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Agrarian Marketing Corporation
Livestock nutritional products for show dairy, swine, poultry, and beef producers.
ATP, Inc.
Provider of feed preservatives and vapor mold inhibitors for the poultry and livestock industries.
Blue Seal Feeds
Pet, dairy, and horse feed products, animal feeding and management information, with dealers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. Company profile, product information, and a dealer locator.
Cargill Animal Nutrition
Extensive information on animal nutrition including a large variety of information on techniques, products and services, tips and related advice. History, recruiting services and specifics to each main operating area.
Causeway Produce Agency
Site tells of the independent merchandiser, stockfeed retailer and custom cattle blends manufacturer.
Manufacturing prestarter feeds for piglets and lambs, enzymatic nuclei, vitamin/mineral supplements, and chelates. Information on the company, products and technology. Based in Navarra, Spain.
Cressys Ltd
Manufacturers of brewers grains. Includes information on feeding this product and other popular animal feeds for the UK farming industry.
Crop Cure
A dry granular preservative for all silage, high moisture ensiled corn, and baled hay.
East Man Feeds USA Ltd
Providing a variety of livestock feeds and pet foods.
Feed Materials Register
To assist feed business operators in registering their feed materials as required, the EU organisations representing the European feed business sectors provide this registration tool that enables the publication and regular update of a “user-friendly” Register within the mandate of Regulation (EC) No 767/2009.
Feedinfo News Service
Provides news and market information to feed additive, premix and compound feed manufacturers worldwide.
The Fertrell Company
Specializes in organic fertilizers and animal nutrition. Company profile and product information. Located in Bainbridge, Pennsylvania.
Forum Holdings
Distributes various feeds and supplements, including porzyme, avizyme, broilact, diaproof and lysine. Company profile and product information. Situated in Redhill, Surrey in the South-East of England.
Gerald Shearing Livestock Supplies
Suppliers of animal feeds and supplements, fertilizer and pedigreed livestock. Hampshire, UK.
Hi Pro Feeds
Includes complete nutritional advisory service, and information on products sold. Located in Dexter, New Mexico.
Hubbard Feeds Inc
Feed and nutrition products for swine, dairy, beef, horses, dogs, cats, and other animals. Includes nutrition management tips. Located in Mankato, Minnesota.
Exporting agent of animal feed supplements of anti-coccidiocs drugs and growth stimulator. Located in China.
Produce animal feeds for farmers in the UK. Pioneering the micronizing method they can guarantee assured products.
International Nutrition Inc.
Manufactures feed grade and water soluble nutritional and medicated products for livestock and poultry. Microfeeds For All Species. Located in Omaha, Nebraska with distribution centers nationwide.
Kemin Nutritional Solutions
Manufactures patented and proven additives for human food, vitamin and personal care products, pet food diets, livestock feed and grain treatment. Company profile, product information and career opportunities.
Kent Feeds, Inc
Feed provider for beef and dairy cattle, swine, horses, poultry, and other livestock. Includes history, products and services, dealer locator, and published articles.
Kreamer Feed
Producing and marketing specialty agricultural products from their central Pennsylvania location. Formulated feeds for all kind of livestock. Company profile and product information.
Land O'Lakes, Inc.
Nutritionally balanced feeds for dairy cattle, beef, swine, poultry, game birds, and other livestock. Company profile and product information.
Livestock Nutrition Center
Producer of feed and feed ingredients for livestock, cows, horses, calves, cattle, goats, sheep, and provides free livestock nutritional information. Located in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Lucerne Farms
Makers of fine forage feeds for horses, including Dengie, and Showing Chaff. Also, mulch products for your garden. Located in Fort Fairfield, Maine.
Lyssy and Eckel Feeds
Makers of livestock feeds including show calf, show lamb, show goat, show pig, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and minerals since 1945 in Texas.
Merrick's, Inc.
Site tells about the company and its products, they specialize in baby animal nutrition.
MoorMan's Incorporated
Feed products for beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, and horses. Custom mixes available. Company profile, product information and career opportunities at locations all across the United States.
Muenster Milling Co.
Manufacturer of feed for cattle, lambs, and dog food. Company profile, product information, and a list of stores that carry their products. Located in Muenster, Texas.
Ngahiwi Farms Ltd
Leading New Zealand Animal Feed manufacturer. Importer and exporter quality feed ingredients. Specialists in calf feed systems. Current research data and online calf forum.
Novus International
Feed ingredients, inventory management systems, food quality methods and ongoing research in the growth and development of animal agriculture everywhere.
An international company quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange with leading positions in high-quality animal and fish feed industries and in fish farming.
Specialists in young animal feeds. Company and product information. Company located in the Netherlands.
Nutritech Inc.
Nutritionist Chuck Hurst offers a complete range of nutritional services to increase the productivity of livestock. Includes a company profile. Located in Carmen Idaho.
Nutritech Solutions Ltd.
Powerful, palatable anionic dairy feed and calcium supplement for cows at calving.
Planters Cotton Oil Mill, Inc.
Company information and products that they manufacture such as cottonseed oil, meal, hulls, and linters.
Postive Feed, Inc.
Site tells of the products and gives contact information. Distributor of Stalsan F, a hygiene product for all types of animal housing.
Purina Mills Inc.
Manufacturers and suppliers of livestock feed and pet food offering information concerning their products.
Ranch Way Feeds
Manufactures and distributes a full line of feed products for beef cattle, hogs, sheep, dairy cows, horses, poultry, dogs and cats. Product and dealers information.
Republic Mills, Inc.
Manufactures livestock and pet foods. Offers custom milling and pelleting. Page includes prices and list of specials. Located in Ohio, USA.
Ron Fields Nutrition
Specializes in animal feed supplements and pre-mixes that enhance health and performance for competitive, domestic, and farm animals.
RT Feeds
Animal feed merchants operating in the North of England, UK.
Stillwater Milling Company
Livestock feeds and pet food, sold under the A&M brand, and marketed throughout Oklahoma, north Texas, southern Kansas and western Arkansas. Corporate headquarters located in Oklahoma. Contact and product information.
Tegasa - Animal Nutrition
Manufacturers of nutritional products for poultry, pigs, cows, cattle and starter feed. Located in Barcelona, Spain.
Thorvin, Inc.
Providers of kelp for mineral supplements in animal and human foods.
VDS Animal Feeds
A Belgian company specialized in the consulting and production of livestock and aquaculture feeds and concentrates. Company profile and product information.
Vita Plus Corporation
An agricultural company that manufactures livestock feed for dairy cows, beef cattle, and swine. Includes nutrition consulting and on farm troubleshooting for livestock producers. Located in Madison, Wisconsin.
Vitalix Feeds Limited
All Vitalix products contain Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, which helps break down fiber in the rumen. Extensive information on their products.
Manufacturer of feed supplements. Located in the UK.

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