This category is for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of water treatment equipment specific to the aquaculture industry . Typically products will include filters, aeration equipment, oxygen diffusers and skimmers .

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Aeration Industries International Inc.
Makers of aerators for use in aquaculture industry and in wastewater treatment.
Aerators Aquatics 4 Lakes and Ponds
A service company specializing in the treatment of lakes and ponds, and supplying a wide variety of aquatic products worldwide.
Automatic Filters Inc
Manufacturer and supplier of automatic, self-cleaning water filters. Product information, pricelist, contacts.
Bradan Limited
Supplier of water treatments suitable for aquaculture applications. Product information, contacts.
ClearWater Tech LLC.
Manufacturer of mid-sized ozone generators. Based in California.
Manufacturers and suppliers of pond filtration systems. Product information and company profile.
Dryden Aqua Ltd
Manufacturer of closed recirculation systems, ceramic oxygen diffusers, aeration systems, and landfill leachate systems with application in waste water treatment in aquaculture. Detailed product information and online purchasing available.
Fresh-flo Corporation
Manufacturers of water aerating equipment . Includes product photographs, descriptions and specifications .
Jim White & Associates
Suppliers of wireless pond monitoring and control systems. Product information and contacts.
Keeton Industries
Suppliers of Aquaculture equipment and supplies, including pumps, aerators, biological agents and sterilizers, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Product and contact information and online ordering.
Lake and Pond Solutions Co.
A management company supplying products, equipment, and service to lake and pond owners. Product information, contacts.
Nutri-Systems International, Inc.
Suppliers of bioremediation products for use in water treatment for aquaculture. Product information, contacts.
Organica Biotech
Manufacturer of bioproducts for water treatment in aquaculture. Product application, dose rates, contacts.
Ozone Solutions Inc
Providers of ozone generators and pumps, oxygen concentrators, and oxygen sensors for improvement of water quality. Product information, company resume, contacts.
Point Four Systems Inc.
Manufacture oxygen diffusers, aeration equipment and instrumentation for the aquaculture, pond farming and fish farming industry.
Precision Marine Systems, Inc
Manufacture filters, skimmers, CO2 systems and calcium reactors. Includes product features and benefits .
Pure Aqua Inc
A manufacturer of water treatment systems, including UV sterilizers and waste water treatment, based in Mission Viejo, California. Product information, and contact details.
Soladome Aquaculture & Hydroponics
Suppliers of a range of water quality materials and equipment, based in South Australia. Product information and contacts.
Stenner Pump Company
Manufacturer of chemical metering pumps and chemical feeders. Product information and contacts.
Vertex Water Features
Manufacturer of pond aeration systems and custom floating fountains for lakes, based at Pompano Beach Florida, USA. Product information, lake science and contact form.
VMG Industries Inc
Producers of water treatment equipment and other specialised devices for aquaculture applications, based in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Illustrated product information, spawning tips, Company contacts.
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