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Aquaculture & Fisheries Development Centre
The Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Centre of the University College Cork. Research areas, staff biographies, information and contacts.
Aquaculture in Hawaii
A guide to getting started in aquaculture in Hawaii, presented by the State Aquaculture Development Program.
Provides sources, links, and descriptions for computer software for aquaculture design and management.
An information resource about aquaculture provided by the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers. Includes information for farmers, consumers and environmentalists, and articles on economic outlook.
The Aquaponic Gardening Community
Community-driven resources for gardeners and growers.
Aquaponics Association
Works to promote the benefits of aquaponics through education and outreach.
Produces educational and informational tools on hydroponics, aquaculture and multimedia production.
Auburn University
Academic and research programs for aquaculture and fisheries, including forums and links to subject resources.
Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center
An archive of information about aquaculture in Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region. It covers both freshwater and marine culture and provides an expanding list of resources and other useful information.
Division of Aquaculture
Representing the Aquaculture Division of the Florida State Government Department of Agriculture, USA. Statistics, licencing requirements and technical information relating to aquaculture, particularly in the State of Florida.
Green Acre Aquaponics
Green Acre Aquaponics is a commercial aquaponic farm and was one of the leaders in educating people on how to get setup growing aquaponically
Institute of Aquaculture
An international Aquaculture research and post-graduate training centre situated on the campus of the University of Stirling, Scotland.
National Research Institute of Aquaculture
Administered by the Fisheries Agency of Japan to conduct basic studies on various aspects of aquaculture relevant to Japanese fish farming industries.
New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture
Official website of the State Government of New Brunswick, Canada. Provides an industry profile for New Brunswick, statistical information, recipes and links to other related aquaculture sites.
Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education
Information base in support of the development of the aquaculture industry in the Pacific Region. Diverse educational resources.
Poseidon Ocean Sciences Inc
Providing research solutions to the Aquaculture Industry for a number of problems including antifouling, angulas, lobsters, and eels.
Trends in Global Aquaculture Production:1984-1996
A report commissioned by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's Fishery Information, Data and Statistics Service.
University of Florida IFAS Extension: Aquaculture
Index to several articles in the extension's publication library on practical and economic topics in aquaculture.
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries - Permits
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is the department responsible for providing permits to Possess, Propagate, Buy and Sell Certain Wildlife in Virginia
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