This category is for organizations such as trade associations and societies whose interests are directly concerned with the aquaculture industry .

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American Tilapia Association
Provides access to information to this aquaculture crop . Includes photographs, industry links, membership and related software .
Aquaculture Association of Canada Home Page
A non-profit charitable organization with the goals of fostering an aquaculture industry in Canada, promoting the study of aquaculture and related sciences in Canada, and gathering and disseminating information relating to aquaculture.
Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa
Represents several sectors of the aquaculture industry at provincial, national and international level. Details of services, industry news, members registration, events calendar and forum
Aquaculture Certification Council
International non-government certification agency for aquaculture, promoting responsible production practices and food safety. Mission statement, applications, contacts.
Aquaculture Council of Western Australia
Government funded resource site for the Western Australian Aquaculture industry. News, industry related directory, on-line membership.
AquaTT UETP Ltd.
A network of cooperating European University and Aquaculture industry entities for the purposes of education and training in Aquaculture. Projects, courses, information for staff and students, contacts.
BC Salmon Farmers' Association
Represents the British Columbia farming industry . Includes a listing of producers, publications, tips and industry facts and figures .
California Aquaculture Association
A producer-oriented non-profit trade association open to all Californian aquaculturists interested in the commercial production of fish, shellfish, invertebrates or plants in marine, brackish or freshwater.
Colorado Aquaculture Association
Maintains an active membership of both producers and suppliers of products and services to the aquaculture industry. Includes articles and a membership listing .
Department of Fisheries - Western Australia: Aquaculture
Articles written by the government including information about what their regions and zones are. Licence application forms and fee information is supplied. [PDF]
European Aquaculture Society
An international, non-profit association, with the principal objective of being the European forum for contacts and information exchange between all participants within the aquaculture industry.
Fresh Water Aquaculture Industry
Factsheet giving an overview of the marketing and production characteristics of freshwater aquaculture in Alberta, including the regulatory, marketing, production and financial basics.
Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation Inc.
Non profit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of reef keeping.
Global Aquaculture Alliance
An industry organization representing fish and shellfish farmers, particularly shrimp, in addition to others involved in aquaculture and mariculture seafood products.
A project researching IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquacultre) and the possibility of its implementation in European waters. Provides news, photographs and videos.
National Fisheries Institute, Inc.
A trade Association committed to assisting its members to succeed in the global seafood marketplace. Includes articles information and statistics of interest to aquaculturalists, recipes, and a directory of relevant products and services. Other services reserved for members.
National Shellfisheries Association
An international organization of scientists, administrators and members of industry, sharing an interest in the biology, ecology, production, economics and management of shellfish species of commercial importance.
Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association
An Association for the promotion of the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry, located in Newfoundland Canada. Corporate information, news and contacts, also private members pages.
Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association
PCSGA is an industry body representing shellfish growers from Alaska to Hawaii, involving issues of environmental protection, safety and health, research and international marketing.
Scottish Quality Salmon
A Scottish Industry organisation dedicated to improving the quality and sustainability of salmon farming in Scotland through the maintenance of standards and the use of reserved brands for the use of members in marketing product
USDA: Alternative Farming Systems Information Center: Aquaculture
Covering fish farming, production of aquatic plants, certified organic production and fish/plant integrated systems.
Washington Fish Growers Association
An organization devoted to aquaculture and fish farming in Washington State, USA. News, issues, members page, contacts.
World Aquaculture Society
An international non-profit society founded in 1970 with the object of improving communication and information exchange within the diverse global aquaculture community.

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