapo Records
Danish Classical and Jazz label.
Daemon Records
Indie Folk and Rock label owned and operated by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. Artists include Justin Hale, Rose Polenzani, 6X, Big Bang, Three Finger Cowboy, Grady Cousins, Rock A Teens, Lift, and Band de Soleil. Artist pages, links, message board, online ordering.
Damac Music Productions
British Soul, Jazz, and rhythm and blues label. Artists include Woody Cunningham, Dee Dee Sharp, and Leon Ware. Catalog, audio samples, online ordering.
Deerpath Music
Northern Illinois label specializing in instrumental Jazz, New Age and Classical Music. Artists include One Year Later, Out of the Blue, and Sunrise Park. Audio clips, artist bios, guestbook.
Delmark Records
Chicago, USA-based label recording Blues and Jazz since 1953. Includes an online catalog, MP3s and audio reviews, label history and an email newsletter.
Denon Records
Classical and Jazz label.
Difference Music
A discographic company specialized in audio and visual programmes of new musical trends. Located in Portugal.
Diggler Records
German label specializing in movie soundtracks of the 1960s and 1970s. Discography, newsletter, and online shop.
Document Records
Large catalog of pre-war Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Spirituals, and North American old time music.
Domo Records, Inc.
New Age, Jazz, and World music label. Home of Kitaro, Luis Perez, and Sapphron. Artist bios, news, online ordering.
Dry River Bed Records
Indie Punk, Bluegrass, and Rockabilly label from Tucson, Arizona, USA. Artists include James Dead and Quick Drawl. Catalog, band bios, and online ordering.
Rleases Acoustic, Electronic, and Experimental music. Free MP3s, CD shop, general information, discussion, reviews, links to new music technology, and webcasts.
East Coast Records
Independent label featuring Jazz, Rock, and Aggressive music. Artists include Shake, Rezin, and Doubtful Heroes. Artist biographies, MP3s, and contact information.
Edgetone Records
Independent record label, producing experimental work in free Jazz, Contemporary chamber, and Electronic music.
Electric Death
Independent Latin Rock and Dance music label. Concert dates, ordering information, and links.
Emma's House Recordings
Manchester, United Kingdom independent label. Releases limited edition vinyl singles. Artists include Tuna, Pico, and Kimonophonic. News, discography, ordering information.
Emphasis Entertainment Group
Illinois, USA-based Pop, Rock and Jazz label. Artists include Skee-lo, Jill Dawson, Jim Peterik (formerly of Survivor), Astra Kelly, and Bumpus. Discography, artist biographies, and ordering information.
Enneagram Records
Kansas City, USA label featuring singer/songwriters and bands. Eclectic music selection including Rock, Jazz, Folk, and Rhythm and Blues. Artists include Tom Hall, Ben Juneau, Isotope Finis, Velvet Freeze, Mark Johnston.
Equilibrium Music
Portuguese music label and online mail order, specializing in Neo-Classical, Dark Folk, Dark Ambient, Heavenly Voices, Martial Industrial and related genres. Artists include Dwelling and Chants for the Fallen. News, MP3s, and catalog, including limited edition vinyl releases and merchandise.
German based micro independent record label featuring high quality Trance, House and Ambient music.
Evoke Records
Releases Experimental Pop, Rock, Electronic, Electro Acoustic, and Core beat. Featuring HumanTonic, The Gafferbobs, and April.
Fall Records
Baltimore based label. Artists include The Antlers, Page France, Secret Mountains, The White Foliage.
Fat Cat Records
United Kingdom Electronica and Experimental label. Home of Dylan Group, Grain, Him, Immense, Mice Parade, Third Eye Foundation, and the Realistics. News, discography, online ordering, demo submission information, artist pages.
First Experience Records
United Kingdom Soul and rhythm and blues label. Artists include Bridge, Cynthia Biggs, and Baby Lee. Catalog, audio clips, links, and online store.
Fountainbleu Entertainment
Independent Roots music focusing on Blues, Honky-tonk, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Folk, and Classical. Home of One Too Many, The Delphines, Jon Paris, and Robert Charles. Catalog, merchandise, music samples and online ordering.
