Arts Writers Resources Writing Exercises
Creative writing exercises and prompts.
4orkolgy: Limited Fork Theory
A resource for learning and applying Limited Fork Theory, the study of interacting systems, to ways of making work (known as poams: products of acts of making) to writing and thinking.
Automatic Plot Generator
Automatic generator of plot ideas for writers. Requires Javascript.
Creative Writing Activities for Kids
A collection of exercises specifically for children, created by children's book author Bruce Van Patter.
Creative Writing Prompts
Offers prompts and creative writing ideas to inspire stories, poems and other pieces.
Creative Writing Prompts for Writers
Story starters and creative prompts for writers. - Writing Activities
A Swiss writing teacher's website, with activities for both groups and individuals.
Creativity Games
Contains games and challenges for stimulating creativity. Also has a random word generator that is useful for activities such as clearing writers block and generating ideas.
Creativity Portal
Writing prompt generator can be used for writing, blogging, art projects, music, discussion.
Crownless Publications
Monthly writing tasks, instruction and tips for aspiring writers. Also covers formal techniques for formatting and submissions.
Hatch's Plot Bank
2300+ plot ideas for fiction and screen writers.
Language is a Virus
Writing games, text and name generators and articles to inspire creativity.
Murder the Writer
James Mascia, young adult author, offers writing prompts.
Practical Creative Writing
Offers helpful tips, information and specially designed exercises to stretch the imagination, break blocks and focus on writing.
Pumping Your Muse Prompts
Author Donna Sundblad offers writing prompts to boost creativity.
Random Word and Image Generator
Displays a random word with definition and related image.
Story Bug
Short writing exercises designed to inspire some creative magic by Anna Staniszewski.
The Story Ideas Virtuoso
Deborah K. Gallardo offers help to find story ideas through creative writing exercises, writers' tips, advice and story inspiration.
Collaborate and write stories that are turn based, with a time and character limit. Free registration is required.
The Write Prompts
Daily writing prompts.
Write that Scene
Site offers a walk-through guide for several story plots.
Inspires writers to open their hearts, expand their minds, write responsibly.
Writing Exercises
Automated writing prompts and other tools for writers.
Writing Fix
Daily and interactive writing prompts.
Writing Prompts
Offers pictures and articles to help inspire authors to write.
Your Thoughts Are Very Powerful
Part of a book about spirituality. Chapter 4 is about creativity and has some writing exercises.
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