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American Forage and Grasslands Council
The AFGC sponsors an annual conference which is attended by forage and livestock producers, agribusiness, and research, extension, and teaching faculty in crop and animal sciences, agricultural engineering, and other affiliated disciplines.
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
A nonprofit membership organization working to protect nearly 100 breeds of cattle, goats, horses, asses, sheep, swine and poultry from extinction.
Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory
Conducts research to discover, test, and implement improved genetic evaluation techniques for economically important traits of dairy cattle and goats. (USA)
Farrier Industry Association
Association is composed of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers who deal with farrier related products.
German Livestock e.V.
As a service, German Livestock arranges contacts between German exporters of breeding animals and customers abroad.
Kansas Livestock Association
Encourages the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to continually monitor international trades issues to assure U.S. beef producers have fair and equal access to the markets of competing exporting countries.
Livestock Marketing Association
Provides members the industry information, insurance and legislative/regulatory services which they need to remain viable businesses.
Livestock Marketing Association of Canada
Non-profit association of Canadian livestock marketing businesses promoting open and fair competition. Includes news and a members list.
Meat and Livestock Australia - MLA
Goals are to provide producers with the tools and information to improve their enterprise; to promote red meat in Australia; and to work with government and industry to open up, develop and protect overseas markets.
National Livestock Producers Association
A national trade association for livestock marketing and credit cooperatives. NLPA members represent 215,000 beef, dairy, hog, sheep and goat producers in the United States and Canada.
Sandhills Cattle Association
Organization of beef producers in the Sandhills region of Nebraska and South Dakota. Lists livestock to buy or sell.
Sheep and Goat Breeders and Cheesemakers Association
Provides cheesemaking supplies and husbandry equipment. Includes farming techniques and ideas.
Texas Cattle Feeders Association
Organization of feedlot operators. Includes history, membership directory, calendar of events, and market reports.
U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc.
A nationwide livestock-specific, not-for-profit, trade association representing the international market development interests of the U.S. dairy, beef, sheep, swine and horse breeding industries.

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