Fueled by Ramen
Gainesville, Florida Rock and Pop label. Artist include Blueline Medic, Cadillac Blindside, Frodus, the Impossibles, and Jersey and Pollen. News, tour dates, photos, store, and radio station.
Future Legend Records
UK indie label. Home of Cult TV and film themes, Mod, Ska, Instrumental, and Britpop. Discography, videos, links.
GAG Order Records
New York City independent, Song-driven label. Artists include Jim Barbaro, GGP, and the Magnetics. Discography, photo gallery, order information, and links.
Glitterhouse Records
German Country, Roots Rock and singer/songwriter label. Artists include Court and Spark, Gourds, and Savoy Grand. Discography, tour dates, guestbook, and links. In English and German.
Gourd Music
Felton, California Folk and Classical label. Artists include William Coulter, Neal Hellman, and Mary McLaughlin. News, discography, tour dates, and artist information.
Green Hill Music
Featuring a wide variety of musical styles including light Jazz, Piano, Classical, Celtic, Guitar, New Age, and Big Band.
Guitar 9 Records
Raleigh, North Carolina Instrumental Guitar label. Artists include Paul Abbott, Artland, and Marton. Online zine, artist biographies, catalog, and order information.
Heartistry Music
Releases Acoustic music by artists from Northern Wisconsin, USA. Artists include Chance, Way Up North, and Bruce Burnside. Online sales, artist biographies, and tour information.
Homeless Records
Hip hop and rhythm and blues label. Artists include Homeless Nation, DaOrfenz, and Nomadz. Offers merchandise, MP3 audio, news, catalog, and tour dates.
Hornbuckle Records
Atlanta, Georgia indie/microlabel whose main focus is Lo-fi and home-recorded music. MP3s and online ordering available.
An independent label based in Torino, Italy releasing Electronica, Im, Glitch, Techno, Ambient, and Experimental music.
International Corporation
Offers music for hypnotical purposes.
Iridium Music
Features DJs and Producers from the Electronic music global underground rave and club scene including, Progressive Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, House, Progressive, and Dance music.
Jamaica Natural Records
Radical Jamaican Underground Reggae and Hip Hop. Features- Mahad Mahan, ArtiCarlton T, P.OD.E.ville Man Dem, N4SA, Undah P. Catalog, tour dates, audio, and video.
Jungle Records
London, United Kingdom-based indie label issuing Alternative Rock, Punk, and Goth, since 1982. A catalogue featuring other labels they distribute. Shopping, news, discographies, biographies, and links.
A non-profit organization dealing with Experimental, Concrete, Electronic and Environmental music. Home of Small Cruel Party, Bruno Moreigne, Luc Kerleo and others.
Kill Rock Stars
Seattle, Washington, USA Punk and Alternative Rock label. Home to Sleater-Kinney, Unwound, and Bikini Kill. Includes catalog, pictures, sound, and video.
Kranky Records
Chicago Lo-fi. Home of Labradford, Low, and Stars of the Lid. News, catalog, tour dates, and ordering information.
Kudos Records
Label and distributor for a wide range of Ambient and Electronic music. Offers Secure shopping.
Linn Records
Classical and Jazz recordings from same company as famous Linn audio products. Catalogue, press reviews, artist tour details and secure online ordering.
Liquid Fusion
New York City, USA Rock, Blues, and Acoustic label. Artists include The Kitchen, Charis, and Chris Hutson. MP3s, links, and online ordering.
M.E.L.T. 2000
World music and Jazz. Artists include Mario Cee, Greg Hunter, and Juno Reactor. Catalog, news, history, video, and links.
Marquis Classics
Offers Canadian Classical and Celtic music.
Matchbox Recordings
United Kingdom promotion and plugging company consolidating a Label, a radio station and a worldwide artists and repertoire agency. Specializes in releasing and promoting new music compilations, E.P's, singles and albums that feature the best new independent bands and artists from all over the world. Also offers CD-ROM manufacturing, duplication, music production and music plugging packages.
Memphis Industries
United Kingdom-based Leftfield and Pop record label. Features Blue States, Broadway Project, Fort Lauderdale and others.
Monochrome Records
Montreal, Canada Retrofuturism label. News, catalog, and audio clips.
