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Advice and marketing of produce of the sheep farm other than breeding stock; i.e., wool, meat, pelts, milk products.

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Australian Wool Testing Authority, Ltd.
Largest wool testing organisation in the world. Topics include: objective measurement for wool specification and wool trading, services and fees, press releases, current issues and development.
The Australian Woolgrower
Australian association for wool producers.
British Wool Marketing Board
Currently funded by approximately 80,000 registered sheep farmers, the board centrally arranges the collection, grading, sales and promotion of almost all the fleece wool grown in Britain.
Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Home Page
This site is the homepage of a company that collects, grades, measures and markets wool. Merchandise, links and information are available at the site.
Elders Livestock & Wool
An Australian site providing up to date wool market commentary, wool sales roster, daily wool prices, and advice on selling options.
Glossary of Wool Terms
Fact sheet providing brief definitions of terms used for wool. From the Colorado State University.
Grades and Lengths of Wool (PDF)
Information for the sheep producer to help recognize the needs of the mills and the spectrum of prices offered for wool. (PDF Format)
Lazerline - Wool & EMD Scanning
A family owned company offering laser testing of wool and lamb muscle. Located in Peterborough, South Australia.
MacAusland's Woollen Mills Ltd.
Family owned and operated business located in PEI, CA, providing custom spinning and weaving. List of products and services and information about the mill.
Mutton Renaissance
Dedicated to the promotion of mutton. Provides detailed production information for farmers, abattoirs and butchers. Buying and recipe ideas for restaurants and lists of where to buy/eat mutton.
National Lamb Feeders Association
The NFLA is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote, encourage and improve the production of lambs and sheep.
NZ Wool Testing Authority
Sampling, testing and certification service - fleece measurement on individual animals, core testing of greasy and scoured wool, staple length measurement on greasy wool, fibre length on scoured wool.
Primaries of WA Pty Ltd.
Western Australian wool and livestock brokers. Providing interactive online services to registered clients and overseas wool buyers.
Superior Farms
A fully-integrated lamb company. Growers in the Rocky Mountains raising American lamb.
Yocom-McColl Wool Testing Labs
Independently owned, commercial wool testing lab located in Denver, Colorado since 1964. Test raw wool for yield and fiber diameter. Includes information to help you understand micron reports.
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