Contains sites which are concerned with the distribution aspects of the film, video, and television industry.
American Film Foundation
Online catalogue for award winning titles produced and distributed by the foundation.
Desert Island Films, Inc.
Source for broadcast quality public domain films, television shows, and animation.
Electronic Arts Intermix
Online catalogue of a nonprofit media arts organization, representing a broad mix of international media art, from seminal works of the 1960s to work by young artists of the 1990s.
Insight Media
Resource for distribution of educational and instructional videos and CDROMs for college and high school classrooms.
Marathon International
Production and international distribution company specialized in drama, animation and documentaries.
Monarch Films
Engaged in the distribution of documentary films and reality programming to broadcast TV worldwide. Detailed synopses, reviews, and streamed promos of Monarch's 200 hours of programming, a submission area for filmmakers, and indie film information resources.
Mongrel Media
Film distribution company specializing in art house, foreign and independent feature films and documentaries.
Movie Licensing USA
Provides public performance site licenses which meet the requirements of Federal Copyright Law to schools in the United States.
Nick's Video Trade
A website devoted to trading video recordings of all sorts, on VHS and Beta formats.
PFG Entertainment
Full-service foreign sales company offering worldwide marketing and distribution of completed motion pictures.
Provides broadcast quality video duplication, distribution and related value-added services including distribution of national television spot advertising, trailers and electronic press kits.
Potential Films
Specializes in distributing films to cinemas in Australia and New Zealand. Film classics, contemporary foreign films and other world cinema.
Pyramid Media
Distributor and producer of films, videos and interactive media designed to teach, train and entertain. Based in Santa Monica, California.
Screen Edge Media
Releases movies, DVDs, photos, music and books. Dedicated to bringing the work of talented and unknown film directors and artists into the public eye. Includes some free streams and downloads.
Spin Television International
Television program distribution and production worldwide.
Swank Motion Pictures
Movie distributor and a public performance licensing agent in non-theatrical markets where feature entertainment movies are shown.
Video Data Bank
Distributes video art, documentaries and taped interviews with visual artists, photographers and critics. They do not deal in features originating on film and distributed on videotape. Site contains listing of resources available.
An independent movie distributor, that uses bittorrent as its method of distribution. Movies are free to download and share.
ZDF Enterprises
Subsidiary and commercial arm of ZDF German Television Network, is an independent programming and distribution company.

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