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24 Hour Zine Thing
Asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine from conception to final product in 24 hours straight. Zines should be of suitable size and technical difficulty.
The alt.zines DMZ
The unofficial web counterpart to the newsgroup alt.zines. Includes how to's, the FAQs, a publisher's index, and tips and tricks.
The Book of Zines
Zine help and archives.
Information, tools and products for email newsletter publishers.
The Forgotten Zine Archive
Irish and international independent publications. Reviewing new and archived zine publications.
Guide To Zine Making - Instructables
Zines are self published materials with short print runs.
How to Make a Zine - Vimeo
This video shows how to make a half-size, staple-bound booklet. Nicki Sabalu.
How to Publicize Your Ezine
A free guide provides ways for e-zine editors to publicize their work on the Web, including newsgroups and e-zine directories. Also some tips from Chris Pirillo, publisher of LockerGnome.
The Independent Publishing Magazine
Online magazine for authors and independent publishers featuring news, service reviews and resources.
International Zine Month
An annual celebration of zines, self publishing and small press culture that happens in the month of July.
Just Publishing Advice
Self publishing advice and tips for new authors. Advice on book marketing, ebook formatting, ebook metadata and increasing book sales. By Derek Haines.
Devoted to help authors and self-publishers brand, market and sell their books using advanced marketing tactics. Dave Chesson.
LA Zine Fest
Annual zine and comic fest held in Los Angeles. Directions, registration, and listing of events.
Per Zines - Yahoo Groups
For writers and publishers of personal zines.
PHX Zine Fest
A Fall zine fest in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sea Green Zines
Zine reviews and trading. Based in Australia.
Sleeping Creatures Zine Distro
High-craft deep-content zines from the NYC area.
Sticky Institute
Zine assistant and distributor. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Also runs and curates the annual zine celebration Festival Of The Photocopier.
Stolen Sharpie Revolution
A DIY resource for zines and zine culture.
To gather zine writers and readers from SW London/ Surrey, UK.
Team Zine - Etsy
Support, information and resource for zine publishers on Etsy.
Wasted Ink Distro
A fully-functioning small press store in Tempe AZ.
We Make Zines
An online community for zine makers and zine readers.
The Write Agenda
Information from public documents, some readily available, others not so much, to keep writers informed about publishing industry issues.
Zine Distro
Distribution for zines, online.
Zine Library Day
To celebrate collections of zines around the world. Find an existing zine library, or start a new one.
A Zine Thing
AZT began as a zine collective based in Frankston, Victoria, Australia in 2012.
An open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. The history and culture of zines, independent media and the small press.
Zines in schools.
The beginner's guide to making your own zines | Creative Bloq
Create your own print media without a publishing house. (January 17, 2014)
Rookie - How to Make a Zine
Posted by Emma Dajska. (May 01, 2012)
Guide to setting up a local newsletter - libcom
From The Pork-Bolter, Worthing, UK. (October 17, 2006)
Guide to starting your own zine - libcom
By Sarah Dyer. Reposted from her original site. (October 17, 2006)
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