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Sites about writing books/ novels. This is not for those in the business of publishing books or novels, etc.

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Advice on Novel Writing
Plain text handouts from a college professor, Crawford Kilian.
Author-Created vs. Third-Party Professional Indexes
Essay regarding the advantages and disadvantages of indexes developed by the authors themselves. Written by Seth Maislin, indexer and information architect.
The Book Deal
A veteran editor's insider advice for getting published and navigating the rapidly changing book business.
The Book Publicist
Book publicist Scott Lorenz and his thoughts on the book marketing industry.
Content includes timely book industry news, features, reviews, original fiction, guides to literary events, author interviews, thousands of annotated links to book-related sites.
Corinne Tippett and The Westchester Press
About writing and do it yourself book publishing.
First Novel
An ongoing journal of thoughts about the process of writing one's first novel.
Getting Your Book Published: Traditional Publishing Options
Step by step guide to self-publishing, by Moira Allen.
How to Write a Book with JoJaffa
How any one can write a book for fun and profit. How to stimulate the ideas, internet resources and ideas to inspire you to start writing.
Jerry Jenkins
Book writing blog from a Christian writer.
K.M. Weiland: Helping Writers Become Authors
Historical and speculative novelist K.M. Weiland offers tips and essays about the writing life, in hopes of helping other writers understand the in's and out's of the craft and the psychology behind the inspiration.
Keith Gray's Writing Workshop
A 5-part video tutorial offering guidance on every stage of the writing process, from initial concept to final draft. From the Scottish Book Trust.
A budding YA author in the process of finishing a first book.
Long Tail Writing
Blog about building a writer platform and writing books that sell. James Livingood.
Musik Therapie: Novel Writing Guide
The elements of story telling.
Nautilus Book Awards
Literary contributions to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspirational reading for children, teens and young adults.
Novel Writing Help
Harvey Chapman, teaching the art and craft of fiction writing. Free resource for novel writers.
Novelist's Workshop
British page with links to other interesting sites, discussion groups, research material, and advice for troubleshooting with publishers and agents.
Novelists, Inc.
Dedicated to serving the needs of multi-published writers of popular fiction.
Keeps track of fiction writing on blogs, (also known as blooks). Features news coverage, writing techniques and occasional reviews.
Paving My Author's Road
A journey of an aspiring author towards his/her goal of publishing their book.
Persist and Publish Writing Group
This group is for novel writers. We assume that you are a serious writer aiming for commercial publication.
Right Reading: How to Get a Book Published
Ten steps to getting your manuscript published, from a veteran editor and book publisher.
Unpublished author blogging about writing, the search for success and any experiences along the way.
Simon Hayes
How to write a novel, find an agent and get published.
William Cane: Book Proposals
This site offers free help to writers who are working on a book proposal.
Write A Book
A guide for new authors by O'Reilly, outlined like a book itself. Includes a variety of information on book writing.
Write To Win
Articles on book writing, publishing and marketing.
Community where writing and publishing expertise is shared between members. Benefits include personal webmail addresses, free initial assessment of projects and guaranteed platforms for work and comment.
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