This category contains resumes and CVs of individuals working as sound personnel in the film, video and television production industries.

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Abraham, Asher
UK based sound designer and engineer.
Ackers, Glen
Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist, Boom Pole Operator. Based in Dallas, TX.
Albritton, Brian
Houston, Tx based Location Sound Recordist.
Alexander, Rick
Contact information for Orlando, Fl based sound mixer.
Allison, Taron
UK boom operator, camera assistant, and sound recordist.
Anderson, Joshua
Production Sound Mixer from Brooklyn, NY.
Anderson, Robert
Multi-track concert recordist based in New York.
Anderson, Scott
Freelance location sound mixer based out of Austin, Texas. Credit list, photos, booking calendar and equipment list.
Andrews, Jonathan
British sound mixer based out of Cleveland, Ohio.
Arau, Luis
Sound mixer based in Mexico City, Mexico.
Armstrong, Greg
Sound services located in Austin, Texas.
Arseneault, Sylvain
Location sound mixer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Atherton, Stephen
Location sound recordist based in Carlisle, UK.
Bacon, Matt
UK based freelance Sound Recordist and Boom Operator.
Bacon, Mike
Hawaii based location sound mixer and video assist operator.
Bailey, Peter
Sound mixer / sound recordist / sound designer based in Warrington, Cheshire, England, U.K.
Balch, Jeff
Location sound mixer and recordist based in Phoenix, AZ.
Barrow, Bob
Multi-track sound recordist based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Bechtold, Steven
Location sound mixer based out of Seattle, Washington.
Berguno, Jonathan
Sound mixer based in New Orleans.
Blynder, Scott
Production Sound Mixer, based in Orlando, FL.
Bohannon, Joe
Sound mixer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Boyle, Hugh
Sound mixer based in Tampa Bay.
Bridgett, Rob
Sound design and post-production sound for film, TV, multi-media and computer animation. Articles, sound samples, and resume.
Briggs, Darrell
Freelance location sound recordist for documentaries, drama, light entertainment, promos, and commercials. Based in London.
Brown, Christopher
International location sound mixer based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Bruce, Stuart
Location film and TV sound recording services based in UK, owner SabSound Ltd.
Bruwier, Benoit
Sound recording and post production services based in Belgium.
Bucher, Stéphane
Production sound mixer in Paris, France.
Cardillo, Michael
Sound designer and audio post mixer in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
Carey, Bayard
Motion picture sound mixer and location sound recording.
Carli, Daniele
Sound designer and Supervising Sound Editor from Treviso, Italy.
Chiofalo, Robert
San Francisco Bay based production sound mixer.
Chronopoulos, Panos
Sound design, bespoke music, sonic branding, audio post production. Based in Athens, Greece.
Cleland, Diana
Arizona based location sound for film and video production.
Clements, Scott
Orlando, Florida based production sound mixer and author.
Cooper, Mike
Location film and TV sound recording facility based in the south of Spain.
Cottrell, Michael
Arizona based production sound services for film and video.
Davies, Malcolm
UK based production sound mixer and recordist.
Degy, Quentin
Audio technician for production, post-production and presentation, based in Vancouver.
Dolan, Christian
TV and feature mixer based in Portland, Oregon.
Douglas, Scott
Sound mixer from Eugene, Oregon.
Duncan, J.R.
Location sound services for North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Southeast.
Durfy, Chris
Atlanta based production audio for television and film.
Ent, Jeff
Video sound mixer, located in Central New Jersey.
Ermec, Umut
New York-based audio engineer ,editor, recordist, mixer and sound designer.
Espada, Jesus
Sound recordist / sound mixer located in Madrid, Spain.
Fichtner, Filmton
Location sound recordist in Germany.
Finlay, Grant
Location recording and mixing for the film, television and music recording industries. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Fitch, Dennis
Sound recordist for television and film based in the UK.
Foglia, Joe
Bi-coastal Production Sound Mixer who works both South Florida and Hollywood.
Fox, Nigel
Location sound recordist and lighting cameraman based in Sydney, Australia. (Log-in required)
Frost, Jon
Location Sound Mixer based in Florence, MA, USA.
Gallup, Jim
Production sound mixer working out of Santa Fe / Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Garrett, G. John
Location sound mixer, trainer, writer, based in Boston, MA.
