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Sam Sam Music
Based in Noordwijk, Netherlands. Artists include Willy and His Giants, Flying Condors, and the Rhythm Brothers. Catalog and online store.
Sandcastle Communications
Brooklyn, New York, Wide genre independent record label, Artists include Nixon, Laura Watling, and The Loons. News, Discography, links and Online store.
Seismic Records
Small label dedicated to helping unsigned bands.
Setanta Records
London-based independent label housing The Divine Comedy, Edwyn Collins, Brian, The Frank and Walters and The Prayer Boat.
Shady Records
News, downloads, tour dates and artist information for the record label run by Eminem. [Requires Flash.]
Shmat Records
Based in Alhambra, California, USA. Releases music of bands including Avoidance Theory, Light Sleeper, and Hrududu Factory. Also provides reviews of both unsigned and popular indie bands.
Shout Factory
Compilation and DVD label. Releases and contact information.
Shtick This Records
An internet based independent label that offers music free of charge to download.
Sick Room Records LTD
Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Artists include Sweep The Leg Johnny, Ten Grand, Rumah Sakit, Rockets Red Glare, and Lozenge. News, catalog, ordering information, and free MP3s available for download.
Silver Dragon Records
A small independent record label producing progressive, alternative, and hard rock albums in Houston, Texas.
Singing Wolf Records
Dedicated to promoting and making available music that has a "Healing Quality".
Six Gun Lover
Austin, Texas, USA. Artists include Jeweled Handles. Includes release and band information, sound clips, and booking information.
Slumberland Records
Berkeley indie featuring Henry's Dress, Beatnik Filmstars, The Aislers Set
Sonar Kollektiv
Pool of record labels including Dialog, Airdrops, No Zession, Recreation, Mermaid, Best Seven, Hotdrops and Aspekte.
Sonic Images Records
Christopher Franke's Studio label. Home of Babylon 5 soundtracks.
A UK label specialising in Latin and Japanese music. With song samples and artist profiles.
Sonikwire Records
Label presents singer/songwriters and alternative artists, with a focus on the emotional and artistic.
Southern Love Productions
Small indie band label based in the Austin area.
Spaced Out Sounds
Australian space rock, post rock and psychedelic label. Artists include Drunken Gunmen and Circle of Willis.
Spikey Records
Features product catalog, reviews, news and events, contact and fan club information. Located in Kentucky, USA.
Splatcat Records
Located in Culver, Indiana, USA releasing music from the mundane to the bizarre. Band links, online ordering,and compilations. Artists include Plankton and Larry J. Hilous.
Spooky Records
Independent record company from Melbourne, Australia. Home of Spencer P. Jones, Scourge, and The Drones.
Spoon Records and Official Can website
Spoon Records website, also home to Can (legendary German band of the 70's).
Stanton Park Records
Boston-area indie record label and mailorder site. Includes catalog and shopping.
Starfish Records
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Independent melodic/melancholic Alternative record label. Artists include Sympathy7, Dates, Releases, Contacts, Links, Store, News, Artists.
Stellar Music.
Stellar Music is a Dallas based breakbeat label created and run by DJ Love. Love's styles range from heavy beats and scratching to electro and acid with a strong hip hop influence.
Information about vinyl, history and artists.
Stunt Records
The latest news for Stunt Records releases and artists, Loam, Eve Sellis, Daniel Amos, Terry Taylor, and the Swirling Eddies.
Sub Pop!
Independent record label based in Seattle, Washington. Blog, artists, tour dates, FAQs and shop.
Sublingual Records
Boston, Massachusetts indie. Artists include Redgo, Principal Hope and Strung. Discography, audio, and ordering information.
Sunmuse records
Jazz, Swing, New Age, and World music.
A Minneapolis, USA indie and multimedia collective releasing music releases by Polara, Astronaut Wife, Mark Mallman, Sideways, Faux Jean, The Melismatics, and The Mood Swings. Shop, MP3s, events, and video.
SVP Productions
Nova Scotia, Canada based label. Artists include Walter Borden and Paul Martell. Features audio clips and links.
Swim ~
London "posteverything" label run by Colin Newman (wire) and Malka Spigel. Artists include Silo, Symptoms, Lobe, Ronnie and Clyde, and Logm.
Independent, alternative label. Includes detailed FAQ and contact information.
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