General software designed to help those farming livestock.

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Abacus Biotech Limited
Scientific and business consultancy providing direction to research and technology development and venture in animal agriculture.
Advanced Livestock Tracker
Windows-based feedlot management software that handles customer bills, closeouts, feed rations, and accounting integration.
A complete, automated record keeping system for cattle and sheep.
Agritec Software
Swine, dairy and rabbit management software.
Agricultural software for pork, cattle, and goats, Software includes client area, products, news and contact information.
Ultrasound technologies company providing information and services for hardware and software used for live beef cattle.
Bowman Farm Systems, Inc.
Creators of software for cattle records, herd performance analysis, and livestock management called CattlePro. Includes forums and other product details.
Cow calf and beef cattle record keeping and analysis program for commercial and seedstock ranches. Windows version with a 30-day trial available.
Dalex Computer Systems
A set of programs to manage cattle and swine feed schedules and stock.
Software package which facilitates management of pig breeding and herd records. Software provides tools for data entry and reporting.
Equisoft Bloodstock Systems
Developers of horse management systems, horse insurance systems, and jockey club administration.
EZ Ranch
Livestock business and finance tracking software, with product descriptions, screen shots, contact information, and order information.
Farm Works Software
Offers a range of software for livestock management operations.
Web-based farm management software for beef, dairy, and sheep focused on the European livestock industry. Site includes blog, demo signup, and information on electronic identification.
Feed Management Systems
Information management system for livestock feed operations, products, news and events, case studies, and contact information.
Hi-Plains Systems, Inc
Specializing in livestock management software.
Lion Edge Technologies
Livestock record keeping software for ranch operations. Manage livestock records, track ID's, and perform pasture management.
Livestock Managers
Software products for various livestock species including sheep, cattle, goats, horses, swine, and exotics.
Merit-Trax Technologies
Offers a complete line of food traceability software solutions through RFID tags and barcodes,
Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C.
Cow Sense Herd Management Software is a data management program for beef cow calf operations. Maintains herd inventory, conducts production performance analysis, and allows reporting.
NDC Controls
Feedmill and livestock management software company with support, download, and contact information.
PAN Systems Beefbase
Supplier of cattle management software including pedigree management. Includes details of the key aspects covered by the system.
Possum Gully Software
Offers recording of livestock management, allowing graziers to maximise returns and efficiency.
Progressive Software Int'l Inc. ProSoftXP
Integrated Agribusiness Solutions for Feed and Commodity Management. Site offers general information, case studies, products, and contact information.
Rainier Myst Software
Windows program to manage a horse stable. Provides complete record keeping and easily generated reports. A business edition includes breeding and accounting.
Ridgeway Science Ltd
Programs for the farming community to enable farmers to apply for cattle passports (Cattle-Pass) over the Internet, and to advise MAFF/BCMS of cattle movements.
Sapien Technology Pty Ltd
Offers hardware and software for livestock management.
SEI Computer Applications and Services
Livestock ration balancing and feed tag generation software site containing screen shots, support, contact information, and trial downloads.
Software for collecting stud data for sheep breeders.
Valley Ag Software
Developers of DairyComp and other dairy farm management software programs.
Viewtrak Technologies Inc.
Offering an integrated foodsource management from producer to consumer - record, retrieve and report beef production via an internet-accessible program. Designed for ranchers, feeders, packers and retailers. Company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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