Gaveau, Dean
Miami based location sound recordist.
Geldof, Matt
Production Sound Mixer based in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Gibbions, Chris
Television documentary sound recordist based in England.
Gilbert, Brian
Location sound recordist based in Chattanooga, TN.
Gilbert, Jon
Location sound recordist for television. UK based.
Gott, Richard
Location sound recordist in Wales, UK. Credit list, links photos and cv.
Grayson, Alison
Documentary sound recordist based out of Portland, Oregon.
Green, Al
Sound recordist, sound designer, dubbing mixer. Based in the United Kingdom.
Grove, John
Documentary sound recordist based in London, England.
Grzesik, Dennis R.
Feature and commercial sound recordist based in the Los Angeles, Ca area.
Haire, Doug
Sound recordist based in Seattle Washington.
Hall, David
Production sound mixer and location recordist based in Stockport, Manchester, UK.
Hansen, Hans Wilhelm
Norwegian freelance soundman, and also the manufacturer of the Pole-Cat, Fat-Cat and the Micro-Cat windscreens.
Harburt, Tom
UK based sound recordist operating out of London.
Hassell, Collin
Broadcast sound supervisor, St. Albans, Herts, U.K.
Hays, Tim
Production sound recordist and music playback operator based out of Studio City, California.
Hegde, Rajendra
Freelance location sound recordist and mixer based in India.
Henschel, Jeff
Location sound recordist based in Vancouver, Canada.
Hill, Ronan
Belfast based location sound recordist mixer with C.V., equipment list and sample audio files in WAV MP3 and Real Audio.
Hrbek, Dennis
Sound mixer/boom operator from Trumbull, CT.
Iler, Mark
Location sound recordist based in Olympia, Washington.
Ince, Whitney
Sound mixer / sound supervisor based in Savannah, Georgia.
Johnson, Kris
Los Angeles based boom operator and director.
Jones, Lewis
Audio editing and design, voice recording, location sound, boom operating and field recording, based in Leicestershire, England.
Karol, John
Production Sound Mixer based in Orford, New Hampshire, USA.
Kasic, Mike
Sound recordist and sound mixer for film and television based out of Bozeman, Montana.
Kaurich, Brian
Michigan based film and television production sound mixer.
Keenan, Mike
Sound Mixer / Sound Recordist based in New York City, USA.
Kelly, Martin
Production Sound Mixer based in New York state, USA.
Kelly, Terry
Eng audio for the Washington, DC area.
Kennedy, Drew
ENG sound mixer from the Washington, D.C. area.
Kirk, Dennis
Sound re-recording mixer based in Todd-AO Studios, Burbank, California.
Kirton, Ian
Freelance dubbing mixer, sound recordist and composer based in Cumbria, north west England.
Knyziak, Marcin
Freelance sound recordist and sound designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Kochenbach, Doug
Production Sound Mixer based in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Kruse, Frank
Sound designer and location sound recordist based in Germany. CV, pictures, links and contact information.
Langley, Matt
Location sound recordist in Syracuse, New York.
LeBlanc, Mark
Production Sound Mixer based in Louisiana.
Lewis, Robert J.
Location sound mixer based in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area.
Lohninger, Mariel
Location sound services for television and film productions, based in Paris, France, and Los Angeles.
Magal, Itzhak
Location sound recordist based in Los Angeles, California. Site features resume, pictures, links, information and a listing of awards.
Mandler, Mark
Sound recordist/mixer for the New York/New Jersey area.
Martocello, Garett
Production Sound Mixer based in the Los Angeles, CA area.
Mazet, Nico
Freelance location sound mixer based out of New York City. Credits, clients, photos, equipment list.
McGlinn, Dominic
Mastering engineer, owner of DOMC, located outside of Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
McQueen, Michael
ENG/EFP production sound mixer located in central North Carolina.
Mihlfried, Bob Jr.
Chicago based field and studio sound mixer.
Miller, Steve
Freelance sound re-recording mixer, sound designer and sound editor based between the UK and Spain.
Miller, Steve
Production sound mixer, and production audio recordist in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas.
Milton, Mary
Sound recordist based in Bristol, UK.
Moorman, Eric
Miami based location Sound Recordist for the film and television industry.
