The sites and links in this category relate to agricultural production and public sale of Orchids, the largest group of flowering plants in the Plant kingdom

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Bintangdelapan Company
Indonesian company specializing in phalaenopsis and oncidium Orchids.
BiOrquidTropic Peru Lab
Peruvian and South American orchid species from a tissue culture laboratory and nursery based in Lima, Peru. Representative also available in Los Angeles, California.
Camp Lot A Noise Orchids
Orchid nursery, specializing in seed grown Orchid species, hybrids, with Orchid cultural information and photos on the web site.
Carmela Orchids
Hawaiian Orchid Grower offering all varieties of orchids.
Carter and Holmes Orchids
Retail and Wholesale. Wide range of orchid genera.
Casa de las Orquideas
Specializing in Cymbidium and Zygopetalum orchid hybrids.
Cloud's Orchids
A Canadian source for orchids, specializing in paphs, phrags, and dendrobiums.
Coastal Gardens
A Texas orchid production facility, specializing in divisions of hard to find 'antique' crosses.
CosMic Plants Inc.:
Canadian Grower/Shipper of Phalaenopsis Orchids.
Dragon Agro Products
Wide variety of Orchids, Supplies, and other tropical plants
Easy Orchids
Guide to the quality and variety of orchids grown under the Southern Hemisphere's largest orchid shadehouse.
Ecuagenera, Ltd.
Laboratories and farms producing orchid species for sale as live plants, exported worldwide.
EFG Orchids
Providing orchids to the hobbyist and commercial growers.
Elmore Orchids
Offers a variety of orchids including Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums.
Everglades Orchids
Warm-growing Cymbidiums and other warm-growing orchids in the Oncidium alliance by Milton A. Carpenter.
Ezi-Gro Orchids
An Australian nursery specializing in show bench orchids, through mail order and pot plants.
Flora Laboratories
An Australian Plant tissue culture laboratory cloning Orchids, Carnivorous Plants and Bromeliads. Also distribute Keikigrow plant hormone pastes, laboratory supplies and flasks of Australian and species orchids.
Brazilian nursery specializing in Orchid species from Brazil.
Formosa Orchids
Specializing in Chinese orchids.
Hawaii Orchids
Big Island of Hawaii Orchid grower specializing in delivering plants in bud, ready to bloom on arrival.
Heckeroth Orchids
Specializing in miniature Cattleyas and Paphiopedilums.
Iowa Orchids Inc.
A list of their plants.
J & L Orchids
Provides species such as Pleurothallis, Masdevallias and Draculas as well as old world genera such as Dendrobium, Aerangis, Angraecum and other relatives in the Sarcanthinae.
Jaxma Greenhouses Inc,
Wholesale distribution and retail sale of Phalaenopsis. Also pictures of phalaenopsis orchids and cultural tips.
Jumbo Orchids
Species and hybrid catalog.
Kiwi Orchids New Zealand Limited
Cymbidium orchid grower for pot flower with worldwide export capability.
Matsui Nursery Inc.
Producer of potted Orchid plants for the wholesale and retail market. Flowering material available year round. Wholesale only.
Miller's Tropicals
A tropical orchid nursery, specializing in warm growing and lush healthy vandaceous species.
Mountain Orchids
A small, rather specialized nursery in Vermont, devoted to the propagation and dissemination of the less common and rarely available species and hybrids.
Orchid Run
Vanda and Ascocenda grower from Thailand, providing flasks, seedlings, blooming plants and cut flowers.
Orchids Asia
The horticultural information pages on orchids of the Asian region.
Pacific Orchid Farms
Grower of intergeneric Oncidinae orchids in Hawaii.
Phelps Farm Orchids Inc.
Florida Orchid Grower specializing in Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, Bulbophyllums and Oncidiinae species and hybrids.
A Retail/Wholesale lab and nursery, specializing in hardy Orchids
Sequoia Orchids
California breeder and producer of cool growing orchids, Cymbidiums and Odontoglossums. Wholesale product listing with photos and pricing.
Importers and Growers of Vanda and Ascocenda Orchids from Thailand.
T. Orchids
Wholesale grower from Thailand.
Today Tropical Nursery
An export company with more than 30 years experience in breeding, selecting and culturing Phaleanopsis and Doritaenopsis. Located in Taitung, Taiwan.
Waldor Orchids
Waldor Orchids supplies Orchid plants and supplies in the Delaware Valley.
Wildmoor Orchids
Hawaiian nursery emphasizing the Vandaceous group, including Vandas, Ascocendas and novelty intergeneric hybrids.
Winterview Orchids and Supplies
Orchids from Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, and pots made especially for them.

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