Resources for poetry writers about the art, craft and/ or business of writing.

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Albany Poetry Workshop
Online workshop with exercises, guides and a community blog.
BellaOnline: Poetry
Articles and discussion on writing poetry.
eHow: How to Publish Poems
The process of publishing your poems, from finding the appropriate venue to signing the appropriate releases.
Kalliope Poetry Writers Exercise Workshop and Resources
Learn and practice elements of poetry. Exercises and other resources are posted on the webpage.
League of Canadian Poets
Canada's national organization for published and practising poets.
Lessons in Writing the Poem
An online course from Susan Ioannou, Wordwrights Canada.
Making a Poem
Includes poetic tips for beginners.
The Moonlit Poetry Caravan
Focused around a shared aesthetic, and constructive feedback. Portland, Oregon.
Our Lost Jungle
A blog focusing on the art and craft of poetry, including craft tips, and resources for poets and writers.
The Poem of Quotes
Resource for poetry and quotations with information on literature and help on writing.
Poetic Terms
List of poetic (literary) words with explanations.
Poetry at Ariadne's Web
List of poets, with links to information and notes.
Poetry Dances
Describes poetry types with examples.
Poetry Express
Features activities and advice for making and editing poems. Highlights include e-muse, a poetry generator and blogs with submitted poems.
The Poetry Free-for-all
Open forums and poetry reading and submission for commentary and discussion.
The Poetry Kit
Listings includes publishers, competitions, courses, funding, events and magazine listings. Offers a critique mailing list.
The Poetry Market E-zine
Monthly newsletter with market information for poets.
Poetry River
A site for poets and poetry lovers who want exposure to diverse poets and to documentary poetry. Includes resources for discovering, writing, teaching, and publishing poetry, as well as poetry collection development resources for librarians.
Guide to the writing, theory and appreciation of poetry.
Toolkit for Poets
Links to useful sites for aspiring poets.
We Write Poems
Writing prompts for poets.
WritingFix - Home of Interactive Writing Prompts
Free online and interactive exercises for poets.
Advice On How To Sell Poetry
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