Business Aerospace and Defense Defense Guns, Missiles and Munitions
This category is reserved for companies who supply guns, missiles and munitions products and services to the military and defense industries.
Supplier of next-generation sniper rifles and related weaponry and ammunition.
Accratronics Seals Corp.
Ordnance related products including hermetically sealed connectors, initiators, detonators, and cartridge bodies.
Accu-Counter Technologies
ACT Firearm Monitoring System, a shot counter for firearms, and weapon orientation systems.
American Ordnance LLC
Manufacturer of ammunition to the United States Military.
Amptec Research
Design and manufacture of igniter testers for missiles, including the Tomahawk cruise missile and the Sidewinder.
Armag Corporation
Military explosive storage equipment.
Arrow Tech Associates
Makers of PRODAS (PROjectile Design and Analysis System).
Avibras Aeroespacial
Air-to-ground and surface-to-surface weapon systems including artillery saturation rockets, 70mm air-to-ground systems and fiber optic multi-purpose guided missiles.
AZ Technology Inc
Laser source simulators for seeker system operational readiness tests for laser-designated weapons.
B. Neil Consulting Services
Technical, administrative and shop support for Vertical Launch Seasparrow Missile and other related missile systems.
Black Rifle Works Ltd.
Supplier and manufacturer of parts, accessories and weaponry for law enforcement, military and civilian markets.
Battlefield reference marking system used by US Army's mechanized and armored forces.
C Tech Defense Corporation
Research, design and testing of ballistics, hydrodynamics and directed energy devices. Modeling and simulation of projectiles and explosives.
CCI Ammunition
Manufacturer of a wide range of ammunition.
CMI Defence
Design and development of 30-105mm weapon systems for light/medium weight AFVs, turret systems integration and refurbishment and upgrading of AFVs.
DoubleStar Corp.
Builders of the AR-15 and M-16 line of rifles and manufacturer of M-60 machine gun parts.
El Dorado Engineering, Inc.
Demilitarization of conventional and chemical weapons, environmental consulting and restoration.
Supplier of munitions, combat clothing and equipment for armies, police forces and military units.
Falck Schmidt Defence Systems
Prime contractor, contractor and supplier to programs on land based weapon systems.
Fellows International Limited
Munitions location and disposal both on land and underwater.
FN Herstal
Manufacturer and distributor of firearms and accessories including the Browning and Winchester branded products.
GSA Weapon Storage Systems
Distributor of weapon storage and gun racks for use in armories and arms rooms.
Heckler & Koch
Manufacturer of high-performance small arms; including pistols, machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles and 40mm grenade machine guns.
Hirtenberger AG
Ammuniton and components for small arms, mortars, tanks and howitzers.
Marine Air Systems (NZ) Ltd
Design and manufacture of remote explosive detonation and artillery fire control equipment
Military Systems Group Inc.
Weapon systems - 7.62mm through 40mm - including design, training and logistical support for naval, vehicle and helicopter applications.
Nordic company producing small arms, medium and large calibre ammunition and missile products.
Optical Systems Industries, Inc.
Develops fiber optic COTS sensors for military applications.
Ordtech Military Industries SA
Development, manufacture and supply of munitions and ballistics including aerial bombs, rockets and flares.
Orion Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of ordnance chemicals and additives for solid rocket propellants.
Patriot Products & Services LLC
Design and manufacture of systems and components for the defense and live fire training markets worldwide.
Phoenix Simulation Ltd.
Design and manufacture of artillery, mortar and air-defence simulators.
Rocket motor, warhead, fuze and pyrotechnic division of Israel’s Armament Development Authority.
Roxel Group
Developer and manufacturer of rocket motors and missile propulsion systems.
Sabot Designs LLC
Flechettes and flechette sabots for shotguns and larger weapons
SAI - Small Arms Industries Aps
Danish based manufacturers of assault rifle sound suppressors for police and military users world wide.
Manufacturers and distributors of SIG SAUER handguns, Blaser, Sauer and Mauser rifles.
BATF compliant, lead free frangible bullets for law enforcement, military, and competitive shooting.
Smith & Wesson
American-made handguns, revolvers and tactical pistols.
Super Trap, Inc.
Supplier of tactical shooting ranges, rubber bullet traps, SACON blocks, targetry systems and other firing range equipment.
Tactical Technologies Inc.
Tactical missile engagement simulation software.
TISAS - Trabzon Silah Sanayi S.A.
Manufacturer of 9mm x 19mm hand guns with 15+1 magazine capacity according to AQAP120 and ISO9001 QA standards.
Ultra Electronics Precision Air Systems
HIPPAG high-pressure air compressor systems for thermal imaging and sidewinder missile repair.
US Ordnance
Exclusive manufacturer and sole distributor for all models of the M60 series machine gun and spare parts.
USA Environmental, Inc.
Ordnance and Explosives (OE) services including Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).
Vicale Corporation
Development and sale of patented emerging weapon technology.
W & E Platt Pty Ltd.
Design and manufacture of machine gun mount systems and weapon repair.
Weapon Shot Counter
A device developed by Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. that determines the number of rounds fired through a weapon barrel and other conditional parameters.
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