Mottl, Andrew
Location sound recording, sound design, and music recording. Based in Düsseldorf.
Murphy, Aaron
California based location sound mixer for film and video.
Neal, Josh
Sound mixer based in Portland, Oregon.
Nokes, Rob
Field sound effects recordist and supervising sound editor based in Santa Monica, CA.
O'Russa, Mark
Location sound recordist/boom operator and live sound mixer, based in Spokane, Washington.
Oster, Mike
Post production sound recording and mastering mixer with studio in Tampa, Florida.
Palladino, Nick
Sound designer and post production audio mixer based in Nashville, TN.
Potts, Chris
UK based studio sound engineer, sound recordist, and unit crew.
Power, Luke
Sound Recordist working in TV and film across the UK and internationally.
Prater, Travis
Sound mixer, boom operator, and sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA.
Procter, Andy
UK based freelance Production Sound Mixer.
Ragon, Richard
Production sound mixer based in the Los Angeles, CA area.
Ramirez, Alex
Production sound mixer for the New York City Tri-State area.
Reed, Phil
Dubbing mixer and sound designer based in U.K.
Reeves, Eric
Sound mixer and recordist based in Seattle, Washington.
Remorino, Roberto
Location sound for documentaries, television and film based in Italy.
Revell, Tony
U.K. based Sound Supervisor with 35 years BBC experience.
Reynolds, Djim
Freelance sound recordist and boom operator based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Rolla, Alessandro
Rome, Italy based location sound recordist for television and film.
Ruddick, Dave
Location sound based in Portland, Oregon.
Russo, Robert
Freelance Audio Engineer based in Cromwell, CT, USA.
Saunders, Doug
Location sound mixer based in Orlando, Florida.
Saunders, Rob
Location sound recordist and boom operator based in Bristol, UK.
Scelza, Ron
Motion picture and television production sound mixer from Miami, FL.
Scheinfeld, Bret
NYC based audio engineer and production sound mixer for film and television.
Seivers, Zach
Sound designer and mixer for film and television. Offices in North Carolina, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.
Shafer, Thom
Location sound for broadcast television, based in Ohio.
Sharma, Arunoday
Sound mixer and re-recordist based in Mumbai, India.
Skeoch, Andrew
Wildlife and nature sound recordist based in Australia.
Spanos, George
Sound designer for the television, film, video game, and advertising industry. Includes biography, reel, and contact information.
Speight, Rob
Live and post production sound engineer and sound designer based in California.
Stephens, Tim
Freelance sound recordist and live sound engineer, based in southwest England.
Stewart, Blaine
Audio sound designer and mixer for television, film, and radio located in Burbank,CA.
Stone, Casey
Official site for music scoring mixer. Includes credits, photos, biography, and links to audio samples.
Taylor, Michael Lee
Location sound for film, documentary, TV and corporate. Based in London.
Taylor, Tom
Location sound production services for film and television, based outside of Spokane, Washington.
Teti, Nick
Denver, Colorado location sound recordist.
Turrett, Andy
Freelance location sound recordist based in Massachusetts, USA.
Verrando, Pete
Contact, equipment and resume information, blog and informative articles written by Texas based location sound mixer.
Vonk, Wim
Amsterdam based sound designer.
Walker, Nick
UK based location sound recordist/production sound mixer.
Watson, Sam
Location mixer and sound designer from Mississippi.
Wexler, Jeff
Production Sound Mixer / Recordist of over 70 feature films. Based in Santa Monica, CA.
Whitehouse, Michael
Television sound recordist based in London, England.
Whitehurst, Rob
Tampa Bay, Florida based location sound recordist and production sound mixer for film and television.
Williams, Darryl
Studio, location, and live concert sound engineer based in the Los Angeles area.
Winston, David
Sound recordist and mixer for film, High Def and standard video, based in Pennsylvania.
Wolfe, Jerry
Film and video location sound mixer based in the Los Angeles, California area.
Wood, David
Audio editor and post production sound designer, based in Herefordshire, UK.
Wornum, Anthony
Film and television sound recordist based in London with biography, credit list, links and contact information.
Wytas, Steve
Location and studio sound recording services in Haddam, CT.
Yaffe, David Barr
C.A.S. film sound recordist based in Los Angeles, California.

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