Hay and hay derivative products. These include baled hay, haylage, straw, and hay derivatives such as cubes and pellets.
Abbott & Co. Wessex Ltd.
UK based supplier of a wide variety of horse hays and straw.
Provides hay listing services including hay for sale and hay wanted in the US.
Babler Farms
Midwest producer of alfalfa and alfalfa-grass hay sold in large square bales. Located in Rock City, IL, USA.
Badger Farms
Producer of reed canary grass and marsh hay. Also offers custom harvesting. Located in Deerfield, WI, USA.
Baker Hay & Feed
Supplier of horse quality hay, alfalfa, and shavings specifically for equine and cattle. Located in Chappell Hill, TX.
Cross Alfalfa Products
Offers chopped hay, alfalfa products, pellets, and custom feed rations. Products can be picked up in Lewis Kansas, Oklahoma City and Woodward Oklahoma or delivered.
Dunlea Farms Ltd.
Produces premium grade horse hay and clean long wheat straw for the horse industry.
Green Prairie
Produces and markets hay and processed forages. Canada.
Hay & Forage Grower
Offers insights on hay and forage production, markets, equipment, and other editorials.
Hay and Grain Market
Online service which connects producers in need of hay or feed with people who have hay and feed for sale.
Hay Chix
Manufacturer offering retail sale of slow feed / reduced waste hay nets for horses and cattle.
Hay for Sale Ads
Browse or post free hay for sale ads.
The Hay Manager
Manufacturer of cone style round bale feeders designed to save hay from spoiling in the feeder. Located in Trent, SD, USA.
Hay Net
Hay, haylage and straw for sale and wanted throughout the UK.
Hay Sales Direct
Produces and sells hay and mulch in Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
Healthy Hay 4 Horses
Offering ODA certified weed-seed free hay and wheat straw. Delivery available. Located in Madras, OR.
Hollin Farms
Alfalfa and orchard grass hay for sale with delivery available. Located in Delaplane, Virginia.
Internet Hay Exchange
Free International hay listing service for the US and Canada.
J.R.T. Forage
Produces haylage, field made meadow and seed hay, barley straw, oat straw, and wheat straw all in conventional size small bales.
Produces horse hay and straw. Service to Maryland, Virginia and PA.
Persoon Dairy
Supplier of grass and alfalfa round bail silage. New Hampton, New York.
Schlachter Hay Sales
Provider of quality tested alfalfa hay in Holyoke, CO, USA.
Shafter Hay and Cube
Produces alfalfa and oat /alfalfa blend cubes for horse feed. Located in Buttonwillow, Ca. Cubes are available for pick up or delivery, in bulk or in bags.
Swanmoor Haylage
Supplier of haylage offering free delivery across the UK. Located near Barnstaple, UK.
Two Hawk Hay Ranch
Alfalfa hay cubes and alfalfa hay bales for horses, cows, and a variety of other animals. Located in Sandy Valley, Nevada.
Victoria Hay Sales
Supplier of grass hay and other forages in small bales, 21 bale bundles and round bales. Located in Victoria, Illinois, USA.
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