Websites of associations speciailizing in ornamental chicken breeds and their exhibition.

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Ameraucana Breeders Club
US breed club site with FAQs. membership information and photos of different varieties.
American Brown Leghorn Club
National organization representing the interests of light and dark brown leghorns since 1901. Club information, discussion board, pictures, and breed information.
American Silkie Bantam Club
Club information, breed description, general information, and links.
Araucana Club of America
Promoting the Araucana breed. Club information, membership form, book for sale, history, FAQ, standard guidelines, discussion forum.
Australorp Club of Queensland
Australian club website gives club news, upcoming events, shows, club photo album, breed history, the Australian Standard, and information on the Australorp breed of chicken.
Belgian d'Uccle and Booted Bantam Club
Club information, d'Uccle meets, show results, where to purchase, discussion board, photos, breed information, list of recognized varieties, and store.
The British Araucana Club
Contains breed history, breed standard, informative articles and photos
Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc.
The FCAQI is the governing body for poultry and avian related clubs in Queensland, Australia. Lists of affiliated poultry clubs and poultry show information.
Japanese Bantam Breeders Association
Supporting the breeding, keeping, and showing of Chabos. Includes membership, pictures by-laws, and links.
Japanese Bantam Club of Great Britain
Includes housing, feeding, rearing and incubation, and exhibition information.
The Orpington Club
British-based breed club provides club information, upcoming shows, show results, pictures, standard description and basic information on the breed.
Plymouth Rock Club
British club with breed history, profile, photos and breeders' directory.
Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club
A North American breed club promoting the Plymouth Rock breed of chicken, bantam and standard size. Contains club information, pictures, and an article on origins of the breed.
Rosecomb Bantam Federation
Official site of the national organization. Information on the breed and the organization. Articles, show reports, standard descriptions, and link to email discussion group.
Scots Dumpy Club
United Kingdom organization promoting the breeding and keeping of this utility fowl. Includes photographs and breed and club information.
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