Please read the following guidelines carefully, before submitting your Mozilla image

Select correct category before submitting your image. Include a description (in English) of where it belongs if a suitable cat cannot be found.

Add a new Mozilla to unreviewed in the following form:

  • url: URL of image (you'll need to host it until it's been approved for addition)
  • title: The Title of the mozilla. Naming format for all Mozilla images is; (Name)_Mozilla [not mozzie].
All images must be approved before being added to the directory. Submissions containing human or copyright illustrations cannot be accepted. Mozilla is DMOZ's mascot so images of him doing anything he shouldn't won't be added.

Please also note these requirements for mozilla images:

  • In PNG or GIF format.
  • Have a transparent background.
  • Should not be wider than 200 pixels
  • Should not exceed 150 pixels in height
  • File size should be less than 10kb (less than 8kb desired).
  • Should be original and not include human illustrations or copyright material.
  • Should have a unique and not already used file name. e.g. Not just mozzie.gif (no spaces or special characters)
  • Not hosted on Tripod, Lycos, Angelfire, Google or Yahoo, etc. (the Mozzie fetching script isn't compatible with hosts that require cookies).
If your submission does not meet one of these guidelines, it will be rejected. Please take care to make sure your images are compliant before you submit them.
This category contains alphabet mozilla images including letters and numbers.
This category contains arts mozilla images including theater, cinema, painters and sculptors.
This category contains computers mozilla images including software, hardware and operating systems.
This category contains health mozilla images including medicines, research and anything medical.
This category contains holiday mozilla images; anything about celebrating or commemorating an event of traditional, cultural or religious significance.
This category contains outdoor recreation mozilla images including, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, diving, snowmobiling, and speleology.
This category contains regional mozilla images (as in pertaining to a particular region).
Please suggest your Mozilla directly to the closest regional subcategory. If a new category needs to be created, you can ask in the forum thread.
This category contains religion mozilla images.
This category contains science mozilla images including physics, chemistry and archeology.
This category contains shopping mozilla images.
This category contains signs mozilla images including any kind of sign, panel or indicator.
This category contains sports mozilla images including track, field and ball sports.
This category contains mozilla icons that are universal and/or are common across the directory.
Please only submit mozilla icons that are universal and/or are common across the directory.
This category contains working mozilla images including outdoor and indoor activities.