Industrial Hemp is an annual plant that can be grown in almost any climate and can be used to produce over 25,000 products including: food, paper, clothing, plastics, building materials and fuel. It is currently grown in more than 25 countries including Canada, England, Germany, France, Russia and China but it is still prohibited in the United States.

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Hemp Industries Association
A non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers, and supporters. Contains a directory of members and products, membership information, industry news and events, media center, hemp store search, a FAQ page, and an email newsletter.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Industrial Hemp fact sheet
Plant Health and Production Division, Plant Products Directorate. Includes FAQ.
Canadian Seed Growers' Association (CSGA)
Offers a pedigree seed crop directory for agricultural crops in Canada. Includes information on crop certification, document library, research, and upcoming events.
Controlled Substances Act, 21 USC Section 802
Definition (16) contains the legal definition for Cannabis sativa L. and exemptions for hemp.
Global Hemp
Portal to the hemp industry. Products, secure online ordering, the latest news, and support resources.
Growing Industrial Hemp
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture site which describes cultivation methods, processing techniques, potential products and economics of hemp cultivation in Canada.
Hawaiian Industrial Hemp Report
Economic Viability and Political Concerns report. Prepared for the Hawaii legislature.
Hedron Analytical Inc.
Provides all of the analytical needs of the hemp industry. Fully licensed with Health Canada to possess and produce THC-containing hemp products.
Hemp Building
Steve Allin a pioneer of building with hemp in Ireland and author of the book 'Building with Hemp." Contact details and a description of materials and construction projects.
Hemp Food Association
Promotes standards for the industry. Includes FAQ and membership application.
The Hemp Report
Subscription-based online trade journal covering the North America hemp industry: agriculture, processing, marketing, research, business and regulatory news, and updates. Strong focus on farming and developments in Canada. Published quarterly.
Hemp research and growing in Ukraine
Presentation to Bioresource Hemp symposium in 1995 by Pavlo Holoborod'ko, Institute of Bast Crops, Hlukhiv, Ukraine. In English.
Hempline Inc.
Growers and processors of hemp fiber for the textile, nonwovens, paper and composite products industries. Also, animal bedding and garden mulch.
Manufactures a hemp seed oil, which is used for nutrient supplements, flavorings, cosmetics and industry. Also, uses makes clothing and processes hemp seed for high protein food. Located in South Africa.
International Hemp Association
Dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis through the dissemination of information. Organization based in the Netherlands. Information about membership, the group's journal, and archives.
Natural Emphasis, Ltd
Research and development company with a primary focus on the re-emerging hemp industry in Canada
New Zealand Hemp Industries Association
Membership based affiliate of the Hemp Industries Association. The Five Minute Guide to Industrial Hemp In New Zealand is an excellent overview.
Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op Ltd.
Serves the Parkland Region of Manitoba, Canada. Includes background information, updates, FAQ, processing images, and a diagram.
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