Music and Arts
Historical and modern Classical and Jazz recordings.
Net Dot Music, Inc.
Specializes in jazz and world fusion, and instrumental progressive rock. Home of Electrum, Gino Foti, and Dave Kulju.
Neverwhere Records
Independent record label specializing in ambient and electronic music.
NQuit Records
Releases Techno and Hip Hop music. Home of Third Option, Larry Lines, and M.C. Murph. MP3s, press, catalog, mailing list, links, and online store.
Ocean Drive Recordings
Texas, USA-based Lo-fi, Electronic, and Industrial music label. Artists include Trudgernaut, The Blue Room, and Audio Simplicity. News, catalog, and mailing list.
On Stage Records
A Grece-based company, specialized in styles such Rockabilly, Garage, Surf, Psych, Old School Punk. Bands include Vibrators, Black Raven, The Bullets, Purple Overdose, Frantic V, 5*Hotel, and Rockets.
Orange Sync Records
Releases New Wave, Electro, Retro and Dance. Features bands Sharplicks, Mono Living and Juan Silmon. Located in the United Kingdom.
OtterSong Records
New age, Ambient, and Progressive rock music. Home of John Luttrell and Underwater Flying Lessons. News, audio clips, discography, and ordering information.
PBR Records
Swiss Pop, Dance, Latino, and World music label. Artists include Gerry T., Maico, and Sisma. Catalog, links, and online store.
PlayRoom Records
Contemporary Rock, Pop, and Dance label. Includes music, news, and discography.
Ranch Recording
Independent Folk and Alternative-Country label based in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Includes artist profiles and merchandise.
Random Chance Records
It releases Jazz and Blues from artists like Yank Rachell, Little Arthur Duncan and the Bill O'Connell Latin Jazz Project. Online ordering and audio samples.
Recordings of Distinction
Specializes in Folk, Folk Rock, Pop/Psych and Rock reissues. Links to artists sites and mail order.
Red Kite Records
Record label based in Wales, producing Classical, Jazz, Rock and Folk. Online catalogue and artist information.
Red Stream
Black, Death, Doom, Experimental and Ambient music label.
Rivery Productions
Releases Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic, and World music. Artist biographies, news, audio clips, catalog, and online ordering. Based in California, USA.
Rounder Records
Major independent label specializing in Roots music of all kinds, including Bluegrass and old-time Country.
Sage Indie Music
A company dedicated to signing original music in all genres. Features music that varies from Acoustic to Alternative, Blues to Rock, and Country to Hypnotic. Online store.
Secret Formula Records, Inc.
An independent record label featuring artists in Jazz, Classical, New Age and Rock.
Shanachie Entertainment
An independent record and video company featuring World and Celtic music, Reggae, Blues, and Contemporary Jazz.
Shoeshine Records
News, reviews and soundclips of guitar, Pop, and Country Rock artists such as Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn, Radio Sweethearts and BMX Bandits.
Silk City
Presenting Blues, Folk and Jazz recordings by independent artists on compact disc and audio cassette.
Releases from Metal to New Age. Artist profiles and general information. Links for CD purchase and downloads.
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Educational and culturally significant recordings of American Roots, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, World, American Indian, Jazz, Latino, protest, children's, and spoken word. News, online catalog and ordering, videos and DVDs, distribution and licensing, tour dates and, contact information.
Sonic Past Music
A company specializing in the release of unheard music from world famous artists and songwriters. Also offers services of production, publishing and licensing. Formed by Joe Foster and Joey Stec.
Sound-ink Records
Releases genres between Electronics and Hip Hop. Artist information, projects, and news.
Soundset Recordings
Independent label releasing Classical, Acoustic instrumental, and other Specialty CDs.
Source Records
Bases in Germany. Releases a wide variety of genres such as Electronic Ambience, Avantgarde Jazz, minimal Techno and Experimental soundworks.
Spyral Records
Independent record label based in Indianapolis, USA featuring Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and Electronic music.
A label releasing recordings of Alternative Classical, Electro-acoustic, Electronic, Avant-garde, and Surround sound music.
Subversive Records
Experimental, Electronica, Noise, Lo-fi, Ambient and extreme music distribution from Australia. Featuring artists such as The Oppenheimer Project, Locii, and Intergalactic Trucking Company.
