Lighter than air craft are those aircraft for which lift is principally generated by enclosing a large volume of gas that is lighter than the surrounding air. This includes aerostats, airships, balloons (sealed and hot air), blimps, dirigibles and Zeppelins.

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French company that produces large passenger carrying and small advertising tethered aerostats.
Aerostar International
Manufacturer of speciality hot air balloons and aerostats.
Allsopp Helikites
A patented hybrid between a balloon and a kite. Used for aerial photography, weather research, lifting equipment and for surveillance or agricultural uses.
Ballonbau W├Ârner
Manufacturer of passenger carrying helium and hot air balloons as well as aerostats. Choose between German and English [requires flash].
Balony Kubicek
Producing standard and special hot air balloons and hot air airships. Choose between Czech and English.
Cameron Balloons Ltd
All kinds of balloons including special shapes, airships, Roziere balloons and projection spheres.
Cameron Balloons U.S.
Manufacturer of hot air balloons specializing in special shapes. Details of products and dealers.
Custom Nine Designs, Inc.
Manufacturer specializing in replacement envelopes and nylon fabric panels for balloons. Includes details of compatibility and pricing.
FireFly Balloons
Manufacturer of hot air balloons for passenger carrying, graphic, commercial, advertising, or sport. Information on safety, shapes, components, and specifications included.
Manufacturer and operator of hotair-airships offers pilot-training. Includes contacts, technical data and photos.
Kavanagh Balloons
Australian manufacturer of hot air balloons. Inventor of the Smart Vent and Lite Vent deflation systems.
Lindstrand Balloons
Manufacturers of hot air balloons, gas balloons, airships and tethered aerostats.
Lindstrand Balloons USA
Hot air balloon manufacturer for sport, commercial and ride operations.
Self-sealing Airship
Celtic Lines article about a semi-rigid hull reinforced by capsule shaped sealed tubes.
Skyship Cruise
Swiss airship company that uses Zeppelins to provide worldwide aerial advertising. Also offers passenger flights.
Products, achievements, pictures and news from the manufacturer of tethered aerostat systems and airships for surveillance, communications and transport.
Ultramagic Balloons
Manufacturing hot air balloons for sport and advertising. Choose between English, Spanish and Catalan.
Zeppelin NT
Manufacturing a new technology airship, the site contains company history and news [Choose between German and English].

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