The animals used in motion pictures and television are no ordinary house pets. Nor are they as intelligent as they seem in the finished product. They have been rigorously trained to perform individual tricks upon command, in the sometimes difficult environment of the movie or television set.

While at work, "Animal actors" are accompanied and handled by their own professional wranglers, often the same individuals who trained them in the first place. Therefore the two are inseparable in a directory listing.

When searching for an animal to play a role in a production, one might search for specific animals or one might choose a trainer first who will work with the production to find and train the right animal for the job.

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Amazing Animals by Samantha
Provides trained animal actors for advertising and film, offers entertaining and educational programs. Can provide costumed, strolling animal handlers. Traveling show "The Amazing Acro-Cats." Available animals and services.
Animal Actors
Lions, tigers, bears, horses, dogs and cats too. Professional animal actors, animal trainers and wranglers for movies, commercials, print and live performance.
Animals In Motion
Exotic animal rental service for motion picture, television and attractions.
Birds and Animals Unlimited
Animal talent for the production of films, television and commercial programming.
Bob Dunn's Animal Services
Exotic and domestic animals with trainers or wranglers for the Hollywood motion picture studios.
Canine Co-stars of Canada
Trained domestic and exotic animals for motion picture, television and commercial advertising. They specialize in dogs but can provide everything from cockroaches to elephants.
Cinemazoo Animal Agency
Animals, wranglers, groomers, and trainers for movies, television and commercials.
Free venue for pet owners to present their animals seeking work in advertising, television, theater, fashion, and movies to entertainment and advertising professionals.
Steve Martin's Working Wildlife
Over 100 wildlife animal actors. Animal trainers are specialized professionals, qualified to discuss the details of your shoot, which will insure you a safe, smooth and successful performance from the animals.
The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species presents the world's most famous animal actors.
Valentines Performing Pigs
Produces shows for television and corporate and civic events.
Wildlife Wendy
Professional animal trainer Wildlife Wendy Horton features her Tropical Bird Show along with a look at just some of the exotic animals that Wendy has worked with since 1990.
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