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99 International, Inc.
Grower and distributor of 'lucky bamboo' Dracaena sanderana. Also offers money tree (Pachira aquatica), bonsai ficus, and anubia aquarium plants. North American company with production facilities in East Asia.
Best Carnivorous Plants
Specializing in the propagation and cultivation of carnivorous plants under sterile conditions. Plants shipped world wide.
Bird Rock Tropicals
Grower of unusual and exotic bromeliads, especially tillandsias, also offering a selection of orchids species and hybrids.
A research, preservation, and sales nursery. Mail order of large carnivorous plants and other unusual, perennial and tropical plants. Photos and care information available.
Cal-Palm Growers
California grower of Kentia palms for indoor use, importing its seedlings from their Lord Howe Island origin. Information on the company, terms of sale, and Kentia care.
Cape Flora
Grower in South Africa offering pelargoniums, strelitzias, succulents, cycads, and clivias.
Foliage Imports C.A.
Importers and distributors of Central American foliage. Specializing in Costa Rican Leather Leaf (VakPak) and Salvadoran Tree Fern.
Golden Lotus
Company in the Netherlands exporting rhizomes and bulbs of tropical flowers, as well as seeds of a range of tropical and cold-hardy palms.
Gregory Palm Farms
Wholesaler with several farms in California, offering a variety of palm trees, including large sizes.
Heliconia Paradise
Exporter of bulbs and rhizomes of tropical ornamental plants grown in Thailand. Specializes in heliconia, and also include curcuma, adenium, plumeria, musa, and gingers.
Kenibreed Plants
Supplier of seeds, bulbs, and rhizomes of bananas, palms, and a range of flowering cool-tropical plants. Located in India.
Lake Area Nursery
Wholesale nursery in Florida specializing in tissue culture production of Mandevilla, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Miniature Roses, and Allamanda. Overview of assortment and patented varieties.
Mexican Plants and Accessories
Grower, importer, and exporter of tropical plants, located in the Netherlands. The assortment includes yuccas, agaves, tree ferns, palms, bananas, bamboo, and flowering tropicals. Sells to retailers and individuals.
Mountain Range Nursery
Situated in the city of Wollongong, Australia. Specializing in the germination and export of Kentia Palms and Norfolk Island Pines. Seedlings exported worldwide.
Pacific Sun Growers
Wholesale grower of indoor tropical plants in California, with products including succulents, foliage plants, and Hawaiian plants, as well as greenhouse supplies.
Paitoon Saplee Co., Ltd.
Producer and exporter of gloriosas, tropical orchids, heliconias, gingers, and other tropical plants in Thailand.
Paul Ecke Ranch
Grows and sells poinsettias. Page includes ordering instructions, list of products, plant history and growing tips. Located in California, USA.
The Plant Ranch
Wholesale foliage greenhouse in Colorado, selling to florists, garden centers and interior plantscapers. Company profile and business information. Requires for product area.
Redland Nursery
Producer of tropical foliage, rare palms, and flowering plants in South Florida, for wholesale and export.
Solana Select Palm Trees
Grows a large variety of palm trees and other tropicals in San Diego, servicing the green industry and consumers in California, Arizona and Nevada. Overview of production process, catalog, and landscaping tips.
South Coast Growers
Grower, broker, and distributor with facilities in California and Florida, specializing in palms and other interior and exterior tropical plants. Sells to trade and to public.
Tayama Greenhouses
Wholesale grower specializing in orchids, anthuriums, tropical foliage plants and leis.
Tillandsia International
Large wholesale Tillandsia nursery located in California.
Tropical Vibe
Wholesale nursery in California specialized in palms, cycads and a range of other tropical flowering and foliage plants.
Twin Oaks Growers Int'l., Inc.
California grower of indoor upright and hanging foliage plants. Overview of products and availability, plant care information, and news.
West Coast Nurseries Corp
Grower of interior tropical foliage for interior landscapers and wholesale to the trade, with operations in Hawaii and California. Availability, photo gallery, and company profile.
Wholesale Elephant Ears
Wholesale supplier of elephant ears (colocasias), shipped as live plants in infant stage to the horticultural industry. Based in California, offers online shopping in case quantities.
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