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American Sundog Miniature Cattle
These tiny bovine pets are a new breed of cattle, quite similar to a beefmaster or Santa Gertrudis in miniature.
American Loala Management L.L.C
Lowline angus headquarters for the latest news, information, shows and products.
Bar J Ranch
Registered Lowline angus cattle in the midwest. Animals, embryos, semen and full-blood pregnancies.
Bitterroot Ranch
We raise purebred and percentage Lowline cattle and miniature White Park Cattle, as well as Shetland sheep and rare Bluefaced Leicester Sheep on our ranch in western Montana.
Dexter Corner Guinea Jerseys
Guinea Jerseys are a breed of miniature cattle. Dexter Corner offers a great deal of information and excellent pictures for size comparison.
Falster Farm
Registered Mini-Hereford cows in Winnsboro, Texas. Offers breeding calendar, FAQ, list of cattle for sale, and photos.
Fancher Love Ranch
Miniature Zebu Cattle and Jacob Sheep, located 25 miles south of Dallas, Texas.
Hatch Farms
Breeders of miniature rodeo bulls in a wide range of colors. Numerous pictures of many different breeds and other animals.
Hawk Hill Ranch
Miniature Lowline Angus cattle in Salem, Oregon. One of the most efficient miniature beef breeds known. Perfect for small or large acreage's. Great potential for fun and profit. Excellent information and size comparison pictures.
Indian Mountain Ranch Miniature Longhorns
Breeders offering bulls, cows, calves, and sale pen located in Ponder, Texas, USA.
International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry, INC.
Association and registry for 21 breeds of cattle.
A chapter from the 1991 government publication "MicroLivestock: Little Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future". General information and pictures of miniature"small" cattle from all over the work.
Mini Corn Patch Farm
Midwest breeders of miniature zebu. Very few web pages of this breed. A promising young bull should mature at 32 inches. Breeders of miniature donkeys also.
Miniature Cattle Corral
Home on the Internet Range for Miniature Cattle Owners with message board, gifts, links to breeders, equipment suppliers, breeding information, etc.
Miniature Cattle Email Group
Email group for miniature cattle breeders and anyone else interesting in the great little creatures. Plus this is free. Members all over the USA as well as Australia.
Miniature Hereford Ring
World wide ring for Miniature Hereford breeders, owners and others interested in the breed.
Minicows West
Genetically selected miniature cattle. The beef industry solution of the future.
Oxen Ridge Miniature Cattle
Pictures and information of cattle in north-central Iowa. Animals in a wide variety of colors and as small as 33 inches and 315 lbs.
Riverview Farms
Ohio Breeder of Miniature Jersey cattle.
Small Cattle Breeds
Breed characteristics of miniature cattle breeds suitable for home meat production.
Southside Stables
Breeds and sells miniature cattle including lowline, Jersey, Texas longhorn and zebu.
Valley of Blessings Farm
We raise quality Kentshire and Covingtonshire miniature cattle in Maple Valley, Washington.
Veliraf Farm
Canadian breeders of Dexter Cattle, Icelandic and Shetland Sheep, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and Australian Cattle Dogs. Dedicated to producing exceptional animals.
WebRing: Miniature Cattle and Horses
A webring dedicated to miniature cattle breeders.
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