Summit Records
Classical, Jazz and educational label. Profile, music links, and ordering information.
SuperGenius Records
New York, USA-based online label specializing in Electronica, Experimental, Ambient, Trip Hop, Trance and Psychedelic music. Includes a profile, downloads (MP3 and RealAudio format), artist biographies and an online shop.
Tanty Records
Home to Reggae, Dubby, Breakbeat and Downtempo. Includes MP3 files, news, and discography.
Thrill Jockey Records
A great, diverse label from Chicago, USA releasing a wide variety of genres. Artists include Bobby Conn, Freakwater, The Sea and Cake, Tortoise.
Tributary Music
Label of Mantra Sunrise, Art Rock Circus, Heavens Cafe', The Rock Opera, and John Miner. Releases Jazz, New Age, Rock and Pop. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Eclectic San Francisco, USA-based label featuring artists such as Circle, Burmese, Souled American and Noisegate.
The Unit Circle Rekkids
Seattle, USA-based Avant Garde and Experimental label. Artists include Bethany Curve, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Amy Denio, Bill Horist, Intonarumori, and Jupiter 88. News, discography, audio, video, links, and ordering information.
Uvulittle Records
Non-conventional indie music releasing Experimental, Rock, and Ethnic music. Artists include Yid Vicious, Stephanie Rearick, and Milkbaby. MP3s, catalog, mailing list, links, and online store.
V2 Music
Releases Dance, Electronica, Hip Hop, Rock and Pop. Artists include Aimee Mann, Heather Nova, Mercury Rev, Black Crowes, Stereophonics, Billy Crawford, and Moby. News, tour dates, downloads, videos, mailing list, and links.
Valentine Records
Manchester, England-based label specializing in Future Rock and Electronic music. Artists include Palo Alto, Bynatone and Les Flames. Contains artist profiles, discography, event archive and mail order.
Viewpoint Records Home
Austin, Texas, USA cooperative label. Releases a wide variety of genres such as Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Blues. Artists include Ma Driver, Odd Man Out, and Rebecca Ryan. Catalog, reviews, and online store.
W. Minc Productions
Melbourne, Australia label releasing genres as Classical, Folk, Acoustic, Dance, and Country. Home of the Go-Betweens, Snout, and Lisa Miller. News, catalog, tour dates, forum, gallery, audio clips, links, and store.
Wagram Music
French company releasing genres such as Dance, Electronica, and Reggae. Artists include Demon, Frank Michael, and Paris Lounge. Catalog, links, and audio clips.
Walking Oliver
Offers music CDs for kids that seek to transcend the stereotypical "kiddie-music" sound. Created by singer and songwriter Paul Austin Kelly, guitarist and composer Richard Durrant, and illustrator Korky Paul.
Weltschmerz Records
An independent label based in Massachusetts, USA. Is devoted to the fusion of Jazz, Rock, Chamber music, Tango, Avant-garde, and Balkan influences. Home of the group Kakalla.
White Water Records
Independent label focused on Contemporary Gospel, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, and Country. Information, and free MP3 samples.
Wild Oats Records
Specializes in American roots music: Country, Americana, Blues, Rockabilly, Folk, Bluegrass, Rock and Alternative Country. Artists include Steve Haggard, Teddy Glenn, Gail and the Tricksters, and Pat DiNizio.
X Dot 25 Music
Label promoting a variety of music, including Traditional, Classical, Contemporary and Ambient World, New Age, Electronic, Ambient Techno, and Experimental instrumental.
Xter Kyu Recordings
German Sci-fi Pop and film soundtrack label. Catalog, links, and ordering information.
Yellow Dog Records
New music from emerging artists deeply rooted in American musical traditions - Blues, Folk, Appalachian, old-time Country, early Jazz. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Young Sounds
Children's music label. News, catalog, links, and ordering information.
Zane Records
United Kingdom Roots music label. Artists include Eddie Hinton, Drive By Truckers, and Delaney. Audio clips, discography, news, and forums.
Ze Records
No wave, Disco, and Post punk label featuring artists like Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Kid Creole, Alan Vega, Suicide, and Was (Not Was). Artists, new releases, catalog and links.
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