Companies that own vans, trucks and or trailers that contain portable television studio equipment for recording events occurring outside of normal television studios. This is how sporting events, live concerts, and other live events are recorded for broadcast on television. programs can be recorded on videotape for later broadcast, or can be sent direct to the television station or networks by microwave or satellite uplink. These are complete television studio on wheels.
Alliance Productions
Collaboration of mobile production units covering the United States and Canada; includes details on standard and high definition equipment, as well as company profile and news.
The Broadcast Group, Inc.
Mobile video productions with one flypack and one 16 foot HD mobile unit. Includes profile, services, and client list. Based in Charlotte, NC.
Central Coast Uplink
Provider of one KU band HD Satellite uplink truck in the San Francisco Bay area. Site includes pictures, equipment lists, and testimonials.
A Crewing Alliance
Association of mobile television crewers in the United States; includes member list, coverage map, and contact information.
Crosscreek Television Productions
Remote television production company based in Alabaster, Alabama, operating four HD production trucks. Includes news, open positions, and equipment specifications.
CSP Mobile Productions
Provides state-of-the-art HD mobile video production trucks servicing all of North America for sports, corporate and entertainment events. Includes pictures, equipment lists and promotional videos with an ability to contact a representative for proposals.
Dome Productions
Nine HD and SD mobile units based out of Toronto Canada. Website has equipment lists, pictures, and contact information.
F and F Productions
Provider of six HD mobile television production trucks based out of Tampa Florida. Site includes pictures, truck specifications, and contact information.
Frontline Communications
Clearwater, FL based manufacturer of custom broadcast vehicles and trailers for microwave electronic news gathering, transmission, satellite uplink/downlink. Includes profile, news, training, and specifications.
Game Creek Video
Provides HD and SD television production trucks out of New Hampshire, engineering support and coordination. Offers details regarding trucks and their equipment.
Gerling and Associates
Manufacturer of mobile video production trucks based in Sunbury, Ohio; includes pages on company history, productions, and contacts.
Hot Spot Video Production Italy
Provider of 2 standard definition OB vans based in Venice, Italy. Web site includes pictures, equipment lists, and contact details.
Liberty Uplink
Satellite uplink truck and KU flyaway based out of Malvern, PA. Site contains service information, photos, and contact information.
Link Up Communications
Provides transportable KU band satellite uplink services out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Site includes equipment list, pictures, and contact information.
Live Mobile Group
Provides satellite uplink and downlink services out of Ohio with a fleet of 5 Ku-band and 3 C-band transportable uplinks. Site includes location schedule, equipment specifications, and photos.
Live On Site LLC
Provider of two Ku band satellite uplink units in the Washington DC area. Site includes truck pictures, location photos, and contact information.
Live TV Productions
Swiss Broadcasting services include OB van, studios, post-production, multimedia, DVD and CD Rom.
Lyon Video
A mobile production facilities provider in Columbus, Ohio with both SD and HD trucks
Magnetic Image Video
Provider of three remote production flypack rentals and crews in the San Francisco Bay Area. Site includes equipment lists, services offered and contact information.
Provider of 3 HD production trucks and 7 HD/SD satellite uplink trucks in New York City area. Includes contacts, company information, photos and equipment lists.
Mobile Production Services
Operates three SD mobile video production units out of Columbus OH. Includes company and staff profiles, equipment list, and photos.
NEP Broadcasting
Provider of mobile teleproduction services critical to the delivery of live sports and entertainment events throughout the United States.
Provideo Service s.r.l.
Broadcaster, cinema and television producer in Venezia, Italy.
R.R. Satellite Communications Ltd.
Israeli provider of uplink, downlink and turnaround services via satellite.
Raycom Sports
Complete resources for televised sport and advertising professionals with two mobile production units, a KU satellite uplink unit, and sales and marketing staff.
San Diego Teleproductions
Delivers satellite video production and conferencing, streaming media, with two HD satellite uplink trucks and downlink services. Equipment specifications, photos and contact information.
Located in Stuttgart, Germany, SCHAWA provides one OB van and 2 SNG Uplink trucks. Site includes pictures, truck specifications, and contact information.
SIS Live
Provider of SD and HD outside broadcast solutions in the UK; includes pictures, OB van data sheets, contact information, and relevant links.
Thin Air Broadcasting
Provides uplink/downlink and SNG services to the broadcast, production and corporate television industry from Bristol, England. Includes pictures, details on services, and contact information.
Token Creek Productions
Provider of mobile television production facilities for networks, local affiliates, corporations, and entertainment clients around the USA.
Total Production Services
Offers USA nationwide rental of video production trucks, satellite transmission services, and television crewing services. Includes recent projects, client list, and trucks specifications.
TV1 Bulgaria
Provider of HD and SD Outside Broadcasting units and SNG uplink trucks in Bulgaria. Website has pictures, OB van equipment lists in English, and pictures.
Satellite transmission company in Toronto Canada, offering satellite and fibre optic transmission, teleport and uplink services.
Universal Satellite Communications
Provides mobile satellite production services, digital multi camera production, KU satellite uplink, downlink, fiber, microwave, editing, ENG crews and wide screen capabilities.
Provider of Ku band HD and SD satellite uplink trucks in the North East United States. Site includes client list, contact information, and truck pictures.
Wolf Coach
Builder of Mobile television trucks and SNG Vans in Massachusetts. Site includes pictures, sizes, and contact information.
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