This category lists sites that sell or distribute commercial aircraft avionics. Avionics manufacturers are listed in a separate category. Avionics includes flight instruments, navigation systems, communication and data link systems, and aircraft monitoring equipment. Avionics does not include electrical and power systems, intercomms, and passenger information/entertainment systems.

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Air Data Inc.
Manufactures advanced avionic equipment for airliners, corporate and military aircraft, and helicopters. Products include flight computers, electronic controllers, and cabin air purifying systems.
Aircraft Audio Panels and Intercoms
Manufacturing audio panels and intercoms designed for both voice and music.
Manufacturing a vast range of navigation and communications equipment including flight control systems, glideslope receivers, GPWS, TCAS and weather radar systems.
Electronics International Inc.
Producing a range of primary replacement aircraft engine instruments.
Manufacturer of civil and military avionics and other aerospace products, integrator and also service provider.
Honeywell EGPWS
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. Product overview, installation information, STCs and service bulletins.
Hotek Technologies
Manufacture of custom test panels to test avionics instruments and accessories.Representative/Distributor of avionics related test equipment.
Inertial Sensor Products
Accelerometers, inertial measurement units (IMU), thermal switches for commercial, industrial, military, energy, and global aerospace applications
J.P. Instruments
Manufacturer of fuel flow and engine temperature gauges.
Kollsman, Inc.
Avionics and electro-optic instrumentation and systems for aerospace, defense systems and medical instrumentation.
L-3 Communications
Specializes in high-speed real-time telemetry, avionics, and data acquisition equipment.
Lone Star Aviation
Manufacturing avionics docking stations, cooling fans, and noise filters.
Malwin Electronics Corp.
Manufacturer of aircraft and simulator instruments also offering repair, overhaul and modification services as well as buying and selling surplus instruments and hardware.
Securaplane Technologies Inc.
Supplier of video camera and security systems, radios, and collision avoidance systems for aircraft ground operations.
Sensor Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of all kinds of aviation antennas.
Southern Avionics Company
Manufacturer of non directional radiobeacons and associated products.
Val Avionics
Manufacturer of cockpit and base transceivers as well as an integrated navigation instrument.
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