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Open Live Writer
A lightweight blog editor. Create blog posts, add photos and videos then publish to WordPress, Google Blogger or others. You can also compose blogs posts offline and then publish on your return. Open source. Based on a fork of the Windows Live Writer code.
Creates a database and table of acronyms from a document. Free trial version offered.
Anthemion Software
Software for writers. Includes Jutoh, an ebook editor, Writer's Cafe and Dialog Blocks.
Storybase is a dictionary of essential human situations. Spark the imagination and access unique story elements in an online beta version, and the full version for download.
AutoCrit Writing Center
Offers an online editing tool for writers, a writing advice center and a library of how-to articles written by published authors. Free and paid versions.
Bad Wolf
Products include PageFour, All My Journals and SmartEdit, as well as the freeware Character Name Generator.
Offers professionally designed templates and software for publishing online magazines and newspapers.
Chapter by Chapter
Freeware for novel writers who use Microsoft Word. Allows for the management and organization of chapters within a book with one doc file per chapter.
Character Writer
Software for both screenwriters and novelists. Generate characters and story within one interface.
Free online plagiarism checker to cross-reference your text with documents from across the web.
Search, edit, combine, or cut and paste entries and move them into any Windows or Mac application. From Epigraphics.
CopyWrite - Write Better
A project manager for writers from Bartas Technologies that offers a free version for small projects. [Mac]
Full screen, distraction-free, text editor.
Helps writers generate new ideas through the use of text randomization and manipulation. Functions include word shredding, morphing, random words and Robopoem.
Offers an online editor with version control and collaboration to improve your writing.
A free online tool for plagiarism checking.
EaZy Paper
Formats new and existing papers in the APA, MLA, AMA, and Turabian/Chicago paper formats. Insert Zotero references, enter and reuse references, or import references.
Editor Software
StyleWriter is primarily designed to edit advertising copy, business reports, contracts, manuals, newsletters or web pages. Also offers the Electronic Writing Course and a premium service that guarantees all employees use a consistent style for standards set by an organization.
eMediaAdmin - Reed Media Services
Software for publishing online magazines and newspapers. Creates article webpages, table of contents and chronological archive webpages using customizable templates.
Service involving software analysis which tracks characteristics of bestselling novels to define a model of what readers desire. Corresponding aspects of one's manuscript are matched to this paradigm or to a specific work.
Great Dialogue Software
Shows how to write dialogue, comic or dramatic. Gives techniques, and examples. From playwright and screenwriter Peter Colley, WordPower Technologies.
Intellectus Enterprises
Idea Tracker, for customizing, organizing, sorting, filtering ideas, thoughts and notes. Free trial available. Windows.
Liquid Story Binder
Designed for professional and aspiring authors, poets, and screenwriters. Features include: spellchecking, thesaurus, document indexing, checklists, image gallery, notes, multiple backups.
The Marshall Plan
Novel writing software for Windows and Mac.
McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme
Free software version of the McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme, an authoritative reference work.
Breaks down the process of writing into manageable chunks, to help experienced and novice writers complete a novel.
The Novel Factory
Software designed to organize plot, characters, settings and structure, from conception to publication. Includes FAQ and testimonials.
Online Text Tools
A tool to check word count, paragraph count and keyword density. Also allows the user to manipulate written text such as changing to lowercase or uppercase.
Free online plagiarism checker. Upload txt, HTML, RTF, doc, odt,docx, files.
Pro Writing Aid
Free manuscript editing software for writers. Check writing for overused words, vague, abstract, and complex words, as well as spelling and grammar. Shows a sentiment score and highlights repeated words and phrases.
Freeware minimalistic and full screen word processor. Features auto-correction, spell checker, live text statistics and notes.
Free plagiarism detection software that uses machine learning algorithms.
Readability Software Online
Web based readability software that compares your writing with how often the words appear in the Internet.
The Readability Test Tool
Provides a way to test readability of a work. Test all, or part of a web page, by referer, or type in your text.
Recipes for Word
Software for fiction, nonfiction and student/ scholars. Grammatical style checker, literary database to match with agents.
Spacejock Software
Free software designed to help authors put together the snippets, outlines, fragments and chapters that go into a finished novel. Also offers stock charting software, an ebook reader, a mp3 and ogg player, text to speech, and stock market data.
Story development software, including Power Structure and StoryCraft Luxury Edition.
Offers the Dramatica, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and StoryWeaver software for novelists and screenwriters. Includes articles and free online classes.
Provides word count progress meters, readability analysis tools, idea generators and other utilities for authors.
Formats text and pops in references in MLA style. For term papers, journal articles, theses, and dissertations.
Mindola Software offers an intuitive tool that uses notecards to capture and organize your ideas.
An online service that allows entry of text or a website. Displays readability analysis, including reading level, sentence length and word counts.
Calculates the frequency of words, phrases and substrings in any document or web-page, showing results in tables with sorting, filtering and highlighting.
Offers free online novel writing software; a place to store novels and research, set writing deadlines, create character profiles and brainstorm plot lines.
A program designed to help article marketers and other creative writing professionals increase their productivity, by allowing them to take existing PLR articles, or their own original articles, and turn them into separate unique articles by rewriting them fast.
WriteExpress Corporation
Writing tools include business, sales and personal letter templates, novel and story writing software, and document templates.
Write and store complete novels. Keeps track of characters, events, locations, and ideas. Provides timeline charts, spell checker and manuscript submission tracker. PC and Macintosh computers.
Writer's Blocks
Assists with the development and organization of written material. Export Blocks or manuscript as .docx, .doc, .RTF, .txt, HTML.
Writer's Companion
Brainstorm, organize, edit and publish in one program. Designed for the classroom or single user. Compose in English or Spanish.
Writer's Knowledge Base
A web-based novel writing organizer. Free registration required.
Writers SuperCenter:
Software and writing / editing services. Offers MasterWriter Software for Creative Writing and Non-Fiction, StoryCraft Story-Creation Writers Software, and Muse Creative Idea-Generating Software.
Small freeware tool for writers. Generates writing exercises, based on a set of keywords and criteria.
Novel-writing software in Pro and Standard editions. Supports RTF, HTML, PDF, .doc and .docx file formats and exports for Kindle and Nook.
Writing Outliner
A MS Word add-in for writers who work on long or complex writing projects. Manage and edit each part of a long text as a separate document, and then merge them.
A portal of writing software resources.
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