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Aller Aqua
Suppliers of a range of feeds for scale fish and eels. Interactive site providing detailed tables of nutritional information according to species selected. Based in Denmark.
American Biosystems Inc
Producer of direct-fed microbials for animal feed in aquaculture and waste treatment. Product information and contacts.
Animal Feeds International Corporation
Manufacturers of animal feeds, including fish oil feeds for aquaculture.
Offers a range of on-line resources for the aquafeed industry. Links to feed and nutrition, newsroom, technical center, commodities and trade shows.
Ausaqua Pty Ltd
Suppliers of sterile nutrient concentrates for microalgae culture in hatcheries. Product information, prices and contacts.
Chareon Pokphand Group
Suppliers of shrimp feed, prawn feed. Company information, members only section.
Conspac - Krill Importers
Krill feeding products, from the Antarctic for feeding aquariums, zoos, and farm raised krill.
Crystal Ocean
In the business of fishmeal and fishoil.
GeoMarine Biotechnologies
Supplier of probiotics and other animal health products. Product information, contacts.
Krill Canada
Suppliers of pacifica and superba krill, based in British Columbia, Canada. Product information, nutritional analysis, suggested uses, contacts.
Morning Mist Farm
Distribute and market floating feeds for koi and goldfish.
Nelson & Sons Inc.
Commercial fish feed manufacturers, based in Utah, USA. Includes product information selectable by species and size with a range of instructional documentation downloadable in pdf format.
Pesquera Landes S.A.
Chilean producer of fishmeal.
Primo Aquaculture
Suppliers of enrichment products, shrimp diets, artemia, fish diets, and equipment. Located in NSW, Australia.
Pulsar International Corporation
Suppliers of organic liquid foilar fertilizer based on extracts of fermentation which may have application in aquaculture.
VDS Animal Feeds
Produce livestock and aquaculture feeds and concentrates. Belgium.
VDS Crustocean Feeds
Crustocean Feeds is a Belgian Company Specialised in the production and consulting of Livestock and Aquaculture feeds and concentrates.
Zeigler Bros Inc.
Aquaculture feeds for a range of species.
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