4Cs Breeding Tachnology, Inc.
Consultants in genetic breeding technology for application by molluscan shellfish growers and hatcheries. Company information, contacts.
Advanced Aquaculture Systems Inc.
Professional design and technical support services for recirculating and pond aquaculture systems.
Akvaplan-niva AS
Aquaculture and environmental Consultants based in Norway. List of environmental services, company information, contacts.
Aqua Sierra Inc.
Provides Management Services in all aspects of Aquaculture development and production. Project list and Company references.
AquaBioTech Group
International aquaculture, aquatic, fisheries and environmental consulting company, based in Malta.
Consultants in design, construction, and management of fish farms, based in the Netherlands. Company profile, services, contacts
Aquaculture Consultancy & Engineering
Specialized in engineering and construction of fresh and seawater recirculated systems. Technical information on rearing technology and systems.
Aquaculture Information and Technology
Full service consulting and productivity enhancement products for the international fish and shrimp farming communities.
Aquaculture Production Technology (Israel)
APT provide complete technological packages for design, construction and operation of commercial fish farms.
AquaSol, Inc.
A U.S. based aquaculture consulting company that specializes in project management services for a variety of start-up and developing aquaculture enterprises worldwide.
Fish husbandry consultants, based in San Diego, California. List of services, contact information.
BioCepts International
Consulting company that provides aquaculture technology development and management services.
Broughton Fishery Technologies Ltd
Specializes in the creation, development and management of freshwater fisheries as well as supplying carp, microchips, and immuno-boost pellets.
C Weed Aquaculture Consulting
Marine aquaculture consultants specializing in the cultivation of seaweed. Based in Saint Malo, France.
Cedar Creek Consulting
Engineering and consulting services for new pond construction and pond maintenance. General information and photo gallery.
Dark Sea Oyster Farming
Provides oyster farming and culturing technology for farmers growing oyster crops.
Consultant on earth pond construction maintenance and reconstruction. Mission statement, contacts.
Fish-Vet Inc.
Provide software, consulting and diagnostic services. The company also supply aquarium plants and equipment .
Fisheries Technology Associates Inc.
Aquaculture and fisheries consultants providing services such as feasibility studies, pond management, aquaculture design, and water testing and water analysis.
Worldwide source for marine fisheries information, focusing on abalone farming.
International Aquaculture Assessments Inc
Provides risk assessment analysis and evaluation of aquaculture enterprises, investors, lending institutions and other interested parties.
Jones Fish and Lake Management
Offer fish production and lake management services. Services include fish stocking for ponds and lakes, aquatic weed control, water garden supplies and pond building and repair.
Leonard G. Obaldo, Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
Specialises in aquatic food production and systems nutrition. CV.
Mariculture Technologies International
International and US domestic services in the mariculture and aquaculture industry. Services range from technical consulting to design and management of aquatic farms. Includes contact information.
Megapesca Lda
Consultants to government and industry on a range of issues including fisheries development, economics and policy, fish handling processing and quality assessment. Reference library and access to technical papers. Based in Portugal.
Protec Marine Pty Ltd
Contractors to the Australian Federal government for providing quota counting services in the Southern Bluefin Tuna industry, based in Port Lincoln South Australia. Company information, details of services, contacts.
Proteus SA
Fish farming and tuna farming consultancy and project management, based in Greece. Information on services, products and equipment supplied.
Sameng Inc.
Engineering Consultants specialising in drainage, hydrology, hydraulics and river engineering, based in Edmonton, Canada. Information on services, recent projects, and contacts.
Aquaculture supply and services business specialising in tuna, salmon, and mussels. Biographical information of principals on subweb.
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