This category contains sites covering professional and academic societies and associations concerned with pigs.
American Berkshire Association
US national registry for the Berkshire breed of pigs. Includes organization information, news, and information for producers.
Arkansas Pork Producers Association
Provides organizational structure and avenues of service which our membership can promote pork as the Meat of Choice in the 21st century.
Australian Pork Limited
APL is a producer-owned company combining policy, research and development, marketing and export under one body.
British Pig Association
The official breed society in the UK maintaining the Herd Books of pedigree breeds. Provides information on each breed, local clubs, shows and events.
Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement
Provides details of the National Improvement Program which provides farmers with the necessary information to make breeding program decisions, with links to many other resources.
Canadian Pork Council
This organization provides a voice for hog producers in Canada. Provides information on the council, the pork industry and the provincial member associations.
Canada's Swine Breeders Association.
Certified Pedigree Swine
Registry of the Poland China, Chester White, and Spotted breeds in the United States. Features forms, publications, calendar, history, and show and sale results.
European Pig Producers
A technical, social and economic forum for pig raisers in Europe.
Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders' Club
Provides news and information on the breed, a photograph gallery, the breed standard and information on the club, its membership and forum.
Iowa Pork Producers Association
Provides leadership in areas related to the industry in order to enhance Iowa pork producers' opportunity, profit, success and stewardship.
National Pork Board
The home for information about the pork checkoff system and checkoff-funded activities.
National Pork Producers Council
Focuses on the legislative and public policy issues for its members. Based in Washington, D.C., the NPPC develops strategy and is the primary liaison for pork producers with Congress, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other regulatory agencies.
National Swine Registry
Registry for the Yorkshire, Hampshire, Duroc, and Landrace breeds. Services include litter registrations, performance pedigrees, breed promotion, and marketing assistance.
The New Zealand Kunekune Association's
The Association aims to ensure the preservation of the Kunekune pig by encouraging breeding and providing information to Kunekune owners.
New Zealand Pig Breeders Association
Information about the association and breeds within New Zealand.
Organization working on behalf of Saskatchewan pork producers to ensure the sustainability of the industry. Includes information on research, production, nutrition, industry development and educational resources.
Wyoming Pork Producers Council
The WPPC is interested in education, agriculture and economics of pork production.

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