Ace Tube Bending
Custom precision tube bending, tube assemblies, and orbital welds.
Aero Components Inc.
Small manufacturer specializing in precision machining, fabrication, and structural adhesive bonding.
Aero Engineering and Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of bespoke parts in metal, plastic, or fiberglass.
Aerospace Forgings Ltd.
Provides tailor made forging solutions for aerospace companies, especially for environments such as high temperature, stressed, and fracture critical applications.
Air-Lock Inc.
Life support systems, oxygen systems, visors, and helmets for aerospace applications.
Alpine Tool, Inc.
Manufactures small precision parts.
Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd.
Gear assemblies for aerospace applications and short and long shafts for jet engines and gas turbine engines.
Atlantic Precision Inc.
Milling, turning, grinding and welding of prototypes and production runs.
Automated Welding Systems
Manufactures turn key automated welding systems for GTA, GMA, PAW, EBW, and laser welding.
Avcorp Industries
Designs, fabricates, and assembles metal, composite, and plastic components and structures.
Bemsco Inc.
CNC machined component manufacture and gundrilling.
Cadence Aerospace
Offers machining of inconel, titanium and aluminum, along with final assembly.
Callender (Lancashire) Aeropart Ltd
Manufacturer of precision machined blisks and airfoil components for aerospace and power generation industries.
Suppliers and manufacturers of aluminium extrusions, aluminium fabricators, powder coating, and machined aluminium components. Details of services.
Centra Industries Inc.
Precision machined components and mechanical assemblies for the aerospace, commercial (OEM) and automotive markets.
Clark Manufacturing Inc.
Provides forming of drop hammers, hydroforming, CNC press brake, aluminum heat treating and age hardening, chemical conversion coatings, polyamide epoxy primers and other finishes.
The Conrad Company
Producing custom components from textiles, metals, plastics, and composites.
D&K Industries, Inc.
Precision CNC machining services to the aerospace, defense and commercial industries.
Exotic Metal Treating, Inc.
Heat treating and brazing of aerospace components.
Manufacturer of engineered textile products, covering such markets as aerospace, road and rail transportation, materials handling.
Flathers Precision, Inc.
Precision CNC machining services, specializing in micro-electronics and fiber-optics housings.
G & D Industries, Inc.
CNC machining, tooling, composites, thermoforming, cryogenic and hi-temp insulation for aerospace industry.
General Metal Heat Treating, Inc.
Providing a range of heat treating services to approved aerospace specifications.
Gentner Inc.
CNC machining of high precision parts, such as aircraft landing gears.
Heartland Enterprises
High precision turning, milling, honing and grinding of titanium, Inconel, and aluminum.
Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.
Development, design, manufacture and support of aerostructures and telecommunication and information systems. [choose between Greek and English]
Industrial Coating Specialists
Mil Spec coating application, including conformal coating of printed circuit boards for aerospace and industrial manufacturers.
Industry Association of Connecticut
Represents aerospace components manufacturers located in Connecticut.
Kittyhawk Products
Provides hot isostatic processing services, casting densification, diffusion bonding, pressure brazing, powder consolidation and rejuvenation of parts.
Kryler Corporation
Industrial hard chrome plating and precision grinding for the aerospace industry.
Lake Engineering
Precision machining of castings, forgings and plates for aerospace and defense industries.
Magnetic Shielding Manufacturer
Manufacturer of magnetic shielding and precision sheetmetal products.
Mettis Group Limited
Provides forging, casting, machining and processing of exotic metals for blades and landing gear.
Midwest Precision, Inc.
Provides sheet metal fabrication for the aerospace, military, electronics, and general manufacturing industries.
Min Max Machine Ltd.
A full service machine shop.
MPM Inc.
Manufacturers of precision aerospace machined parts. Specializing in five axis milling and difficult to machine exotic materials, complete with EDM (electrical discharge machining) capabilities.
Pacific Support Equipment Ltd.
Builder of ground support equipment, towbars, turbine maintenance tooling. Capabilities in precision machining and fabricating.
Pefekta, Inc.
Precision machined parts and components; 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining. Sheet metal fabrication, hot forming of titanium, assembly. Commercial and military. SDB certified.
Powill Manufacturing and Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision machined components for the aerospace and commercial industries.
Precision Tube Bending
Provides precision tube bending, forming, swaging, and duct fabrication services for the aircraft and aerospace industry.
Prime Machine, Inc.
Offering engineering, machine shop, fabrication and weld shop, and millwright services.
R. E. Dye Manufacturing Corporation
Precision machined metal components and complex assemblies for the military, aerospace and helicopter industries.
Sensonetics, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of sensors and surge suppressors for many applications.
Shin Shin Metal Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of SUS304 thin and fine stainless steel tube, pen shaft.
Sierra Alloys
Titanium, stainless steel and alloy steel forged and hot rolled products.
Sky Dynamics Corporation
Specialist engineering company offering machining, metal forming and heat treatment services for aircraft exhaust and induction kit users.
Designs, develops and produces engines for civil and military aircraft, launch vehicles, and satellites.
Subcontract Manufacturing
Subcontract manufacture of CNC turned and milled parts for the aerospace industry. Specialist in exotic materials like Inconell, Waspalloy, Titanium.
Techni Grind (Preston) Machining Ltd.
A subcontract precision engineering facility.
Walden's Machine, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision machined parts and assemblies from raw materials, including but not limited to aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and inconel.
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